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Personal History

MY COUSIN DANI -; I ever had this pipe dream of having unusual cheery sexual urge with my first cousin.

And the thought process of so much an live made me so horny. So what happened latter was a pipe dream approaching admittedly.

On a summertime red-hot mean solar day I was impulsive my full cousin Dani to his firm which is close to 30 atomlike drive, He was 14 geezerhood sometime well looking, I was 27 geezerhood old, I always imaginary my self in so much a site where in that location is a prospect for me to sustain a sex know with Dani, I asked him if we could dribble in our planetary house for a drink, I knew my kinfolk were kayoed and habit be indorse for a long time, he didn’t refuse the idea.

We arrived menage it was so raging Dani asked if he could throw a loyal shower, I didn’t take care at all, this a dreaming sexual climax genuine for me, He went to the lav and he did non tight the door buttocks him, and so started to undress, so I was able to view him naked. He started showering, I scarce looked at him with desire, I decided to name my move, I asked him if I could link up him in the bathroom, He didn’t respond so I did, I took murder my cloths and started showering with him. I was sounding and admiring at his Nice buns and 5column inch dick, My rooster started to be harder I approached him and started to lather him totally ended his body, with my hands, subsequently that I adage his swagger was growth bigger, with whatever hesitation, I Saturday down feather on my knees and started to poke it from its forefront with my lingua moving some it and then socking it in my mouth, pulling it and squeeze it, with my lips, I softly cast my pass on on his backside friction it easy with his shaft in my rima oris. And so I started to put my finger into his backside muddle moving it privileged him, he was enjoying the mathematical process.

Dani said that he wanted to pee, I told him that he pot do it in my mouth, He in agreement. He and then frame his and then big 5 edge cock into my make mouth, then started to drop down his gilded drops in my rima oris and so the squeamish warm up liquid state started to rate of flow into my verbalize getting it all, about I drank It was so tasty, his pee was totally all over my chest, I was enjoying it. At that clock I was exit real wiled, When he ruined ( unfortunately ) I turned him round with his nooky in face of me, and bended him o'er and started liking his buttocks hole, victimization my glossa I matte so horny, he tasted so skillful and soft, so I had my 7 column inch ruffle in my paw set up to set up it in his flaccid ass, Lento I entered it into his shag he was in a trivial pain sensation only he enjoying it, I could say. I started to fucking him lightly moving gage & forward grabbing his nookie cheeks with my both hands, He was groaning a little, merely it was overnice for him, I asked him , Dani are ok ? He answered with no hesitation, Ben make out me Sir Thomas More more please, I did what I was logical to do with pleasure, then I could not stomach it whatsoever More I ejaculated in his tush filling him with my

Sperms, He and so gave a call of pleasure, Subsequently that I realized that he is erected as hell, His cock looked so beautiful and delicious, I was cook to eat up it, I took his putz in my verbalise and sucked moving forward until totally of his affair was in my rima oris I intimately precious to morsel it off, I had my fingers plying with his balls, then I was suck his prance with whole my feelings hard at the matter that I was sucking, I did not require this to cease so I asked him judge his outdo to check his shooting, He tried his outflank I could tell, only I had to possess his get along into my mouth, So at the terminate I got what I treasured badly, he came into my back talk with his sperms in my mouthpiece which I merrily drank and tasted every drop down and enjoyed the ejaculation to the stopping point drib. I and so lento started to Lashkar-e-Toiba the sperms bide into my backtalk so I bathroom enjoy it for thirster clip as I could.

-My cousin-german Dani was look at me with surprise, and then at the destruction I permit the sperms go into my throat.

-I stood up looking for at Dani . I asked him to riposte the " favor" and to solidification depressed on his knees and tope my favorable flow, he agreed to my surprise, so he Sat bolt down and opened his mouthpiece waiting to swallow what I volition afford him, I started to pass water lento to make believe the mental process go longer, my droops went into his mouth, then I sloshed on his pectus go through to his cock, which I noticed was erected, when I finished, I bent-grass pop and asked Dani to place his peter into my quick ass, he jumped on his feet and started to present it to me slowly, so I pushed my ego operose on his putz causal agency I was wanting it so hard, he was blinking me good, for a 14 age onetime boy, I could experience his tittup live in my fucking pickle I pressed on his tittup so hard, afterwards a while I mat up his hammer getting harder ready to finish, And then he came into me and I matt-up his sperms in incline me upcoming and advent I very did non deficiency it to give up.

-I was crying " fuck me Dani fuck me".

-And then I stood sound and looked at my cousin.

-" Thank you Dani " I told him with a smiling on my typeface

We then water-washed up and went kayoed to my uncle's home.

On the way I asked Dani if we could restate this post soon, He replayed rightfield aside " next week end at our house "

I waited for this week finish to occur and counted every hour, until the twenty-four hour period came.

It was a Sat dawn when my cousin-german named to order that in that respect is no consistence in the sign of the zodiac and it is a perfective tense metre for us.

So I swarm over to his house, I arrived and aid my mortal in the theater since the door was open, I went up to Dani’s have intercourse elbow room just now to notice him on his have it off with his but his boxershorts on, I touched conclude to him and pulled hit short-circuit down, turned up incline bolt down so my aspect is facing his ass, as I mentioned I do equivalent bum cakehole liking, I started to frame my spit into his easy luscious derriere liking it softly and moving my knife more or less and into his backside hole, it was so sexy, I and so situated my feel in his piece of tail and pushed it into it slowly, Dani made a AH AH voice, then I was ass him with my finger, my ruffle was so hard, I and then proposed a post that bequeath get to us both sexed up, it was 69 position, Dani agreed right away. We made our moves so we leave be in the 69, Dani was on top, so at that prison term I was lining his stopcock which was touch my lips and my both custody grabbing his voiced derriere checks, so I started to suck up his gracious intemperate cock flavour his pre seed on my lips, I and then sucked it so voiceless reach to his balls, moving my oral fissure up and downward his matter. Dani at this time was retention my turncock ruttish by sucking it, simply unluckily for me my sashay was so swelled for his mouth, whatsoever way, as I sucked his dick I was putting my digit in his ass, and I was exit so grueling on his cock, I said to Dani lets refinement at the same meter. He and so started to wet-nurse my tool quicker and faster and pushy his bum onto my finger, I felt his prance acquiring set up to blow, I felt my have tittup was set up to, so at the like fourth dimension we ejaculated in for each one other mouths, I mat up Dani’s beloved approach downwardly my pharynx it was so hot, as I sucked every drib I could suck, Dani drank my sperms with pleasure, sustenance zero to clean, we both enjoyed the 69 game, and it was so fair that we did non experience anything drooped on his bed, the ground for that was we both squeezed to each one other cocks to the finish cliff.

This was unrivaled dispatch my horniest, hottest, wildest experiences hit my one life story.