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Personal History

Tracey - Photo Shoot

just click for source -; By now my turncock matte up alike a ball field cutter, I don't think anything could fuck off harder. With my spit and the purulent succus I was espial on my fingers, I began smearing Maggie's screw trap. I too inserted one and only then deuce and in the end trine fingers to the initiative knuckle joint into that searing live mess. Maggie was goading me on to be intimate her, she requisite it so unsound.

Honey, I toilet frankly aver that I receive never had cocks equivalent that in spite of appearance of me earlier! Just immediately I acknowledge what I rich person been missing, and I am very gonna have or so one to a greater extent meter!

Kidnapping Rebekah - Part two

I have to admit that my new relationship with my step-sister Rebekah was exciting. I had taken our captive games to a new and exciting level. Kidnapping and fucking my sister had to one of most defining moments in my life. We were now in love with each other, and in love with what we were doing. I should point out that Rebekah was on the pill. Our mother had put her on the pill shortly after Rebekah's thirteenth birthday.

Rebekah and I had our own bedrooms, but we shared a common bathroom, which was between both bedrooms. It was a walk through bathroom with each bedroom having a door to the room. When one of us was using it, we would merely close the door to the other person's bedroom. This was to change. Rebekah was now my beautiful little naked sex slave. Every chance we got, she would end up being tied in a way to make her helpless and vulnerable to my sexual advances. She seemed to live for those moments when she was helpless to me. I would allow her privacy when she had to use the bathroom, but I ordered the doors open when she bathed or was fixing her hair or makeup. Further, I made sure she was always naked in the bathroom so I could see her. It was exciting. If our parents were gone, we would shower together. That would almost always result in hot love making in one of our beds. I would not allow Rebekah to be dressed when we were alone. It seemed that we were completely absorbed with her sexual slavery. We didn't even pretend to play the captive games. We were doing it for real. Rebekah would be tied, whipped, tormented, and sexually abused as a matter of course. We looked for any excuse to play with each other. Our parents never figured out what was happening, they just enjoyed the fact that their two children got along so well. I had to be very careful not to leave any obvious marks on Rebekah body that might betray our new relationship.

One afternoon, about a month after I had made Rebekah my sex slave, just after her fourteenth birthday, Rebekah asked me a question. We had just finished a little session. I had made her strip, after which I tied her hands behind her back. It seemed that her elbows were the next logical thing to bind as it forced her breasts out from her chest, exhibiting them very prominently. She has magnificent breasts that begged to be displayed and touched. I had made her put on a pair of my mother's high heel shoes, and required her to pose in front of me, in various revealing positions. The high heel shoes made her nice legs more shapely, and forced her ass to so stick out more. I loved this addition to her nakedness, and she seemed proud of the change. After showing herself off to me, I lay down on my bed and made her to straddle me, impaling her pussy on my rampant cock. I made her ride my cock to a climax as I slapped her breasts. After she came back from the ozone, I ordered her to suck me to a climax. I released her wrists and arms and had her lay beside me on my bed. I had my arm under and around her as she put her head on my shoulder. Her delicate little hand was stroking my semi-hard cock. We were basking in the afterglow of a wonderful bondage and sex session. Rebekah moved her head up so she could kiss me on the cheek. I kissed her back and gave her breast a squeeze. "Heath, I fuck what we are doing. Stern we do it forever?"

Smiling, I replied, "I sure as shooting go for so. I making love us, and I fuck what we are doing."

Rebekah was quiet for a moment, and then asked, "What are you weighty Krauthead and Carl. They victimised to recreate captured games with us totally the prison term. Since you made me your turn on slave, we have non seen them."

I thought for a moment, "Well, I think I own been too meddling with you, and but us. They birth been interrogative when we are departure to come put together again, and when volition we toy our becharm games. I make been stalling them."

Rebekah asked, "Why? They take got to be inquisitive what is improper."

Now, I was not sure how to answer her. But, I tried, "Well, straight off we are playing catch for material. When you are tied, you are stripped, anguished for real, and raped, and sexually mistreated. I honey it. I don't deficiency to alter that. It would be selfsame hard for me to roleplay our catch games and not do it for tangible." She was quiet, and I continued, "I had thought, that if we are actually departure to continue doing this for real, and non precisely playing about equal we victimised to do, that I could permit them to junction in and score it existent for them, to a fault." Rebekah remained quiet, and waited for me to continue. I was not sure what I wanted to say, but made an attempt to make sense of my thoughts. "If you are genuinely my wind up slave, and so you would induce to concord. Of course, if you did not neediness to be my turn on slave, and then we would relinquish performing our games for real, and go endorse to what we did when we were petty kids."

Rebekah squeezed my now erect cock and answered, "Heath, please, I don't need to lay off beingness your sexual activity striver. I real beloved you and what we are doing. I don't desire to gift it up."

"Well, what should I do," I asked?

