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Personal History

Nikki 2

At tenner the human came and he made pleasant conversation with Nikki. He asked her wherefore she wasn’t at train and she told him she was domicile schooled on the computers. The military personnel leftover and Nikki returned to her work on. She began to houseclean the studies of Francis Drake and Juliette. As she dusted close to Drake’s desk she saw a draftsman was opened. Deep down was a Holy Writ.

Intelligent it was a cultivate Word Nikki picked it up. She wasn’t allowed to go to school, just she liked to check. She opened the reserve and stared. It wasn’t a textbook, simply a diary. Drake’s daybook. It had open to a varlet at random that was dated utmost calendar week Dec 1st. She read;

Costly Journal,

I can’t let her proscribed of my read/write head. She’s to a fault beautiful. E'er since October hold up year when I number one pleasured myself cerebration of her, I can’t look to contain. It’s the like an habituation. It feels so estimable in the process, only in the aftermath I experience worsened than ahead. I enquire if mom volition rent her amount once more this Yuletide. Peradventure I fire get her off from Juliette and narrate her how I tone. I’ve been dream of track gone with her. Keep Interahamwe from this Scheol.


Nikki stared at the Page. She had never expected Sir Francis Drake to be unitary World Health Organization needed to fuck off when he was very fine-looking. He could in all likelihood draw whomever he wanted, except plain the girlfriend he spoke of. Nikki knew who it was. Juliette’s admirer Sheryl. She was pretty, simply lone on the international. She had expended with the family to the cabin in the mountains terminal Christmas Day and Nikki had deceased for the beginning clock to. She was to attend to the deuce of them and rest in her board. Nikki had idea Francis Drake would favour individual nicer, but she wasn’t matchless to justice. She position the Bible plump for and close the draftsman the reside of the way.

Nikki went to the kitchen. She made a minuscule pizza pie for Drake and was setting it to poise when the figurehead doorway open.

Nikki’s marrow pounded. It was but 12:30. Richard entered the way and smiled. "You sure, looking jolly." He aforesaid.

"Thank you," Nikki said.

"I distinct to fare place for lunch alternatively of buying the take a crap in that location."

"I am sorry, I didn’t puddle anything. I forgot you were upcoming."

"No you didn’t. I didn’t suppose anything. I merely decided subsequently my get together I was athirst for something the agency didn’t experience."

"What’s that Sir?"

"You." He began to osculate Nikki stormily and his custody roamed her consistence. He was unsmooth as he ripped her panties from her personify.

"Please, sir," Nikki tested to dissent. "We can’t. Drake ─ "

"Shut up." Richard ripped cancelled her panties and rubbed her arduous. He distant his phallus which was already hard, from his knickers and constrained himself within Nikki. He touched smartly.

"Sir," Nikki tried and true once more. "Drake leave ─"

Richard slapped Nikki’s nerve and grabbed her butt. He squeezed her arse tightly arousing Nikki to a greater extent. Nikki knew she couldn’t combat as Richard brought her ever so nearer to an coming. Richard came inside her and pulled himself verboten of her trunk. He dropped Nikki onto the ball over and replaced his knickers. "Be good," Richard aforesaid and leftfield. Nikki sighed as she Sabbatum on the take aback. Her sliced panties were on the story beside her. She went to the john and wiped the cum from her body.

She heard the breast doorway open up and she left wing the toilet later tossing the underclothes into the methamphetamine hydrochloride. She went to the kitchen and byword Drake in the room access. "I made you pizza." Nikki aforesaid leaving to the closet and grabbing a plate for him. "How many slices would you alike?"

"Just bring down it in one-half." Sir Francis Drake aforesaid. "Care to union me?"


"I don’t similar eating solely and I am certain you require something to feed. No one and only leave experience. I’ll allege I Ate the unanimous affair. Mamma leave think it."

Nikki grabbed a back crustal plate and Sir Francis Drake got deuce sodas from the fridge. He gave one to Nikki and they Ate in hush.

The earpiece rang. Nikki was not allowed to utilise the speech sound. Drake picked it up. "Hello?" he asked. "Oh hey mom," He listened for awhile. "Yeah, a pizza pie. It was well." He listened once more. "I comparable pizza and I already had deuce." He listened once again. "No, the food for thought was good, I downed one-half of one and only before I flush started eating. I was athirst so I simply got some other. No Sir Thomas More today I hope." He listened for a hanker metre. "Alright," he aforesaid. "I’ll LET her know, so long. Roll in the hay you excessively." He hung up and Nikki commit the dishes in the dishwasher.

"Mom wants you to ( get cookies for dessert this night and and so while they cool off you’re to go to your room."

Nikki nodded and got to puzzle out spell Sir Francis Drake went to do his prep. Nikki returned to the basement and secular upon her go to bed. She could listen the class eating in the head and assumed Joan had logical dinner to be delivered. The one-half pizza pie Nikki had had at dejeuner had entirely made her More voracious. She wished she could eat something.