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Company History

Thank you for choosing Rusk Racing Products. We are a small company with one thing in mind, racing! Each and every product is created and cut by us. Much of the proceeds from Rusk Racing goes towards the racing career of Killy Rusk #365 NMA and #65 AMA 12-13 85cc class. As you can see we are racers producing graphics for racers. All of our products are built from the best materials available and with the right care they will last years. We also offer our services to whatever custom job you have in mind, trucks, trailers, banners, and large format color posters are all available. Whenever we are out racing we will be building graphics on site at races in New Mexico, Arizona, Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas. Thank you for your business and if you need anything or just want to talk racing give us a call. Oh ya, if your ever near Aztec, NM we have a track right here and about 10,000 acres of open riding!!!!
Rob & Killy Rusk

Our Programs

We are looking for the following riders:

1) Local track heros. If you are the big dog at your local we want you.

2) Smart kids! good grade are essential.

3) Riders who love their bikes. If you bike is all clapped out and and you haven't was since the clinton years you need not apply.