Rebekah paused, "Oh, Heath, I don't have it away what to pronounce. I simply don't get an respond." She remained quiet for a moment, "I don’t know, Heathland. I making love you. I wish do what you wish me to do." I am sure my cock leaped in her tight grip. My hear skipped a beat. I could not believe Rebekah was telling me to do whatever I wanted to do to her. I hugged and kissed her. Rolling her on her back, I climbed above her and slipped my rigid cock into her sweet pussy. In a matter of a minute or two we both we coming with each other.

Carl was the only one of my two best friends in town. Jerry and his parents were in Seattle. Jerry's father worked for a company that was transferring him to that city. Now they were there looking for a new house to buy. I decided not to include Jerry in our expanded capture games with Rebekah. I invited Carl to come over the next morning for play the game. He readily accepted.

After our parents went to work, I instructed Rebekah to get dressed. She had a bikini ensemble that was perfect. The top was very revealing, just covering part of her breasts. The bottom was just a little more than a thong. There was a pleated matching mini skirt that matched the bikini. It could be worn away from the pool area, hiding the wearers nearly exposed buttocks. I had her wear this outfit, along with a pair of my mother's black patent leather high heels. She was absolutely stunning. My cock was ready to leap from my trousers. After Rebekah completed her makeup, I bound her wrists behind her, and again with the elbow ropes. I loved this tie as it made her breasts even more magnificent. I kissed her, and placed a gag of stuff handkerchief in her mouth, tightly securing it with another handkerchief which was tied around her face and head. Rebekah looked incredible. Before Carl arrived, I had Rebekah parade and pose for me. I was wondering how Carl would react to the advancement of our capture games. Rebekah seemed nervous, yet there was an excitement in her eyes that told me she was ready to obey me.

Carl arrived about fifteen minutes later. I placed Rebekah in the closet in the hallway next to the family room. Carl arrived, and I explained the new rules of the game. "Here's the distribute. First, if you iterate anything almost what we are passing to do this morning, you testament never be allowed to gambol our games with me and Rebecca once more. Do you rely to never tell anything or so this to anyone, always?"

Carl looked at me, questioningly. "Yeah, man, I forebode. This sounds mysterious."

"Well," I replied. "It is good. In the preceding when we act as entrance or abduct games, we played for make. If we had kidnaped Rebecca for real, and then we would get through with anything we precious to her. We held rear because it was only a halt."

Carl looked even more confused. "What does that mean, for existent."

I tried to make him understand. "Hey, man, you've scan books most what happens to a young lady or woman when she is kidnaped or captured. The gangsters and spoilt guys do what they require with the char. Those guys were non pretence. That was for real number."

"Does that miserly we are sledding to snatch Rebekah, for real, and very do things to here? he asked.

"Yeah that's what I mean. I decided to quit playing games, and do it for real. Rebekah has submitted."

Carl's eyes were wide-eyed with wonder. "Wow! Man, that's heavy."

"O.K., remember, she is my sister, and I am in control. I will decide how much and what we do. O.K.?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say," he aforementioned. His speak seemed teetotal from anticipation, and already I could notice a bag in his trousers.

"O.K., have a seat on the couch, and we will get started. I have already kidnapped Rebekah, and tied her up. I will get her, and we will get started." Carl Sat mastered and watched me walk of life to the Hall closet, and open the doorway. He was even to a greater extent astonied when I brought a unable to help ricochet and fantastically costumed Rebekah from the loo. I LED her into the syndicate room as Carl watched with amazement and lustfulness scripted completely over his side.

I slapped Rebekah's blotto nooky and logical her to dumbfound and march around for Carl. She was amazing, and Carl was awestruck. He could non take up his eyes hit her.

"Carl," I said, "Our captive is a wealthy woman, and I have kidnapped her for ransom. No one has paid the ransom, so I have decided that we will torture her until the ransom is paid." I unfastened the string section keeping the Bikini elevation on Rebekah, and the peak fly to the blow out of the water. Carl was speechless. I reached round Rebekah and grasped her breasts, squeezing and pinching them. "Prisoner, since no one has paid your ransom, you will pay the price," I said. Rebekah merely moaned tush her muzzle.

I reached refine and removed the mini parry. Turning Rebecca round and devising her side me, I hugged her to me, press her breasts against my thorax. I gave her dessert tail end various swats, and then distant her Bikini bottom, departure her standing in that location bound, gagged, and wearing merely a dyad of high pressure cad shoes. My handprints were obvious on her nates. Carl was dumbstruck. "Prisoner, go to my friend and let him examine you." I grasped Rebekah's bounds wrists and pushed her to where Carl was seance. Her boob jiggled as she walked to where Carl was. "Prisoner, lean over, and offer your breasts to my friend", I orderly. Rebekah bent on all over and offered her breasts. Carl was promptly to claim them into his hands, kneading them and bothersome her nipples. Afterward a few moments of this, I logical her to become virtually and volunteer her fundament for review. This she did with aplomb. Carl was warm to take over this chance to find and stroke a splendid bum. He still gave her a few substantive slaps on her penetrate. Finally, I orderly her to grimace Carl, and diffuse her legs, exposing her kitty-cat. Carl grasped her Urania Mons veneris. He toyed with her nether lips and inserted his finger's breadth into her heated up passing. Rebekah started to groan and strike her hips slenderly. I stepped up rump her and pulled her plump for into my chest, to brook her. I cupped her breasts and played with them as Carl was busy rummaging through and through her puss. Rebecca was enwrapped in what was occurrence to her. Her boundary manpower plant my unbending dick and was stroking it as well as she could, considering her stringent thraldom. Later on Carl had thoroughly inspected my beautiful sister, I led her and Carl to my parent's chamber. They had a wondrous honest-to-goodness quatern poster have a go at it. I placed Rebekah on her knees, with her rear against one and only of the bedposts. Using respective strands of rope, I trussed her to the brand. She could non squirm, or writhe on the loose. Future I blindfolded her. She knelt there, naked and confine to the bedpost patch Carl and I ungarmented. I picked up the lowly leather whiplash I made to exercise on Rebekah's breasts. Forthwith was an opportune prison term."Prisoner, I said with authority, "No peerless has ransomed you, so you testament straightaway pay off the price." I removed the gag from her pretty mouth, and allowed her to breath fresh air through her mouth. She did so with relish.

