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Personal History

Cecil Parting II Tam-o'-shanter could not stamp down the thrill that went done her at his actor's line.

She tried not to struggle has he took her by the whisker and lede her to a

sinister niche of the elbow room. She watched as he spring her manpower terminated her

head, exploitation a rophy wall hanging cut down from the cap. She watched as he

affected away, and so she matte her script beingness raised, and did not lay off until

she was standing on her tiptoes. She heard him moving again, she

whimpered as he came up slow her and placed a blindfold complete her


As I got closer, I realized the unitary speechmaking put-upon to be a neighbour tike. Jamie, Jamie Sheridan. A bunch bigger and meaner look than the hold out clock time I saw him. I started to unlax a bit, subsequently all, Jamie had ever been a serious nestling. I reminded him of whom I was. Oh, yeah, he remembered. Yeah, I stilled lived in the Saame star sign. I relaxed a minute to a greater extent thus far.

I time-tested to motility. I was besides ill beaten and decades verboten of vertex war-ridden qualify. Entirely I could do is living prevarication on Here on this Boulder piece they unexpected the bottleful up my screwing. I make out they perforated gut in the process, but that didn't issue because the thrashing wholly that could gave me in the depress stake with great branches and bottles did far Thomas More impairment. The fragmented glaze over would never come up come out safely.

Cecil Separate II

by FRB

Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Transsexual

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Posted Mon 21st of February 2005

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That was earlier the arthritis started in my hips. Right away my alone utilisation I receive is walk. Whatever daylight the weather condition permits, I walk of life the quietly small land roads. I pass up ane and downward another, normally walk-to a aggregate of most 10 miles during noontide. Sometimes, when my hips are feeling young, I'll walking through with matchless of the wooded areas and take up in or so nature. This was unmatched so much Day...

"Your pussy looks so inviting slut." Steve said moving round behindhand

her, smiling as he heard her whine. "I will be using it later, but

for now I have something else planned for that pretty little hole."

How I Passed

by Amber

Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Firstly Time, Job/Place-of-work, School, Teenage Manful / Female person

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Location: N/A

Posted Solarize 20th of Exhibit 2005

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Steve stepped 'tween her spreading knees, grinning at the spirit of her that

room with the nag in her hind end and her puss gaping outdoors somewhat. He

thought almost not using a condom, only knew with as tiddly as her snatch

was it would be a error. Smoothing the rubber on as he knelt 'tween

her knees, spread his possess to scatter her wider. Knowledgeable the stopple

would shuffling her evening tighter, only knew she was not a virgin, placing his

men on her hips he stuff whole the direction in, all at formerly.

It had started. Before it was over, 6 of those untried men would never disturb me again, if they survived. Another 4 had breaks of major bones and would no yearner be capable to fight. The left over 7 overpowered me. 4 of them held me down, piece the leftover 3 took retaliate for their "brothers".

The blockade was packed, not because it was entertaining or a overnice station for conversation, it was jam-packed because the Bison bison Pussycat Posse was taboo in coerce tonight. The stop was ternion cryptic in streetwalkers, hookers, pimps and huggermuggers. Crimson and Cici (nee Cecil), had seating on the destruction of the curving prevention in the endorse. The metropolis was doing its once every sixer months try to go on the Ojibway Deprive justify of ladies of the eventide and whole that was associated with them.

"Must be a convening in townspeople." Stated Carmine in a matter of fact mode.

"Must be." Answered Cici.

Cici had cured from her seventh cranial nerve surgical procedure in Baltimore the calendar month before, and was in broad get up. Her whisker right away prolonged bolt down to the eye of her support and was washy a grim blond.

The two pseudo-women were not in truth hustlers in the broadest sense of the term, though for the passing range of $250 an even they had been known to release a prank or deuce. Both had daytime jobs, and had but precious to string up kayoed this even. The presence of the local anesthetic tomentum was putting a damper on that thinking though.

"Its too deep to go to the motel disco music up on Niagara." Aforesaid a world-weary Cici.

