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Personal History

My name is Zack, I was Born and raised in San Francisco Bay area. I started riding since age 4-5. I am 32 and a single father to my Daughter Cleo, age 10 years. I am getting into racing seriously a little late in my age. I couldn't race growing up due to have to be financially there for my daughter, and now I am financially there and able to begin my race career and support her as I've always wanted to do.....IG@da420ripper

Riding Goals

The reason why I ride is it makes me happy and sets me free. I plan to accomplish racing the complete 2020 AMA D36 Cross Country Spring and Fall Series. I will be starting in the Open C or C Vet class which ever one is more competitive. My biggest accomplishment that I am going to hopefully achieve is getting into the B open or B Vet class before the end of the series. I feel I can accomplish that pretty easily with my almost 30 years riding expierence of almost all types of terrian.

Competitive Highlights

I don't have really any competitive Highlights, but I will highlight that I have been taught and ride behind my uncle/mentor who was immediately moved into B class after 2 Enduro races and excelled to the A class by the end of the year.