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Company History

Vemar was founded in 1975 in Grosseto Italy (in beautiful Tuscany) to produce fibreglass tanks to preserve wine, oil and water for professional and domestic use.
                In 1987, one of the original Vemar partners, Riccardo Simoni, established the helmet department based on the more than 10 years of experience in the fibreglass and composite materials sectors. This division spun off in 1992 into its own company, Vemar Helmets s.r.l.
                From the first building, that wasn’t larger than 1800 square feet, a development and diversification process begun that, through the growth of the Vemar brand via sales in over 40 countries the companies physical presence has grown to a corporate headquarters of more than 270,000 square feet.
                Focused from “day-one” on technical development, quality materials and production methods, Mr. Simoni put into practice the experience he gained in the sector of composite fibres and soon, by focusing this development plan on product comfort, light weight and safety, Vemar Helmets was able to produce Kevlar, Carbon and multi-composite products, (Tri-composites) with superior liners and in the quintessential Italian style making itself the largest and most experienced European manufacture of composite helmets.
                Every Vemar helmet is engineered to the motorcyclist specific EC standard in addition to the USA’s DOT standard at Vemar’s Italian technical laboratory. Additionally all Vemar helmets are also subjected to third party testing at the Los Angeles based test laboratory of Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc.
                Value is the hallmark and key feature of the Vemar range. Vemar combines features, quality and price like no other true manufacturer of helmets.