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Company History

#faith #family #motocross

At it's core PanicREV is all about faith, family, and motocross. We starting in 2003 and have been going strong ever since. We look forward to partnering with you as you reach after your goals. 

The mission of PanicREV is to introduce the motocross community to a personal, life changing, and eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. PanicREV has been operating in the motocross community since 2003 through weekly Bible studies know as Relevant, trackside chaplin services at races, hosting special events and motocross camps!



Our Programs

Please provide detailed information about yourself and your relationship with Jesus in your cover letter.

Becoming a sponsored rider of PanicReEV has its responsibilities. A PanicREV rider will need to act in a Biblical manner on and off the track. They should be a living Christian example with both their mouth and their actions. A PanicREV rider is not only representing him or herself as a Christian, but he or she is also representing God and the ministry as a whole. Please understand that by becoming a sponsored rider, you will be a spokesperson for PanicREV. We desire our sponsored riders to represent PanicREV in a professional manner; thus, you would be fulfilling the commandment in Matt. 5:14. After all, being a light to the world and helping others is a large part of what being a Christian is really about.