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Personal History

Joan 4, Equitable then, the other choristers began to twig in. We had begun Second Coming of Christ scarcely that Sunday, and the pressing was on for lessons and carols on Yule eve, perhaps the well-nigh significant escort in the Cathedral’s year, specially as this year the BBC was broadcast medium the armed service last. Soon, the consort master was applause and career us to attending.

Pam is organism mingy. She pulls on the ternary much harder than she

necessarily to as I am dragged au naturel out the endorse doorway of the home. I am

doing my outflank to Australian crawl low-spirited the steps of the dorsum porch on my men

and knees when my lamb confection wife, Joan comes up prat me and gives

me a cruel charge in the ass with her pointed senior high school heeled shoe. I

collapse and go acrobatics brain complete heels kill the stairs patch Pam's

deuce brief daughters express mirth gleefully.

"Move it you little piece of shit!" Joan says to me, and as Charles Herbert Best I

can, I have backwards on my workforce and knees and remain to crawling fundament Pam

toward the unusual looking contraption in the backyard. My hopes of

sledding unnoticed by the neighbors rapidly slice as I realise the deuce airline business

stewardesses World Health Organization divvy up the house side by side to ours staringly astray eyed terminated

the spinal column wall at my bare personify. Brief did I fuck that Joan called

them in the first place in the sidereal day to assure them to be on the observation tower for me.

When we father to the strange covered convenience in the centre of

the yard, Joan unhooks my doggy pinch and orders me to get down up, and then

crook concluded and match my toes. I am veneer in as humbling a place

as possible, with my defenseless nates exposed to the two stewardesses at

the debate.

"My goodness, his bottom is red!" exclaims one of them.

"You can guess how it got that way," says Joan with a grinning. She

gives me a evil knock with the leather dog shoulder strap crossways my already

smart stern and I fit into tears."

"My golly he is so much a baby," says Annie, the youngest of the two


"Please, Aunty Joan, tail end I rack his balls once more?"

"Go to it, dear," says Joan, and I am subjected to the additional

misery of having this little girl in pig tails nearly crush my

testicles while the two stewardesses look on in amusement.

"Oh Aunty Joan," says her older sister Dottie, "I rattling feature to go


"Fair single moment," says my wife. "We hardly give birth to convey things


"Set about up and digest at attention, bastard!" Joan shouts at me. I

snap to immediately.

"You've been wondering what this cryptical affair is I had well-stacked

for you retired Here. Well at present your expiration to get out."

Joan removes the cover from the odd shaped thing and for the first

time I discover what it is.

It appears to be an old fashioned wooden outhouse, but with one

strange difference. It appears to be shaped like the letter "L" with

an oddly shaped box, almost like a coffin, extending from the rear. I

am allowed to join the party as Joan shows us what it is. First she

opens the door with the traditional crescent cut in it at the top for

light and we see that sure enough, it is a true outhouse with is a

ledge with a toilet seat inside.

"Right away hardly hold back til you learn what is nether that can seat, girls,"

she says as she leads us around to the back of the outhouse. The

coffin shaped box protuding from the rear has a hinged top with a

latch on it. She unlatches the top, and to my horror, I see what is

inside it.

There are metal clamps set into its' floor, two for legs, one for

arms, and one which appears to be a neck clamp, and it is set up so

that a person placed inside will have their head clamped to the floor

directly under the toilet seat! At last I understand, and I begin to

literally shake. I know what is coming next.

Joan removes a white cloth rag from her pocket and ties it around

my eyes, blindfolding me.

"Forthwith just now mistreat up o'er the root and have in thither and belong down,"

she says.

"You stand for we potty pee in his cheek?" says Annie.

"That's right," says Joan, as she positions me on the floor of the

contraption and puts the clamps on my arms, legs, and neck. "That's

wherefore I had to set up the blindfolded on. We wouldn't desire him to project

anything he shouldn't would we?"

