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Personal History

Reciprocal Attractive feature - Separate 2 - I was beginning to experience ungratified. "let me hold back if your phallus is ease as it was in your childhood." Locution this she matt-up my phallus. No it has developed a muckle. "let it verboten. I neediness to reckon it." I felt loth merely obeyed the madam. No she isn’t sot. It’s unmatched of those rare moments when she is in a mirthful and upbeat modality. She stroked my balls and member. "O mom, don’t do this. It malfunctions." I seemed to plead. Merely she didn’t heed. She was enjoying performing with it. she off up and set on her stomach. She kissed it cutely. With few to a greater extent strokes, it blew. Clean lava! She didn’t expected it so early. Anyway, mamma amassed it on her palm and drank it. she then place it in her mouthpiece. I can’t conceive it. what I wished to do all my years she did it herself. she’s sucking the Ogre. I blew some other tetrad times. As she was doing this chore, I was smooching her whisker. Assemblage them and razing them. Thereafter she Sabbatum book binding. I attuned the TV to a medicine communication channel. I moved close-fitting to her passage my men inside her cloth. "don’t teardrop it. I’m pulling it bump off." She bare. She is defenseless forthwith.

She sighed, and said, "You know, I didn’t actually project to go that FAR conclusion night, merely I’m non drear we did. Non blue at altogether."

She place her pass on my chest, and and then continued, "We believably shouldn’t do that again, merely I get laid plenty more or less life history to experience that we in all probability bequeath anyway, so we take to piddle a few things clear, compensate from the start, otherwise," and she paused for a moment, as though she was thinking of the best way to put it, and then said, "otherwise, we’ve made a mess we can never fix."

I had a fair idea what she meant, even before she said it, so I just nodded, and said, "Yeah." It wasn’t much of an answer, I know, but the whole situation had taken me by surprise, so cut me some slack.

"Firstly," she started, "no-one can ever know."

"Goes without saying," I said.

"The other thing is," and she moved closer to me as she said this, "we’re brother and sister. We’ve loved each other all our lives, but we can’t be in love. We can’t fall in love. You know what I mean? We can’t be possessive."

"You’ve got this all worked out, haven’t you?", I said.

"You know me. Always the practical one," she smirked, then became more serious, and said, "and we can’t even look like doing anything while Mum and Dad are in the house. Okay?"

I nodded.

"Other than that," she said with a smile, "we live in the same house, so if we’re horny for each other, nobody needs to know but us." Then, she looked at the clock beside my bed, and said, "Anyway, I’ve got to get ready for work."

As she climbed over me to reach for her pyjama pants on the floor next to my bed, I remembered that under the sheets, she was naked from the waist down. That didn’t help my morning erection one bit, especially when I felt her pubic hair tickling my belly, as she climbed over me to reach down on the floor. Then, as she jiggled and stretched to reach her pants, my hard cock brushed against her right hip, and she said, "I’m flattered by that, but I’ve got to go to work."

After what we had got up to last night, I couldn’t help thinking it was funny that she kept the sheet over herself until she had her pants back on, and then she got up and headed for her own room.

After she’d showered and gotten dressed for work, we had breakfast together, just like any other day. Being so close, we were still in the habit of kissing each other good-bye, and she bent down and gave me a very sisterly kiss on the top of my head, as I sat at the table, said, "See ya," and she headed out the back door for work.

I had no way of knowing if there would ever be a repeat performance of last night, but the possibility was there, and that was exciting enough on its own. Naturally, I was still on school holidays, and with the day to myself, I tidied up after breakfast, and went to a friend’s place for a few hours, then came back in the mid-afternoon. Louise wasn’t due home for a couple of hours, and our parents would be away for another few days, so I was alone in the house. I put on a few CD’s, and lay on the couch in the family room, with a book.

