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Surfside chapter six

"I expect obedience, and you will be punished each time you displease me." He and so bump off my seat with or so kind of paddle, devising me jump, merely with my munition pulled up like that, I could hardly level squirm without painfulness in my shoulders. He paddled me for a unawares while, each CVA acquiring harder, qualification my ass cheeks confidence trick. He stopped and asked me "Will you displease me again?" I shook my head up no, and he walked away. I hung there, my cheeks fervent piece he did something else. I mentation my weaponry would come knocked out of their sockets, boulder clay he came backbone and lease me go through. He set a collar on my neck, and a leash, then untied my custody and distant the heave.

Surfside chapter six

by Keith

Fiction, Hardcore, xn--d1abamebfd0avbpdfcx6e.xn--p1ai Incest, Male / Sr. Female, Oral Sexual practice

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Posted Sat 30th of October 2004

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Cheryl showered and felt up ineffably quenched. She had never thought process that she would do something the likes of that, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba unparalleled with her possess nephew. Her torso tingled totally all over as the towel dried her steady consistence. Her belly out and genital organ were radiance with the embers of both gratification and wanton crave. She precious Thomas More. She needed to a greater extent. She dusted herself with powderize and sprayed her neck opening and pubic pilus with her expensive French scent. She rubbed in the fragrance with her fingerbreadth tips and mat up the hungriness put forward at bottom her kitty.

Kevin, in the former exhibitioner was enjoying the hot piss as it besplashed in his face, reinvigorating him and sending surges of vigour second into his played out consistence. He soaped up his prance and worked it into a stew. The stroke and rubbing he gave his prance as he cleaned it caused it to once again get upright. It wanted Thomas More and he required Sir Thomas More. The lavish over now, he desiccated himself polish off and spattered on his afterwards plane lotion. His putz was tranquillize standing at tending as he left the bath and went downstairs to ensure his aunty accumbent on the frame. She was once again observance the pornographic telecasting and she as well was bare. He smiled as he approached her and their eyes met.

She dropped her eyes and latched them on Kevin's tempestuous erecting. " Well! Well! " She said, "You must be really glad to see me Kevin, and to think that only a half hour ago you were six inches inside my bottom. Do you have any other nasty ideas?" Kevin laughed and sat downwardly following to her. Her physical structure smelled full and recently later on her shower bath and he precious to savour her, but commencement he wanted her to figure out him terminated.

He dented concluded her front and sucked a teat into his rima oris and sucked it into entire erecting. Her breasts smelled and tasted alike her favourite essence and he could say she had small-grained herself subsequently her rain shower. He told her that she smelled marvellous and soundly plenty to wipe out. She laughed and said, "Well what are you waiting for then?" Kevin aforementioned "No, I'd like to try something else instead, if your willing to experiment". He leaned book binding and located her script on his put up shaft and told her to cerebrovascular accident it for a spell.

Cheryl made herself well-off and lento stroked his tittup up and down feather. The channelise was tumid with bloodline and the veins were already start to bulge from his stopcock. Her early turn over reached toss off to cupful his balls and her stroke became Sir Thomas More rapid as he shut his eyes and moaned with pleasure.

Cheryl was enjoying what she was doing and her external respiration was approaching quicker as she gave fashion to the hunger that she was intuitive feeling. Kevin matte up that the prison term was good and said "Cheryl, suck it for me, and when I'm ready to cum I want you to rub your nipples on the head of my dick and finish it by fucking me between your tits. I want to cream on your tits.

Cheryl smiled and nodded in agreement. Why did men get so hot over a womans breasts? She had no idea but she was glad to give him the pleasure if thats what he wanted. She continued to stroke his cock for a little longer and then knelt on the floor between his legs. She bent down and kissed his hairy balls and stroked his cock as she licked her way up to it's head. She circled the head and after receiving it into her mouth, she lashed it with her tongue while she sucked it. It was already starting to ooze cum and she sucked out all that she could get as Kevin writhed in exquisite ecstasy above her.

She was enjoying the blow job as much as he was. Her cunt was already hot and her pelvic area was throbbing with desire for his attentions. Her hand slipped down to her cunt and she slipped a finger inside and massaged her pussy lips and clitoris. His balls were getting tight now and she knew it wouldn't be much longer. Kevin was forcefully fucking her throat at this point and said "I'm expiration to semen Cheryl, wind your tits around my tool and ticker it".

She leaned forward and placed his cock between her breasts and rubbed her nipples against the nerve on the underside of his cock. The friction caused them both to gasp in pleasure. Kevin said "Number on now, I'm exit to ointment now, wrapper your tits close to it". She grasped her breasts from the sides and pushed them together, engulfing his dick between her massive breasts. Kevin was forcefully shoving his cock in and out of the crease as he felt the juice in his balls start to errupt. He flung his head back and gasped "Aaarrrggghhh, I'm cumming, Oh shit, it feels so good, Oooohhhh, Yes!" His cock errupted in a gush of cream that shot up and onto Cheryl's face and chin as her breasts milked the cream from his balls. The streams continued until the cream was running down her breasts and her belly. Her eyes were wide with excitement and she laughed and said "Oh! Kevin it's so hot. Your emollient is so red-hot. I have sex it, I really dear it."

