4Arm Strong - CA, US

4Arm Strong is an aided stretching device that pins the forearm muscles in their shortest position and pushes them in the opposite direction of the forearm stretch.  This type of aided stretch can expand the fascia and lengthen the muscles in the forearm compartments. Expanding the fascia and stretching the muscles in these areas can create more space in the forearm compartment, which results in less arm pump and greater grip strength. This stretch also can create more length in the forearm muscles, creating sufficient distance below the elbow, which can result in a reduction of pain from lateral and medial elbow tendinitis.

When certain athletes and/or professionals move their hand and wrist in repetitive motions, or push and pull an object, they can experience tightness in the forearm as a result of excess blood flow which results in a loss of grip strength. Most people understand this as arm pump. It is important to understand that arm pump isn’t a blood flow issue; it is a blood containment issue.

Although arm pump has been a hard dilemma to solve, causing confusion among the most educated physical trainers and therapists, it is really just “muscle” pump, not unlike the same “pump” we all feel after a workout in the gym.To make matters even more confusing, “muscle” or “arm” pump is actually a very beneficial biological sequence of events. When muscles are stressed, the body sends blood to enhance protein synthesis—this process helps promote muscle repair and decrease muscle breakdown. The answer isn’t to limit blood flow, it is to simply create more space in the forearm compartment for this excess blood to be contained.

Many different activities can cause arm pump. Twisting a throttle and pulling a clutch (Motorcycle sports,) climbing a rock formation (rock climbers,) using a tool or surgical device (surgeons, dentists, carpenters mechanics,) pulling a hose (firemen,) controlling an opponent (MMA, BJJ, wrestling, grappling,) as well as pulling and pushing weights (Olympic weight lifting, CrossFit.) 4Arm Strong allows anyone to stretch and expand the fascia, allowing for blood to be increased in these muscles with less restriction. 4Arm Strong also effectively stretches the forearm muscles, which reduces their thickness, which will also decrease pressure.

Using 4Arm Strong will also allow a baseball pitcher or other overhead athlete to throw or serve with more velocity while decreasing the risk of an elbow or forearm flexor bundle injury.

For golfers, 4Arm Strong allows the forearms to pronate and supinate more freely which creates better biomechanics throughout the swing and reduces the risk of elbow tendinitis