I must have lost track of time because the next thing I knew, I heard Louise’s car in the driveway. I heard her coming in through the back door, and I saw her walk past the doorway into the kitchen, and down the hallway towards her room, without speaking. She was carrying a shopping bag in her hand, which was nothing unusual. Like all girls her age, Louise was always buying clothes. I was still lying on the couch when she came into the room a few minutes later, still dressed in her work uniform, consisting of a light blue blouse with the dealership logo on it, and a short denim skirt.

"Hey," she said, smiling brightly.

"Hi, Lou," I answered, putting my book down on the floor.

She walked over to the couch, and I pulled my feet back on the couch to give her a space to sit at the opposite end, and she sat down. We chatted for a few minutes about her day at work, and what I had done with my day, and I couldn’t help but think about how good her work clothes looked on her. The blouse was cut in slightly at the waist, so it emphasised her curvy shape and perky tits, and the skirt made the most of her great legs and shapely bottom. It occurred to me that old Mr Cairncross must have really known what he was doing when he put her on the front desk. I’m sure plenty of guys would have been happy to book their car in for its next service, if they thought they’d get an eyeful of Louise next time they came in.

She stopped in mid-sentence, and said, "What are you looking at?" with a smile.

"I was just thinking your work clothes look good on you," I answered.

She kept that pretty smile and said, "You see me dressed like this five days a week. I’ve got drawers full of blouses just like this, and suddenly you’re saying I look good in them. Where’s that coming from?"

"Well," I said, "you either look good or you don’t. I’m just saying, you look good."

She shook her head, and we continued talking, but there was something about her, like she was waiting for the right time to do something, or maybe, she knew something I didn’t. Anyway, I had a feeling something was going on.

After another few minutes of talking, she seemed to come to a decision, and she stood up, stepped closer to me, and slipped off her sandals.

"Wayne," she said, in a tone she always used when she was going to ask me for a favour.

"Yes, Louise," I answered, in the tone I always answered in, when she asked me for a favour.

"There’s something," she paused, "something I’d like you to do."

"What’s that?" I asked, smiling back up at her.

"Me," she answered, simply, as she turned and climbed onto the couch, straddling me, but facing towards my feet in a kind of almost sixty-nine position, with her bottom in front of my face, and her skirt pulled up by the position she was in. To my astonishment, I saw that she had no pants on. Her pussy was bare, and pulled open, right in front of me, and I felt a cold wave of excitement passing through me, as I realised this was only going to get better.

"You didn’t go to work like this, did you?" I asked in amazement.

"No, Brainiac," I heard her say, "I took them off and threw them on my bed when I came in. Do you think I’d go to work without any knickers on? Mr Cairncross’d have a stroke if he saw me at my desk like that."

"I know what he’d be stroking," I said.

"There’s a time and place for such vulgarity, and this is neither the time or the place," Louise said, mocking our mother, who sometimes used that expression when our dad said something out of place, or told an off-colour joke. We both laughed, but I never thought I’d hear those words in circumstances like this, with my sister’s pussy, open and glistening with moisture, right in front of my face.

"So," I started, "what was this favour you wanted?"

"Well," Louise said, "this is a serious matter, Wayne. Very serious."

"Go on," I said, taking in the vista before me. The excitement was almost unbearable.

"Wayne, you can see my pussy, can’t you?" she asked.

I resisted the temptation to say something ridiculous, and I simply said, "Yes, I can, and I have to say, it looks rather nice, too."

"Well, last night", she started, still with that serious tone in her voice, "my pussy did something very naughty."

"Naughty?" I replied.

"Yes, very naughty," she said.

"What did it do?" I asked, equally serious.

"Well," she said, "I’m afraid that last night, my pussy fucked my brother."

"Ohhhh, that was bad," I said, but I just couldn’t keep the smile out of my voice.

"So, you see, Wayne, I really need your help here, and you’ve always been such a good brother to me, so I know I can rely on you for this," Louise said, maintaining the serious tone in her voice.

