Two2Cool Coolants and Lubricants
Two2Cool Coolants and Lubricants - Okeechobee, FL, US


 The two2cool Lubricants & Coolants are manufactured by Two2cool Partnership of Okeechobee Florida. T2C is the world’s fastest growing manufacturers of quality lubricants & coolants.

Two2cool lubricants and coolants founded in Late 2003 by Norman Clay. Mr. was an avid racer for many years. During his racing experience he develop a thirst for knowledge concerning lubricants. Once his son became involved with motorcycle racing, he noticed a reoccurring problem of overheating. Motorcycles produce some of the highest output of power per size and with an extremely limited amount of lubricating fluid reservoir. This presents a problem. Unlike a race car engine that have large capacity oil sumps, motorcycles must use the same oil to lubricant the engine , transmission as well as cool the clutch. Increasing the capacity was limited by the design of the engine and the limited space on most motorcycles. He then decide to work on finding a solution to motor failures and overheating through it limited oil capacity. Mr. Clay worked with chemical engineers to develop a solution to reduce oil temperatures, increase durability and power output over the entire length of the race.

At first, consumers did not accept the additive product. It’s claims of reducing oil temperatures by up to 70 degrees, just didn’t make sense to most people. After five years and many skeptical consumers, it still stands tall and proves itself everyday. Anyone that has used two2cool product is lifetime-dedicated customers. Adding the product to everything, they own, from Generators, Towing Vehicles, to the most important vehicle, the one they race.

In 2006, Norman Clay decided that instead of supplying a product that improves everyone’s motor oils that Two2cool would take all the testing data and oil analysis data and compare them to develop a new and superior oil line. Though years of comparing the oils that were returned for analysis, he was able to isolate certain additive that performed the best and discarded items that were not needed or broke down in extreme conditions. By refining oils from the leading brands oils that were on the market to develop the Two2cool’s MaX-treme, Xtreme Cool motor oil line, all while eliminating the cost of adding T2C additive to the other brands oils. Two2cool motor oils competitively priced for today’s market. Two2cool offers the best oils on the market today. In addition, no other products can claim that they reduce extreme temperatures and last two times longer.