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Carmichael Wins A2 in a Thirller!

The Supercross Main event was a thriller with Vuillemin pulling the holeshot with Ivan Tedesco, McGrath, Carmichael, and Stewart in tote. Tedesco led the first 3 laps until Stewart pulled out into the lead.
The thriller was on lap 10 as Carmichael got all the way up to 2nd place right on the heels of Stewart. They were neck and neck block passing each other for the next 5 laps. Carmichael was working his own lines behind Stewart waiting for his opportunity to pass. Stewart lost focus on lap 18 going into the corner while watching Mike Brown giving the lead to Ricky Carmichael who went onto a 9 second lead. Carmichael did a no-footer over the triple in celebration.

1. Carmichael
2. Reed
3. Stewart
4. Tedesco
5. McGrath
6. Fonseca
7. LaRocco
8. Byrne
9. Vuillemin
10. Wey
11. Preston
12. Saylor
13. Clark
14. Thomas
15. Evans
16. Buckelew
17. Gibson
18. Dement
19. Vallejo
20. Brown

Alessi pulls the holeshot in the Supercross Lites class but couldnt hold onto the lead. Langton moved his way up the pack and took it all the way to the checkers. m
1. Langston
2. Short
3. Ramsey
4. Laninovich
5. Collier
6. Weimer
7. Alessi
8. Metcalfe
9. Lawrence
10. Casillas
11. Mills
12. Villopoto
13. Nye
14. Carpenter
15. Morais
16. Sorby
17. Dube
18. Sleeter
19. Lapaglia
20. Partridge
21. Sani
22. Abrigo