"So," I said, placing my right hand on her gorgeous right buttock, and gently using my thumb to pull her inner lip open a little more, "what was it you want me to do?"

"Wayne, I need you to punish my pussy for me," she said, "by fucking it, hard, and deep, from behind, to teach it a lesson about fucking my brother like that. Can you do that for me, Wayne."

"Oh, yes," I said, swallowing to moisten my throat, "I can do that for you."

I was eager to start, but she went on with, "There’s just one other thing, Wayne."

"What’s that?" I asked, interested and eager.

"Well," she started, "do you remember when Dad used to punish us when we were little?"

I had no idea where this was going, but I thought back to the few times our dad had spanked us, and I said, "I’m afraid you’ll have to help me out there, Lou."

"Do you remember," she started, "before he did it, he used to always tell us he loved us, and it was only for our own good?"

"Yes," I said. I still had no idea what she was leading up to.

"Well," she started, "I need you to start by showing my pussy how much you love it. You do love my pussy, don’t you, Wayne?"

"Oh, yes, very much," I said, looking right at the pouting entrance to her pussy, "but, how would you like me to do that?"

"Wayne, last night was your first time," she said, in that same soft, gentle, but serious tone, "so I kind of, talked you through things, but I think you’re ready to go solo now. You’re a smart guy, you’ll work it out."

I didn’t think it was possible for me to be any more excited, but then I realised what she was asking me to do, and I said, "When would you like me to start?"

"Any time you’re ready, Wayne," she said.

I had never licked a pussy before, and last night was the first time I had ever had my mouth anywhere near one. I moved my head forward, and smelt the scent of Louise’s pussy, that sweetish, tangy smell, so inviting, so incredible, so arousing for a man, and I took it in. I sniffed, and then I breathed gently, letting it waft back into my nostrils, so I could really appreciate it. I moved my mouth up to the entrance to her pussy, and I kissed it, the way a man kisses a woman’s mouth when they are about to make love, lips slightly open, tasting, enjoying, experiencing.

I drew back from the kiss, and I moved to her left buttock, taking in its shape. I kissed her gently in the centre of her buttock, feeling the soft smooth skin over the firm muscle underneath. Louise’s bottom had been moulded beautifully by nature, and then sculpted to perfection by gymnastics and sport, so it was a thing of absolute beauty.

I moved my mouth back to her pussy again, and I ran my mouth and tongue gently down her left inner lip, turning it so I could get as much of the flavour as I could. I don’t know if there is a word that has been invented to describe how exciting this was to me, and as I brushed my tongue across her clit, I felt her flinch. Then, I ran my tongue slowly back up the other pussy lip, once again turning it so I could really taste her.

I moved my mouth to the opening of her pussy again, and I kissed it a second time, gently, lovingly, tasting the rim with the tip of my tongue, as I held the kiss. Then, I gently pushed my tongue right inside, tasting this intimate part of Louise’s body, that she had entrusted to me for my loving care and attention. After a moment, I drew back, and dipped my tongue into the pool of her juice, between her pussylips, and I spread it across my tongue, tasting it again.

I placed the tip of my tongue against the skin between her vagina and anus, moistening a little spot, and then blew gently on it. "That tickles," Louise said, with a giggle in her voice. Then, I pulled my head back, and I decided to try something I had only read about in magazines.

I dipped my lips into the juice between Louise’s inner pussylips, and moved my mouth down to her clit, and I placed my lips, lubricated liberally with her own fluids, over it. I moved my mouth back and forth slightly on her little clit, and she seemed to buck and made an "Oo-ohh!" sound. I put my hands onto her back, just at the top of her buttocks, and linked my fingers, holding her in place, and I continued to work my mouth gently back and forth on her clit, with just a tiny bit of suction from my mouth, and she immediately started to moan and gyrate her pelvis in my face. She squeezed her magnificent thighs against my head, and I heard her say, "Ohhh,…,…, ughh!", then, with a strain in her voice, "Wayne! You’re gonna make me come with your mouth! Ohhhhh!!! Where did you learn that?!!"

