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WeaponMX Introduces Inertia Eliminating G-Zero Gas Tank Foam

WeaponMX Introduces Inertia Eliminating G-Zero Gas Tank Foam

Company Debuts Industrys First-Ever, MX Gas Tank Foam

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA April 5, 2006 WeaponMX announced that it is now shipping G-Zero Gas Tank Foam, its much anticipated line of ultra performance, gas tank foam for off-road motorcycles. G-Zero gas tank foam is mil-spec standard fighter aircraft gas tank foam. It virtually eliminates any sloshing from fuel in the tank, thus significantly improving handling and maneuverability.

With gas weighing approximately 6 lbs. per gallon it can generate forces upwards of 20 lbs acting on the bike. These forces cause the handling of the bike to become unstable and make the suspension work overtime to keep the front wheel on the ground.

During the Supercross season, WeaponMX got together with the Factory test rider Casey Lytle for some testing. Casey did about 10 laps around the KTM Supercross track with the G-Zero gas tank foam and said, ?The Foam makes the bike feel 10-15 lbs lighter and the center of gravity feels 6 inches lower!? Since then WeaponMX sponsored rider Carter Gurnee has said, ?This foam makes me feel so confident bombing into breaking bumps. If I had a choice I wouldn?t race with out it.

The G-Zero gas tank foam is cut into shapes designed in SolidWorks? CAD to accommodate for volume and profile. The foam uses less than 4% of the gas tank volume and takes about 5 minutes to install. Starting with the bottom layer the foam can fit thru the gas cap hole and positioned at the bottom of the tank. Using a t-handle or similar tool the foam is adjusted to lay flat at the bottom and then following layers are positioned until the tank is filled with foam.

WeaponMX G-Zero foam is long lasting and works with all pump gas and race fuels. Retail price for the foam is $49.95 and they are available for all motocross and off-road motorcycles, as well as ATVs.

?The introduction of G-Zero Gas Tank foam sets a new benchmark for performance and innovation. Making the bike feel 10-15 lbs lighter and the center of gravity 6 inches lower, riders are now capable of installing a low cost modification and instantly lowering their lap times. I would like to see how much it would cost in titanium to make a bike feel 10-15 lbs lighter,? said Bill Marshall, Owner of WeaponMX.

About WeaponMX
WeaponMX is committed to bringing the most innovative products to the motocross marketplace. WeaponMX has a full line up of engine guards, radiator braces and skid plates in addition to the G-Zero gas tank foam.

For more information, contact WeaponMX by phone at 877-706-0181, or visit the company's website at