Face Lift Unlimited Designs

Face Lift Unlimited Designs - CA, US

Face Lift Unlimited Designs, Inc. of Southern California (FLU) is pleased to announce a bold new line of motocross graphics.
We will be providing high end, quality products at a fraction of the cost of the
"big four" (N-Style, One, Factory Effects, and Throttle Jockey).

John Jefferies owner and designer has been involved in motocross and the motorcycle industry for the past 20 years.  John Jefferies was a production artist and graphics designer for N-Style and worked with several other companies involved in Motocross as a designer.  John Jefferies has worked on and designed teams like ECC, MDK, YOT, Factory Connection, Pro Circuit, CAS Honda, and many other professional and amateur teams.

Face Lift Unlimited designs has recognized ways to build better graphics and other products while reducing costs which makes it more affordable than the big four.