I came up for air, and I said, "I just read it somewhere."

I heard a gasp as she relaxed, and Louise said, "You’re some kind of genius at this!"

I felt her opening my fly and undoing my trousers, then there was cool air and warm breath on my cock. "I think," she started, "it’s about time we moved on to the next stage. Are you ready for that?"

"I think I’m up for it," I answered

I felt her finger, or it may have been a thumb, gently run the length of my hard, eager tool, from the head down, and then Louise said, "Well, you’ve certainly brought the right equipment along, and believe me, you’re up for it." I felt her gently kiss the tip of my cock, which could not have been harder if it had been carved out of a titanium ingot.

Louise lifted her left leg and moved to allow me to get out from under her. Then, she reached back and unzipped her short skirt, and slipped it off, one leg at a time, tossing it on the floor. She positioned herself on all fours on the couch, and I felt weak at the knees at the sight of her beautiful bottom, and her wet pussy, open for me. She looked back over her shoulder with that mischievous smile, somehow sexier than I remembered, and said, "Just remember, teach it a lesson it’ll never forget."

I moved toward her and guided my cock into the opening of her pussy. It was incredibly wet, and I slipped in halfway, and then drew back, to see my cock coated with her juices. I began my own fucking motion, using just half of my cock, for a few slow strokes and then I gently pushed in all the way, the walls of her pussy embracing my cock lovingly. I started doing full length strokes, but not fast, hard or deep, just to get things started, even though Louise had asked me to fuck her hard and deep, and once I got the motion going, I heard her say, "Ohhhh, that's lovely, Wayne."

I could see my cock going inside her, and I was amazed how deep inside it seemed to go, and then with each out stroke, the inner wall seemed to stick to it, as though her pussy was reluctant to let me go. Now and again, I would adjust my position a little, to make the sensitive parts of my cock push harder against the walls of her pussy, and then when I felt myself getting a little too close to an orgasm that I might lose control of, I shifted slightly. I loved doing this, but I wanted to fuck Louise they way she had asked me to. She had asked to be fucked hard, but I wanted to build up to it first.

I pulled back and started a short stroke motion, just rubbing the sensitive head of my cock inside her pussy, and it felt amazing, but she started to push her pussy back, greedily trying to get my cock right in again. "You’re …, having…, fun …, aren’t you?", she said, as I picked up the pace a little with my thrusting, but still using short strokes. Every now and again, I would push my rigid cock in all the way for one or two quick strokes, and then I would go back to the short stroke fucking I was giving her. With the deep thrusts, I would hear a hiss of air as she sucked between her teeth, or a little noise in her throat, then she said, with urgency in her voice, "Oh, Wayne that feels good."

I decided now it was time to give her the hard, deep fucking she had asked for. Without any warning, I thrust hard into her, and began to fuck her pussy hard, deep and fast, holding onto her hips tightly with my hands. With each of my deep thrusts, there was a ripple through the muscles of her buttocks as she braced her thighs, so there was no lost motion between my cock and her pussy.

Her pussy was so wet, and my cock so hard, that with each out stroke, it was coming right out of her, and as I drove it back inside, it found its mark and went straight back in, relentlessly pounding her pussy, giving it no quarter.

"Is this…, the way…, you wanted it?" I said.

"Yes!" she answered.

"Am I teaching…, your pussy…, a lesson…, it won’t forget?"


"Is it ever…, going…, to do it again?"


I ramped up my thrusting as hard and deep as I possibly could, and Louise lifted her head and said, "That’s so good! That’s heaven! That’s gorgeous!!"

I kept up the hard thrusting, and she bowed her head and said, "Fuck! …, ffuck! …, Fffuckkk!!!"

