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Personal History

I'm 19 years old from a small town in Ontario Canada absolutely love the sport of motocross I ride freestyle/freeride Around my local areas and love to have fun in the hills/trails hitting jumps and going big been riding since I was about 5 on my first pw50 the rule was if you can't pick it up and start it you can't ride it determination, persistence and passion is key to success and that's something I will never lose for motocross my love for free riding ultimately takes over but I love racing on the track if it's got a motor and goes fast I'm in !! My dream is to peruse a career in freestyle/freeride motocross I ride every day weather it's a full ride day of hitting/building jumps or quick trail ride down the road once I'm on the bike I never want to get off

Riding Goals

My main goals for riding is to always have fun and go big do something I haven't and push my self to always find ways to improve and get better one day I would love to be able to say " I am a professional motocross rider " but to get there I gotta put in the work and to possibly have sponsor to work with and help me along the way would be an amazing opportunity Ultimate goal: To one day go riding in the hills of California with the freeriding legends twitch,hill,Raha,Berman,axell but for a small town Canadian it's a big goal but when you ride free you always go big !!