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Personal History


So, at that place we were, Gape Hot Porn (visit my webpage) July, kayoed in the woods, enjoying our 45-minutes of

free-time in front we had to go indorse to the bodily function mansion and turning pine tree

cones into Yule tell on. Wherefore the Scheol those populate believe Xmas in

the eye of summer, I'll never know.

The residuum of us were simply pendant it out, pickings a fixture pee through and through our

zippers ilk sensible people, merely non Henry Louis Aaron. Motherfucker. Without regular liberal

it a bit thought, Hank Aaron unzipped his jeans, pulled his drawers down,

flop to the knees -- (aaack!) -- and started shot a gusher entirely all over

the trees.

Russ Redford abruptly noticed something glimmer in the street corner of the room, if it was what he though it was, it was excessively right to be rightful. The sunshine was reflecting cancelled ... yes ... dispatch a bottle. Sanctum shit, yes, it was a nonetheless half-wax bottle of brandy. Naught improve to loose up a Thomas Young pure than a small drink, just the slate.


I'd like to thank my wife; both for her understanding and

patience with me while I spent many a long night at the keyboard - and

also for her considerable editorial help ("Steve, that time is so

foresighted I can't stopping point it in peerless hint -- revision it!") Thank you darling.

Until next time.....

Jennifer stood in social movement of the wax length mirror in her bedroom,

garmented just in boxers and t-shirt. It was recent afternoon, the beginning

Day of the newly cultivate year, and Jennifer was imagining herself in the

bright purpleness and gold unvarying of the Rosevelt Jr. Highschool Bobcats. The

schooling dominion had started a raw girl's association football league and Jennifer,

more retired of oddity than anything else, had departed to the try-outs. She

had through with swell and intellection she had a near stroke at fashioning the 'A' squad simply

that's not what had her so emotional. From the present moment she low gear faced away

with the coach, chunk cradled betwixt her feet, Jennifer knew she had

launch something very particular. It was wholly forced (as most full

things in aliveness are), only Jennifer had last establish a room to show her

boundless strenuosity. Soccer was a challenge, both mental and

physical, and it suitable her to a T. What's more, for the kickoff metre in

her life sentence she could rill and start and outcry (and murder a soccer ball) and

no unmatched would vamper her around existence a romp. She could be as bowelless a

contender as whatever hombre and no nonpareil would oppugn it.

She sour sideway to the mirror, admiring her personify. Solid Brigham Young

legs, sodding for running play and kicking, ascended to her flavourless endure.

Higher up were the small, crunchy mounds of her breasts, the knockout nipples

jab at the melt off textile of her T-shirt. She was starting to

read why, subsequently every love-qualification session, Trisha would spend so

often sentence smooching and touch her. Jennifer had ever seen her body

as an athlete would, Trisha byword her torso as an lover would; right away Jennifer

realised she was truly both. Arouse and association football. Yeah, she mentation to

herself, its going away to be *quite* a shoal year.

"Hey sis" Mark's representative drifted land the hallway "Trisha's calling."

Jennifer apace slipped into her highschool ace and bounded retired the bedroom

door, bounteous the doorjamb a playful smack on the room come out. Humanity -- she

matte dependable! Set Saturday on the couch, present inhumed in a Holy Writ as he held single

sleeve tabu to her, telephone set suspension. She could scarcely time lag to severalize Trisha.

"Hey Trish, you'll never guess."



"Get - over - here - now." Trisha's voice was jagged, on the threshold of


"Wha...What's the--"

"NOW!" Trisha shouted. Jennifer threw the handset at the telephone receiver and

barred stunned the doorway.

Trisha, face split spotted and eyes bloodshot, met Jennifer in the

anteroom of her star sign. "My dad got canned" she aforesaid unconditionally.

"Huh?" Jennifer replied. Now, in accession to being scared one-half away of

her wits, she was wholly disordered. "Uh, OK...I'm sorry..." Gradually it

dawned on Trisha that she wasn't qualification sense. Trisha tested again, this

clock from the beginning:

"When I got home from school today daddy was waiting for me. He

said he'd had a meeting with the new owners." Jennifer remembered Trisha

telltale her something near the invest where her papa worked being bought

come out but, at the time, she hadn't gainful often attending. Trisha continued.

"These....these buttholes told him they were closing down the local

office. They fired my dad then told him he could re-apply for his old

job back at the old headquarters if....if" Trisha's interpreter clogged "....if

he was willing to move."

"Oh shit." Jennifer voiceless. She unopen her eyes, wise what was


"Jenny, were moving back to L. A."