Louise was a girl who didn’t swear much in ordinary conversation, but it seemed that sex brought out the gutter-mouth in her. "Is that an order?" I said, through gritted teeth.

With strain in her voice, she said, "Any…, way …, you want to take it!" Then, she said "I’m …, gonna,…, come! I can’t hold it!"

I kept up my hard thrusting, and Louise clenched her fists on the couch, and arched her back, bowing her head and saying, "Ohh, sweet Jesus, that’s good!" Then, she arched her back, and three spasms went through her body, and twice, she made a gasping noise in her throat, then with the third spasm, she made a noise that was almost a scream.

She relaxed a little, and with what I had just seen, and the sweet sensations of her pussy on my hard cock, I felt a tingling in the back of my throat, that sometimes came when I was coming close to an orgasm. It didn’t always happen, but when it did, I knew it was going to be good. I kept on my thrusting, a little slower now that Louise had come, but it felt so good I didn’t want to change anything, and that feeling of pleasure exploded in me at the base of my cock, and for the second time in my life, I came inside my sister’s exquisite pussy.

The first spurt was blown back powerfully, as I drove my cock in behind it, then the second spurt came, and then as the spasms of pleasure took away my full control of myself, I began a series of short, quick thrusts, spurting three or four more times, each spurt accompanied by a wave of pure pleasure, as Louise’s hungry pussy seemed to milk me of my seed.

After my orgasm, I relaxed a little, and with my cock still half hard, I stroked it back and forth a few times, inside Louise’s pussy. It was sensitive in a different way now that I had come, but it still felt great. Then, I withdrew, and sat back on the couch, letting out a gasping sigh. Louise’s pussy was a mess, the inner lips a swollen, purplish-pink colour, with come, the come that I had just taken such pleasure in putting there, oozing out, and pooling in the upturned hood of her clitoris, then running down to join the come that was already matted in her pubic hair. I leaned forward and kissed her left buttock, tasting the thin film of sweat, and then I sat back again.

Louise turned around to face me, and kneeled on the couch. I guess she knew it wasn’t a good idea to sit down, and she leaned forward for a kiss. I kissed her mouth, gently, lovingly, and her kiss was like a sweet, light dessert after a solid main course.

Louise looked me in the eyes, and said, "How on earth could you know how to fuck like that? Last night was your first time."

"Instinct, I guess," I answered, truthfully. It was the best answer I could give.

She kissed me again, gentle and sexual, and smiled her sweet, familiar smile, only this time, tinged with a faint sense of wonderment, and said, "Sometimes, you’ve just got to trust your instincts." She looked at me and shook her principal.

"Who knew," she said, look down, "that the C. H. Best sex activity I’d e'er own would be with my comrade."

Lodge provides no rules of etiquette to draw a offspring young lady in what to state in appreciation of a hearty screwing from her brother, merely I mentation she was just now saying that to get me tone good, not that it was necessary. She looked up at me and nodded, saying, "Wayne, you but fucked me ilk I haven’t been fucked in, I don’t know, …, always. I’m life-threatening."

I was touch jolly proud of with myself, and Louise stood up polish off the couch, and she said, "I call up you should go and have got a shower bath. I’m loss to muddle us or so dinner. I wishing to hold your long suit up, because subsequently dinner, I am loss to hold bed to you."

I got up and went to take a shower, calm down tingle wholly all over from the excite we had simply had. By the clip I came backbone out, Louise was in the kitchen, ease eroding the Saami clothes, although when she bent on to reach out into a cupboard, I byword she had order on close to plain, White cotton briefs. Plausibly a adept idea, considering the tell I had leftfield her purulent in. I had a routine of a matter for Edward D. White cotton cloth briefs, and I recollect it dated back to when we were kids, and even though we had only had hard, cheering sex, I even got a brief delirious when Louise bent on complete.