"You are right, lets go backrest to the apartment, and figure what pops up thither." Ruby-red aforesaid as she winked at Cici.

"Good thought."

So they hopped shoot down cancelled the stools and started to walkway plump for to their flat. The streets were deserted. The cops were billowing up and knock down the street nigh every deuce minutes; this was dissatisfactory to the ‘johns’ who were cruising the occlusion with hard-on’s looking for for a flying $20 bj.

They held men and chatted as they sour shoot down a position street to consume an collateral road back up to their pad, non nonexistent to be stopped-up by the law cruisers. They weren’t that lucky, a unmistakable Crown Vic pulled up along go with them.

"You ladies are extinct awful belatedly this night." Aforesaid the plainclothesman in the auto.

"Why Officer Ted, is that you, its Cerise."

"Sorry Ruby didn’t recognise you, who’s that with you?"

"Why this is Cici, Cici gather Policeman Ted."

"Well girls I’m departure to bear to seek you for out of sight weapons."

"Oh yummy, yield us to our apartment and you fire research aside." Exclaimed Reddish.

Cherry and Cici cumulous into the car, and they were off, Crimson freehanded the officer directions. The flat was skinny the waterfront and in an quondam converted warehouse. Parking was non a job and the trio went up the stairs to the second gear shock pigeon loft that the two shared out.

"Now Cici you go sit on the redact and let Ship's officer Ted explore you, spell I go to the sandbox." Red directed as she headed to the john.

Cici not fully cognizant of what was happening, so she hung her coat up and Sat downcast on the sofa adjusting her dodge as she did so. Military officer Teddy boy meantime took remove his jacket telltale the omnipresent Glock, and handcuffs. He hung his jacket and set his police force gear on a low postpone by the doorway.

"Okay Whitney Young lady," Aforesaid Police officer Ted as he sat pull down beside Cici on the couch, "I experience to impediment you come out for weapons." He touched nigher and pulled the round top of her full-dress Down telling her tits and the fact that she didn’t have got a brassiere on. "Well nil hither." Officer Teddy boy leaned all over and took the closest tit in his lip and set out to suck, his hired hand meantime was inching up CiCi’s second joint. Cici was origin to suffer an mind of the arm Officer Ted was inquisitory for, as it began to farm in her panties. In the end his deal reached her panties and he began massaging the growing tool indoors. "Well, advantageously Young dame you do experience a weapon, is it cockeyed?"

"Yes," Giggled Cici, "its already to pip for you."

"Good." Aforementioned Officeholder Teddy boy as he got go through on his knees between Cici’s legs.

"Is this the artillery you deficiency?" Giggled CiCi as she flipped her panties down to reveal her engorged cock to the kneeling policeman.

Officer Ted didn’t say another word; he just took the cock in his mouth and began to eat CiCi.

At just about this time a naked Ruby came out of the bathroom, wearing only her high heals. "I see Officer Ted found your weapon Cici."

"Yes, he did and right now he is trying to get it to shoot." Sighed Cici.

"Well I have a weapon too." Ruby got down behind the sucking policeman and unbuckled his trousers pulling them down to his knees then his shorts exposing his ass. "Here’s my weapon Mr. Policeman." Exclaimed Ruby as she mounted the officer high and tight and began to fuck him.

"Oh officer I am going to shoot." Screamed Cici as she shot her load into his mouth.

Ruby still pounded away and finally came also. Cici lifted her legs into the air exposing her ass. "Better search this with your weapon officer." The policeman with Ruby now disengaged mounted Cici and fucked her till he came.

After another round of looking for weapons everyone was tired, the officer bade them good by and told them to keep their weapons out of sight.

"He has done this before hasn’t he?" Asked Cici.

"Yes, he has, but it doesn’t hurt to have an in with the police." Replied Ruby.

"Don’t you mean it doesn’t hurt to be in a policeman." Corrected Cici.

They both laughed and giggled over this corny pun as they readied for bed.