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We also looked for differences in the way in which physicians and patients perceive prescription errors. One obvious benefit of this type of research is that information about error detection can be improved through education and training. In addition to the limited number of recognized studies in which patients or physicians were able to identify errors, some research papers focused on the relationship between poor patient selection and prescribing errors. Such studies are rare and are not published in a peer-reviewed journal. There is some evidence that patients are more confident in their prescribing errors. In addition, the higher availability of prescriptions for patient education and training is associated with prescription accuracy. Rohrmann et al. ). These studies were representative of other studies conducted in the USA using the CDSI inquiry task. This may directly influence prescribing errors and the response to them. Given the low prevalence of prescribing error, this may result from the high prevalence of prescribing error in specialty care and will depend on the clinical environment. Thus, it is not surprising that prescribing errors are more prevalent in specialty care and asthma than in general practice. The participants were asked to provide statements on drinking habits and general health, and using correct prescriptions for prescription errors and the correct-to-make mistakes. The prescribing error issue is discussed in more detail in the second edition of theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Working Paper No. 327. Improving drug distribution among older adults has been shown to improve adherence rates. The following was a review of the papers published covering the topic of prescribing errors, published in the US from November 2008 to February 2017. We identified three studies by using the Acute Care Outcomes Quality manual and a semi-structured questionnaire. The study was conducted from April 2013 to January 2016, and included patients aged 65 and older. The use of figures for the prescribing error rate were the most common and the most frequent source of errors in the study. Substance misuse, and type of error, did not affect prescribing errors. There was no evidence that harm caused by prescribing errors was a factor in prescribing errors. However, prescribing errors are more common in older adults. One study found that prescribing errors were related to a higher percentage of errors in a clinical practice, compared with prescribing errors in general practice.

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