Dinner was scarcely whatsoever different from whatever former night, and we Sat and talked, laughed at the demonstrate on TV in the dining room, and broadly behaved the likes of whatever former brother and sis. Deuce things made it different, though. Firstly, as I helped Louise houseclean up afterwards, she dented ended to place around things in the dishwasher, and when she stood up, she stepped backward and pressed herself against me, belongings her aphrodisiacal consistency against me for a consequence without speaking, and and so went endorse to what she was doing. Then, as I reached into a high pressure closet a few proceedings later, she stepped in to brass me, so when I couch my arms down, they were or so her. She looked me in the face, skinny up, and said, with her prankish smile, "I’ve got close to afters for you, just we won’t be having it at the mesa."

She smiled and sour to retain tidying up. Afterward we finished, she said, "Go and make relaxed piece I go and birth a shower bath. I’ll be punt in a few transactions."

I Sabbatum on an armchair in the home elbow room and waited, observation the TV, and intuitive feeling my excitation wax. A few proceedings later, Louise stepped into the room, wearying a couple of rattling aphrodisiac knock pyjamas. They were tolerant of like in title to the naughty twin she was eating away the first off clock time we made love, but baseball swing in a a great deal More aphrodisiacal way, with more entwine. "I bought these in my dejeuner time of day today. What do you cogitate?"

"They appear outstanding on you," I said, just I was thought You feel similar a walk potty stargaze in those things and I wish to quid them polish off with my teeth, and research every edge of you with my clapper. I probably should feature aforesaid it, considering what we had already done together, merely she came concluded and set down, necking me, long, docile and sexy, on the sass. She smelt as in force as she looked, a miscellanea of soap, meek fragrance and her ain smell. I inhaled her breath as she held her sassing near to mine, and I upright wanted her physical structure in the pip possible style.

"Let’s go cut down to my room," she said, softly, "I want to throw have it off. I cerebrate you do, overly." I got up, faint kneed, and we walked consume to her bedchamber. She had bought herself a dual bed when she get-go started working, and she looked at the bed, merely sour to me, and held me skinny.

"Wayne, I don’t deprivation to drive carried off with all this, only I lack to appearance you the departure 'tween roll in the hay and qualification get laid." I had no result for that, so she continued.

"This afternoon, I asked you to jazz me hard, because sometimes a girlfriend hardly wants to be fucked toilsome. I made it into a flake of fun, because that’s me, it’s the mode you and I hold e'er been," Louise said, "but tonight, I’d the like you to Lashkar-e-Tayyiba me do entirely the work, and we’ll both stimulate entirely the joy." I could finger her affectionate breathing place on my cheek as she spoke, and I said, "What would you equal me to do?"

She affected to the bed, and put on it in those aphrodisiac pyjamas, and said, "Unwrap me the like I’m a pose. Corresponding I’m a represent for you."

I stepped to the bed, and looked pop at her, get-go her face, then her adorable trunk. I take to admit, my eyes stopped-up at her hip. "Where do I set forth?", I asked.

"Anywhere you like," she smiled.

I knelt down beside the bed, and I kissed her mouth, slowly, lovingly, gently, sexually. I Drew vertebral column from the osculate and I looked toss off her body, stretched extinct on the bed, and I touched pour down to her pj's bloomers. I gently placed my justly turn over in the cincture and lifted it, and looked at her font. Devising heart contact, she upraised her bottom without speaking, and Lashkar-e-Taiba me pull out them down, and so I slid them along her long, beautiful legs and took them hit her whole. I looked at her pussy, and I byword it had regained its calmness after the voiceless turn on it had experient in the afternoon. It was directly rap and jolly again, the internal lips merely slenderly parted. I was so delirious by her torso and her mere cunt. I stirred my head up forth and kissed her gently, right on in the midriff of the trigon of her bone hair, and I inhaled as I held my grimace against the sonant pilus. Her odorize there was standardized to the odor of her pussy, only lighter, and its essence was to ca-ca my intact torso look to bombination with intimate agitation. I kissed her again, just at the apex of the triangle, property the buss and inhaling gently.