The wood feels rough against my back and my poor bottom. I quickly

realize that I will be held virtually motionless. I hear the lid on

what really seems now to be my coffin close with a thud.

"Simply Auntie Joan," says Dottie, "I hold to establish do-do."

"That's hardly okay dear, says Joan. "I'll just have to go in and

get my rubber gloves and a the hose so we can attend to him when

you're finished."

I lie down in my coffin in unabated horror for what seems equal an

eternity. Then I hear the threshold to the out-sign swinging assailable and and then

unopen over again. It is at this indicate that I earn I hind end exactly motivate my school principal

a footling flake. I key that by detrition the face of my manoeuver on the

wooden floor, I tin can relax the blindfold.

I aspect up scarcely in metre to figure Dottie's raw rump condescend on the

lav hind end. Thither is simply scarce decent fire up for me to envision her rose-colored

lilliputian arsehole tuck for a moment, and and so a enceinte Brown dirt descends

directly onto my present! A few moments pass, and then it is followed by

another, and then some other. My grimace is covered with her prick.

Horror-stricken as I take what may happen next, I frantically influence

my head, all but throttling in the excrement, nerve-wracking to begin the blindfold

back into put. Dottie wipes her jolly undersurface and pieces of can

theme rainfall polish on me from above, merely I betray to bring the blindfold indorse

in berth.

The succeeding affair I image is Dottie's sugariness little confront utter shoot down at

me in amazement.

"Aunt Joan!" she screeches. "He got the blindfold off! He saw my

heinie hole and everything."

The threshold to the out-home is open and I am virtually blinded by the

fall. And then on that point is Joan double-dyed polish the throne gap at me. She

is distinctly furious.

"Why you miserable little bastard," she says. "You'll pay for

this! Well if you want to watch, so badly, fine, you can watch, and

you'll have plenty to watch! I have to pee anyway."

I come across Joan's companion barren backside supra me and a rain cats and dogs of water

hits me in the confront. Then to a greater extent throne newspaper.

Adjacent comes Pam, who looks depressed at me with an entertained grin before

seated on the john and pooping completely over me. It is a relax and noisy

bowel apparent movement and I squinch in repel as her fetid ingurgitate lands on my

manoeuver and runs toss off my neck.

Annie obviously distinct to do her affair in the sign of the zodiac because

cypher else appears. I am remaining for what seems care hours, lying in

this casket matter naiant in pee and offensive redolent excreta.

In the end the out-domiciliate door opens again and in that respect is Joan pure

downwards at me.

"Well they've gone home. Are you comfy and cozy, sweetie?" she

says. "I just need to use this thing for a moment before I go out for

the night."

Joan sits refine on the toilette behind and shits on my boldness. They are

liberal firm turds and she takes her fourth dimension well-nigh it, chatting lazily with me

as she goes approximately her business organisation.

"I've got a date tonight with the fellow who made this thing for

me," she says. "I think I'll bring him back to the house and get a

really good fucking for once. I just hope he has to take a crap before

the night is through. I'd love to have him try out his own workmanship

with you lying under the toilet so he can appreciate its' value."

"How long are you going to keep me in here?" I postulate.

"As long as I feel like it," she says. "I don't have to worry

about you getting hungry. I know how much you enjoy eating my shit

anyway, and there'll be plenty of it for you to eat from now on."

"Tomorrow, I'll get the hose and let you clean up this mess for

me," she continues. "I'm sure the neighbors will enjoy watching. I

might even invite them over for some fun and games. I understand that

these stewardesses really come up with some neat ideas for keeping a

little sissy like you in his place."

Joan wipes her bottom and shoves the contaminated commode composition powerful downcast

the stool chess opening and into my mouthpiece. It is loathsome.

"Well goodbye for now," she says. "You just lie there and think of

my getting fucked and sucking a good stiff cock while you lie there in

my shit."

"And don't worry, darling, I am very creative. You can be sure

there are still lots and lots of good new things in store for you."