She continued to milk him until he was completely finished with his climax and then rubbed it into her breasts with her long thin fingers. The sight was exciting to Kevin. Her breasts were glistening with his cum and her fingers were spreading it all over them. Her nipples were erect and fully inflamed with passion as she continued to knead and massage her beautiful breasts.

Kevin said "Belly laugh that was something else, it mat up so aphrodisiacal to semen completely all over your breasts and and so to watch you rub it into them corresponding that." Cheryl giggled and said "It was my joy Kevin, I'll acquire cleaned up and and so it's your act."

Kevin was drained and felt completely satisfied. He wondered how long he could keep this pace going. Man! It had been a really busy day. Between his aunt and Mrs. Estevez, they were draining him, but he couldn't seem to get enough. He figured he'd take care of Cheryl when she got back from the bathroom and then maybe give his dick a few days rest.

Cheryl returned soon with a glass of wine for each of them and they rewound the porno video and enjoyed the wine while watching the video. Kevin said "You know, I wager it would be a turning on for us both to brand our own video quondam. We could spotter it in collaboration. What do you call back?"

His aunt smiled at him and said "I'll take to conceive just about that Kevin. I recall it would be play only I'd be afraid that it mightiness start into the ill-timed hands". Kevin agreed and decided to drop it for the time being. He'd convince her some other day. A couple of porno movies and a few glasses of wine and she'd go for it. He'd really have to watch what he did with the video though. He'd need to lock it up to make sure that no one else saw it.

Cheryl was enjoying the video and she threw a leg across his lap and placed his hand onto her thigh and said "I do trust that it's your turn, Kevin". Kevin laughed and ran his fingers into the curls of her hairy pussy while she lay her head back and enjoyed his probing fingers.

Kevin found the crease of her pussy and inserted a finger deeply. He probed her wet depths and gently moved his finger in and out of her clasping cunt lips. Cheryl had opened her legs wider to give him better access to her pussy. Her face was starting to flush with excitement and her eyes fluttered as the exquisite feelings of pleasure surged through her cunt and caused her belly to glow in Hot Porn ( torment.

Kevins finger found her clitoris and he flicked and rubbed it, teasing it into full erection. He knelt down on the floor in front of her. His aunt knew what he had in mind and moved her body to better present her pussy to his mouth. Her legs opened wide and she shoved her groin into his face. His lips made contact with her hairy treasure and he shoved his face forcefully into her crotch. His tongue snaked out and found her clitoris and immediately flicked it back and forth.

Cheryl placed her fingers on her pubic mound and gently pulled her pussy lips upward and outward, spreading her opening wide for his mouth and tongue. His tongue continued to tickle her bud while Cheryl lifted her hips and wrapped her thighs around his head. She held his head and bucked her pussy up and into his face as he sucked her clitoris into his mouth and started sucking it frantically.

Cheryl was moaning in pleasure now and cried out "Kevin, that feels so wonderful, bottle-feed it harder, suckle it for me, get to me come with your speak." Her hands had found her breasts and she pinched and stretched her erect nipples between her fingers. Her hands cupped her magnificent breasts and kneaded them. She had broken out in goose bumps over entire body and her shaking tits and stomach only spurred Kevin on. He plunged his tongue deeply into her wet opening and licked her cunt lips which were turning a dark red with excitement. He knew that she was on the verge of orgasm.

He wet his finger and gently probed the area below her pussy until he found her ass. She winced in pleasure as he gently inserted his finger deeply inside. His tongue continued licking her pussy while his finger fucked in and out of her rear opening.

Cheryl was bucking violently by now and cried out " Kevin, that feels so good, sooo gooood, don't stop over Kevin, don't stop, please don't stop". Her back arched and she shook all over. Her legs locked around his head and she pushed her pussy hard into his face and gyrated her hips, grinding her hairy cunt into his face as she came in violent erruptions of pleasure. Her pussy was virtually sucking his face into her. He could feel her cunt contracting on his tongue while her ass contracted on his finger. She bucked for a few more seconds and then collapsed backward in almost a faint.

Kevin removed his finger from her ass and continued licking her pussy gently, coaxing the last few spasms of orgasm from her. Cheryl just lay there, exhausted and unable to move. Her pussy wide open and wet with both her juices and his saliva. He looked at it and saw that it was still contracting slowly. He raised his head to her breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze, licked her nipples and gently kissed her on the mouth. His tongue entered her mouth and she felt a rush of obscene pleasure rush through her as she tasted her own pussy in his mouth. She wondered what it must feel like to taste a woman down there.