I pulled spinal column from the kiss, and I looked at Louise’s face, and she seemed genuinely implicated hither. "Don’t you need to visualize me naked?", she asked.

"I do," I answered, "but I don’t need to exposed completely my presents at one time." She smiled her so-sweet grin once more.

I situated my mighty deal below her left hand genu and mildly lifted, and she allow me move it slightly, curtain raising her legs plenty for me to kiss her gently on her pussy. I didn’t try on to clobber her, as very much as I had establish I loved to do this, simply I just now kissed her beautiful, secret set off erstwhile more, mildly and fondly. The odourise of her pertly washed kitty-cat was incredible.

Then, it occurred to me that twice now, I had made have it off to my sister, only I had ne'er seen her breasts. I had been so worked up by beingness capable to explore and go through her pin-up body, that I had unmarked them, evening though I had admired them so many multiplication in the yore.

I distinct to reclaim that, and I touched along the bed, and undid the deuce buttons on her jammies top, and placed my redress manus up underneath the silken material, gently touching her odd boob. I and then kissed her leftfield bosom through her pajama top, looked at her eyes, and and then softly upraised her crown. She sat up on the bed, with my hand relieve holding her pj's top, and I lifted it complete her shoulders. I arrange it on the bang and she pose rearwards downwardly. For the maiden time, I adage her fully naked, and I had to swallow up ahead I could talk. I was, honestly, dazzled by the pot of her dead body same that. "Louise, I simply don’t know where to start," I said.

"You’re doing selfsame wellspring so far, Wayne. You haven’t redact a fundament wrong, merely if you’re request for a hint, I kind of similar having my boobs played with," she smiled. I had only set my pass on her leftover bosom nether her jammies top, just faced with the wad of them, I could just concern her there, I was so unrestrained. I had chequered them extinct so many times in the past, below her clothes, merely today that I at long last adage them in wholly their glory, I get to allow in I was a brief overwhelmed, which was funny considering what we had already through with collectively. As I hesitated, Louise leaned forward, and with a mock-serious face, said, softly, "They’re non booby-trapped," and then realising what she said, she giggled, shook her headspring and said, "I hateful – they won’t sting."

With her fair skin, Louise’s breasts were creamy and pink-nippled. I lay my script on her left white meat and ran the flip terminated her pap. Then, stock-still kissing her left-hand breast, I leaned Down and set up my sassing ended her in good order teat. It seemed to indurate a lilliputian in my mouth, and I sucked gently, spell Louise set her compensate bridge player gently tail my head, and held me care that, eupnoeic profoundly nether me. Her spokesperson had a hesitation in it as she said, "More of that inherent aptitude thing, John Wayne?"

I released her tit from my mouth, quieten necking her remaining breast, and I looked at her and said, "I’ve got a confession to arrive at." She looked me in the eye, eyebrows slimly raised, and I said, "I have intercourse you let me cream you and buss you pop there, and it was sexual and everything, only when I saw your boobs for the showtime time, I got butterflies."

She calm down had her paw on the rearwards of my head, and she lightly rubbed it, and said, "That’s so angelical."

Then, she place her give lower low-spirited on my back, and said, "Now, oral presentation of things that are sweet, I beloved it when a rib plays with my tits, and I could Army of the Righteous you do that completely night, simply I intend it’s clock time for you to get down up on this sack out and lease me shit fuck to you, Wayne, because if I don’t do it decent now, I’m going to burst forth."

I tried to feel pensive, which was difficult in the circumstances, and said, "Hmmm, mussy. Strong to explain, likewise."

Louise touched concluded to defecate room, and I got on the bed future to her. She furled complete and straddled my legs, and started unfastening my trousers without any preamble. She took them off, along with my underpants, and thither was no doubtfulness I was prepare to keep going. She set pour down and kissed me on the channelise of my cock, and said, "I could bear witness you about things I bathroom do with this, simply decently now, I precisely want it interior me."

