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Company History

Who are we you ask? Established in 2007, Stellar MX Graphics is a custom graphics dealer specializing in custom MX graphics, number plate backgrounds, Leatt Brace Decals & Dealer Kits. Located in Seminole, Florida Stellar MX was created to build a force of design. Stellar MX has created designs that make factory bikes, well, far from factory.

  Who am I? I have been racing for 35 plus years. I started riding when I was 3 years old, I am old. My first bike came from our family shop, a 50 Indian.  You are probably asking what is an Indian? Well I can tell you, it didn't have custom graphics! I found such a joy in my first riding experience that my mom had a hard time getting me off the bike. In fact, she became my pit crew. She changed my tires, cleaned my bike, and even changed the oil for years. She was instrumental in instilling a passion and respect for the sport. She was influential in making me believe in myself.   My riding career has opened many doors, many friendships, and now this opportunity. I come from a family that developed a career out of a passion.  This has been my passion. There is something about changing the look of a bike. Personalizing your bike is like going to a party in a Mercedes verses an Escort.  When you look good, you fell good!   Our team has spent, months developing the designs that are known as Stellar MX Graphics. We have polled many riders and industry gurus before launching our brand. We stand behind the quality, we take pride in the design and we promise superior customer service.          

Our Programs

We are looking for riders who have the passion and love for the sport that we do and riders who want to always do their best. Stellar provides the highest quality graphics with cutting edge designs, so we want our riders to reflect that on and off the track. It is not only important to be the leader on the track but also away from the track. If you have what it takes to strive to be the best at what you do, then we would love to have you join our team!