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I had a chance to catch up with founder Rich Maychrich at the Broome Tioga Nationals and ask him about and his personal background in the industry.

What is your racing background?

My family got me into motocross when I was really young. It was a family friend who took me to my first AMA National at Southwick. My favorite rider was Damon Bradshaw and I was instantly obsessed with motocross. My parents got me my first bike: a 1978 DS-80. I rode that into the ground before I got a RM80 which I started to ride at various tracks in the area. I entered my first race when I was 12 racing in the novice class at the Harrisburg Arena Cross.

Do you still race today?

I ride a 2005 CRF450 in the expert class through the northeast region. I race a lot in the District 6 region. My favorite track is Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.

Who were your first sponsors?

My parents were. They are the biggest sponsor that any rider can have. They got me my first bike and really encouraged me to ride. We also had two close family friends, Anthony Giovaniello and Bob McCann, who took me to the races all the time and really got me into the sport. From there I got my first sponsorship from Gearhead Cycle Products in Hillsborough NJ. They were one of the first companies to hook me up with free stuff and I put their stickers all over the place. I was so excited to have my first sponsor.

My first major sponsor was Gaerne boots who is still sponsoring me today. I have been riding for them for several years now and their stuff is awesome. I also ride for SoCal / Decal MX which hooks me up with awesome gear and I am also sponsored by Shenandoah Honda who gives me great deals on bikes. I have some other sponsors, but those are the companies who have been with me the longest.

How involved are you with motocross today?

I practice a few times a week at the track and ride 50s a bunch for fun. I compete on the weekends at various tracks across the northeast. This past weekend I raced at the nationals in the Broome Tioga in the 250 Expert class. I am very close with several companies and go out and ride with them every once in a while.

Where do you want to see the industry go in the years to come?

I just want to see it grow. I think the way that we have all seen this sport grow in the past several years is amazing. Supercross and Motocross are setting attendance records each and every year and with ABC and ESPN covering the majority of the events throughout the year, the popularity has grown tremendously. I hope that will help riders get hooked up and let companies get more promotion out of sponsorship than ever before. We have incredible incentives for companies to use our system and to offer more sponsorships to more riders. We look at our company as a catalyst for young racers to accelerate their careers.

What gave you the idea to start

Growing up in the industry, I have gotten to see first hand the struggles that a private amateur racer goes through: training, mechanical failure, injuries, paying gas and entry fees. When I got my first sponsorship, it was a huge morale boost, and it gave me confidence on the track knowing that people believed in me and wanted to see me succeed. Nothing breeds success more than success. We thought that we could do better a better job than anything that was out there, and we made it for Motocross only. No go-carts, no snowmobiles. Just MX.

Why are you offering for Free?

Well, to submit resumes to companies it gets extremely expensive. You would easily spend near $100 in printing and postage, not to mention hours and hours of time. Because we know what it is like to submit resumes and spend the money, we wanted to make it FREE to submit and only pay if you got sponsored. This way, the rider has lost nothing if they don’t get sponsored. We figured that it makes more sense to pay only if it works.

How much does it cost if a rider gets sponsored?

They pay $50 once they have been sponsored by at least 1 company. The $50 covers all other sponsorships that they may get for the year as well. So it’s not $50 per company, its $50 per year once you get a deal.

What are some of the site features?

Riders can easily build their profiles online in a matter of minutes as well as update their race results and upload images. We have classifieds, message boards, newsletters, contests, and everything else you can think of. Riders also have their own blog (or news center) where they can post news about their riding or events that they will be attending. If a rider gets sponsored, they can order products straight from sponsors through our system as well. So all order processing and communication can happen directly through our site. We have made it very easy for them.

What is your goal for

My goal is very simple. I wanted to start a motocross venture that would benefit both riders and companies mutually; thus, grow the industry. I wanted to make it easier for riders like me to get more sponsors. I also wanted to make it easier for companies to offer more sponsorships than ever before and utilize our system tools to help them increase their promotion and sales efforts. If you help the companies help riders, then everyone wins. Riders get more deals and the companies are stoked because they are growing a larger following of their products.

What makes unique? is made for riders by riders. It is strictly catered around the motocross racer and the entire environment from start to finish is MX. We have lots of features and tools for companies to offer more sponsorships to more people. With our system, we are hoping that 100% of our signups (if they are legitimate racers) receive some sort of sponsorship deal. It’s a big goal, but I think we can probably do it. But when it comes down to it, we are a bunch of racers who want to grow the industry and I think we are right on our way.

When will the site officially start processing applications?

Our target date is to start accepting resumes by September 1st, the start of sponsorship season. We have more and more companies signing on each day and we want to have as many as we can when we open it up to submission.

How can you find out more?

Riders can signup for free and build their profile right away by logging onto These first members to sign up will be the first seen by the sponsors. So we are encouraging racers to sign up now to be the first resumes submitted. You can also call us up at 1-888-9-SPONSOR or email us at

For company sales, call 888-9-SPONSOR ext 702 or email