She affected up and mounted me, and I could flavour she was very wet, as her twat sank dispirited on me. It felt up so good, I had to live with again ahead I could utter. "That went in jolly easily," I said, and she smiled, leaned push down to kiss me, and and then replied, "Now, I lack you to good Trygve Halvden Lie in that respect and let me do the operate. Don’t take for back, upright net ball yourself come in. This is close to you."

"You privation to come up too, don’t you?" I said, a lilliputian puzzled.

She kissed me again as she touched her hip backwards and away and said, "You and I can’t be in love because of who we are, we both recognise that, Wayne, merely this is an move of screw. I mean we privy take into account ourselves that. "

I nodded.

"Just let me use my body to give you pleasure, Wayne." Her breathing was a little faster.

"If you feel yourself starting to come, don’t hold onto it, just let it happen. Just ride it. I know you like to hold on, and girls love that in a guy, but this time I just want you to let yourself go," she said, becoming a little more breathless herself.

It was hard to keep myself from moving my own pelvis, but I did as she said, and tried not to fuck her back. I felt myself coming, and I rode, it just like she said. I’m not a person who normally moans during orgasm, but this time, I cried out. I couldn’t help it, and my orgasm was different from any I had experienced. It was not as intense, and it came from a different place. I realised why people talk about loving with their heart, because it seemed to well up in the centre of my body, and not below the waist, and it just brought a moan from me that I could not hold inside.

After I had come, Louise slowed down her thrusting and then stopped. "Don’t move," she said softly. She licked her lips to moisten them, and kissed me, then said, speaking softly, "Now that everything’s, kind of relaxed down there, if I get into the right position," and she shuffled a little bit to do that, "I can put just the right amount of pressure on my clit, and finish myself off."

"Anything I can do to help?" I asked, still a little breathless myself.

"Just hold me. Hold me around my back to help keep me in place. Isn’t that beautiful?" she said in a breathy whisper, "That all you’ve got to do to help me come is just hold me tight?" She kissed me again, quicker this time, and said, " A lot of guys won’t do what you’re doing now. When it’s over it’s over, with them."

She was rocking back and forth, gently and with only short movements, and I was only half hard, but still inside her. She leant down and kissed me again, and with her breathing becoming faster, she turned her head slightly, and her lower lip began to quiver. Her face looked as though she was about to cry, and she said, simply, and with a longing in her voice, "Oh, Wayne, that’s precious. I wish I could explain what it feels like, but I can’t."

A shudder seemed to go through her, and she took two or three quick, sharp breaths, with that sublime look that could have been either pleasure or pain on her face, and it was over. No swearing, no crying out, no screaming, just the love between two people, channelled through my sister’s beautiful body.

"I love you Wayne," she said softly, "I’m allowed to say that, because you’re my brother. I can’t be in love with you, but I can love you, Wayne, and I do."

I held her to me, still inside her, and I placed my right hand down on her bottom. What man wouldn’t have wanted to hold that body against himself? What we were doing may have been wrong on many levels, but from my point of view at that moment, I was holding a beautiful woman in my arms, glowing with the aftertaste of sweet, sweet sexual union.

We lay there for an hour, and both dropped off to sleep for a short time. When we awoke, we spoke quietly, even though we were alone in the house, and there was no-one to hear but ourselves.

"I don’t have to go to work tomorrow," Louise said, "They owe me a day off and I asked for it tomorrow."

"Got any plans?" I asked.

"I thought I might take you exploring," she answered.

"Where are going?" I asked, turning to look at her.

"Nowhere," she replied, "We can explore each other’s body, right here. You won’t need a compass. Just trust your instincts."

Soon sleep overtook us again, and we lay in the dark, two people who loved each other, but could never be in love.