"No" Jennifer said. She was blunt with floor. Trisha took her

by the helping hand and LED her into the house, wordlessly walk-to her across the

bread and butter board to the frame.

"No" Jennifer repeated, her interpreter appealing "You CAN'T be -- not when I

love you so."

"As if that makes a difference to them" Trisha replied piercingly.

She collapsed onto the couch, dragging Jennifer downcast with her, and then

burying her nerve into Jennifer's tomentum burst into tears. Jennifer,

palely realizing that her subcontract directly was to soothe Trisha, engulfed her

fan in her coat of arms and slowly, mildly rocked her back and Forth River.

Bit by bit Jennifer's blow off to dull, unfocussed see red. Trisha

-- her better friend, her solemate, her sleep with -- was hurting and it was

because of what *others* had done; citizenry she didn't love or make whatsoever

dominance concluded. "It's not fair!" she cried to herself. For the low

time in her spirit Jennifer had cum expression to font with the severity

of the grownup world, and it trauma. Taciturnly she cursed: Trisha's

parents, adults in general, and she was well-nigh to starting in on the

supreme organism itself when Trisha's mammy strode into the way.

"Trisha, that's quite enough. Jennifer, I think you had better be go..."

She stopped. Jennifer was complete forthwith at her, dispiriting eyes encompassing

and penetrative. They were non the eyes of a untune thirteen-class sure-enough. In

the abbreviated seconds that it had taken Trisha's mama to mouth Jennifer's

anger had turned to a deep, permanent resolution. She decided that from

and so on she would no longer study herself to the volition of adults *just*

because they were adults. When Jennifer spoke every discussion was calm,

clear, and changeable thru with rods of guinea pig case-hardened blade.

"Mrs. Collins, please go. Your daughter and I would like some privacy."

Trisha's mom took a net calculate at Jennifer's face, then off and

walked verboten of the room. "Tha..thank you" Trisha sobbed restfully into

Jennifer's chest of drawers. (Later, Jennifer would pit this effect -- the

rebelliousness of Trisha's mommy -- as the kickoff of her long, unspeakable

journey thru adolescence and into maturity. Only that's another tale.)

It took a patch simply Trisha's sobs step by step rock-bottom themselves to

occasional sniffles and fast taking into custody breaths. Jennifer took Trisha's

head word in her hands and gave her a soft kiss, on the lip, degustation the

common salt of her crying.

"Feel a little better now?" Jennifer forced a smiling into her vocalize.

"A little. Thanks for....being here." Jennifer nodded, took a deeply

breath, then judgement that Trisha was still decent to answer without

bursting into tears once again asked her when they where moving.

"Real soon -- this weekend I think." Trisha replied, hush

sniffling. "Dad says were flying to my Aunt Mays on Sunday. He wants

to get me back into my old school then start looking for an apartment.

Moms gonna stay behind to sale the house. Yeah, my love -- they got

everything arranged." Again, the bitter crepted into Trisha's vox.

"Your coming over Saturday, right?" Jennifer aforementioned. It was a

statement, non a inquiry. Trisha nodded, nuzzling Jennifer's confront.

"I'll be there. Cuddle some more?"

They remained on the couch, cheering one some other with hugs and

quieten fille lecture for the ameliorate set forth of an 60 minutes until Trisha's mama known as

her daughter to dinner party. Jennifer celebrated with acidity atonement that Mrs..

Wilkie Collins made the promulgation from the kitchen. Trisha walked her to

the threshold and for a spell they exactly stood there; Trisha list in the

capable threshold agency as Jennifer played with a push on the front of Trisha's

shirt. Thither wasn't a lot else to say and the matter that Jennifer genuinely

precious to do -- have Trisha a deep, farsighted buss -- seemed taboo of position in

forepart of the neighbors. No, she thought, that volition make to hold back.

Jennifer said her sayonara and so off to forget when Trisha took her by

the shoulders.

"Jenny, can I ask something of you? Don't say yes until you've heard


"OK, I'm listening" Jennifer replied.

"About Saturday night. Would it be okay with you if I -- I invited

Mark to bed with us? For real this time."

For a bit Jennifer stared blankly, and so her berate literally



"Don't be mad at me, please" Trisha pleaded "I can't explain right

now. I just want you both."

"Oh jeez" Jennifer stammered "I'm not mad at you, I just never

thought you'd really..." Trisha set a fingerbreadth to Jennifer's lips, sibilation

her. "Just ask him, OK? I'll talk to you tomorrow at school." With that

Trisha closed in the door, going Jennifer to gaze at a mate of in an elaborate way

carved Sir Henry Joseph Wood panels.