Pinnacle Suspension
Pinnacle Suspension - Monroe, WA, US

Pinnacle Suspension was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing the very best and individualized suspension settings available. With everything from local races to national titles won on our systems and testing done on a national scale, our team has the experience and knowledge to make your suspension as refined as humanly possible. We are a full service suspension and engine shop. We manufacture and have our own line of works parts and components for most modern off-road motorcycles, have our own line of fork and shock oils, along with servicing every fork and shock in house. We can handle simple oil changes to engineering and manufacturing a solution to a suspension problem that you have. When you are looking for a performance solution, we are here to answer the call.

With in house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to design and make parts that normally don't exist outside of R&D divisions at the factories or race teams. We can make and design all the parts necessary to making your suspension work as efficiently as possible or do things that are often thought of as not feasible. From engineering, designing, developing, prototyping, manufacturing to re-engineering and producing a finished part, we can make the components necessary to achieving your performance goals in house and on time.