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Company History

Since 1928, Rock Oil has been setting the standard in innovative motorcycle lubricants.

Established and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Rock Oil is the preferred brand for synthetic four-stroke oil, two-stroke premix, gear oil, brake fluid, chain lube, coolant, air filter oil and suspension fluid for many British and World Champions, and is now expanding racer support efforts in the United States.

Brought to the United States by former GP racer Gary Rabe in 1990, Rock Oil has established a strong following in the San Francisco Bay Area and is now poised to expand distribution of their quality products Nationwide.

Rock Oil USA is excited to announce their brand new line of strawberry scented synthetic two-stroke premix, along with their new Factory Eco Foam air filter fluid. Factory Eco Foam Oil is a water-washable air filter fluid that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals in order to clean your air filter; simply apply warm water and agitate the air filter.

In the early 1980’s Charles Hewitt, the now Managing Director, but at that time fledgling marketing and salesman, took to the fields and circuits and began to build relationships with professional racing teams. The first major partnership was the support of the 'Team Green' Kawasaki Motocross team of the mid eighties which started Rock down the path of motorcycle racing support. So much so that many people still remember the team and Rock’s involvement over 25 years later. David Thorpe, 3 time World 500cc MX Champion, was a part of this team and still runs on Rock Oil a quarter of a century later in the CCM factory team who contest the World MX1 series.

The intervening years have seen a succession of who's who in racing running under the Rock banner.

Here are just a few of those teams and riders:

Georges Jobe – World 500cc MX Champion
Dave Thorpe - World 500cc MX Champion
John Reynolds – 3 Time BSB Champion, GP Rider
Jamie Whitham – BSB Champion, World Supersport Rider
Steve Hislop – BSB Champion, 11 time TT Champion
Darren Dixon & Andy Hetherington - World Sidecar Champions
Brad Anderson - Multiple British MX Champion
Simon Wigg - Longtrack World Champion
Jason Crump – World Speedway Champion
Rob McElnea - BSB Champion, GP Rider
Reve Racing – British Title Winning Superbike Team
Renegade Ducati – British Title Winning Superbike Team
Padgetts – Grand Prix Team, British Supersport Champions
Pela Renet - World MX3 Champion

Rock has also worked in conjunction with just about all the major manufacturers such as Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki and Triumph. This support of racing does not just apply to the very top levels of competition and we have always supported grass roots racing. In 2009 we had 2 world champions in Motocross and Speedway and multiple British Champions across a number of disciplines.

In 2013 Rock is still very much involved in racing support and product development and are still working with major racing teams and individuals from youth level up to world title contenders. Areas supported include grasstrack, karting, motocross, road and track racing, rallying and even a team competing at Le Mans. Also worthy of mention is our involvement in support as diverse as a NASA project and a Everest expedition! This eclectic mix of projects and sports is a testament to the variety of high performing products Rock manufacture and a commitment to producing the very finest lubricants possible.

Our Programs

Dirt Rider Magazine says our water washable air filter cleaner is “The easiest-cleaning, simplest-process and totally-residue-free-when-finally-rinsed filter is shocking to see and makes filter cleaning almost fun. You will show it off to your friends. Water from rain, washing, creek crossings or the like will not separate the treatment from your filter when riding; it takes agitation. Spreads easily, and we got more uses than expected out of a bottle. Plus, no cost for cleaner.”

Rock Oil USA offers free shipping on all orders over $50, anything less is just $7!  Get sponsored and be prepared for your season with the very finest synthetic four-stroke oil, two-stroke premix, gear oil, brake fluid, chain lube, coolant, air filter oil and suspension fluid from Rock Oil.