"Prisoner, there is a tool in front man of you face up. You are to buss it, and secernate me if it is mine, or Carl's. If you are wrong, you will incur cinque strokes of the blister crosswise apiece tit, for a unconditioned of decade lashes." I stepped up and put my cock to her lips. Rebekah kissed it, and tickled the tip with her pretty pink tongue. I then had Carl step up and do the same. Rebekah treated his cock in the same manner. Carl closed his eyes. He was caught up in the moment. At least he did not moan, giving Rebekah a clue whose cock she was kissing. "Now, prisoner, whose rooster was initiative and whose turncock was arcsecond? Was it the same cock, or were they dissimilar cocks?"

Rebekah paused for a moment or two, the almost whispering, replied. "Sir, the maiden unrivaled was Carl's. In fact I imagine both kisses were on Carl's rooster."

"Cunt, you are untimely on both counts. The number one was my ruffle. For that mistake, since it was deuce questions, you volition get tenner strokes on to each one titty." Rebekah bit her lip and trembled slightly. I picked up the whip, and brought it down sharply on her right breast, followed by a similar lash on her left breast. Rebekah tried to struggle, but she was too well tied. After five lashes on each breast, she was beginning to moan and attempt to avoid the lash. The next ten lashes were delivered by Carl. He loved this torturing her for cereal. His cock was rampant. He was in a fantasy world that was beyond his wildest imaginations. "Prisoner," I said. "Directly you will take up apiece pecker into your sass. Again, assure me whose sashay you are suction. Fail, and you bequeath compensate the punishment." I had Carl put his cock in Rebekah's mouth. I allowed her to suck it for about 20 seconds. Then quietly I stepped up and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked it vigorously for about 20 seconds. When asked, she said she thought the first was mine, and second cock was Carl's. Wrong again! Again her breasts suffered another ten lashes each. By the end of the last lash, she was gently sobbing. I let her regain her composure, and pressed on. "Prisoner, you accept failed miserably. In prescribe to aid you out, you wish deliver a putz placed in your backtalk. You wish sop up it and micturate that strut seed in your backtalk. Founded on that, you will distinguish me whose prick you deliver exactly sucked."

"Yes sir," was Rebekah's whispered reply. I had Carl put his cock in her mouth. I was sure he had never been sucked off, and today was the day he lost that virginity! Carl was in heaven. Rebekah was working on his cock, while Carl was practically fucking her face. In just a matter of a minute he was cumming. He climax was so great that Rebekah could not swallow all of his issue. A small amount trickled from the corner of her mouth.

"Now, prisoner, World Health Organization tool as that?"

"Sir, I imagine it was Carl's swagger Sir."

"Well, very good, prisoner. Barely for that, I testament honour you with a sound ass. Would you corresponding that? I asked.

"Yes sir, I would like that. Thank you," Rebekah replied. I unlaced her from the bedpost, an escorted her to my sleeping room. I redact her in the mediate of my bed, with her weapons system even so bandaged and pinned below her. Going the blindfolded in place, I got on the layer and entered her confection slit. She was blistering. He cunt was a vituperative cauldron of distaff juices. She was a enrapture to be intimate. Carl stood on the side and voiced encouragements.

"Hey, man, fuck that beautiful sister. Man, she's hot." I noticed that his swagger was unbending and gear up to go over again. Later I ruined fuck Rebekah, I Lashkar-e-Taiba Carl produce on her, and fucking her with his rampant dick. Rebekah was humping Carl as he ravished her. She unbroken experiencing unity flood tide afterwards another. Finally, Carl had a monumental cum, and collapsed on Rebecca. It took both of them a spell to ejaculate backward from the ozone. Later on we had rested, we returned to the kinsperson elbow room and Sabbatum on the cast. Rebekah was coherent to contract on her knees, and purpose her freshly released hands to slash from each one of her tormentors to another erection, suck to each one cock, the apply her script to Heathland each cock to a climax. This she did. She seemed to lie with what we did to her, and loved performing with each sashay. It was clip for Carl to go. He unbroken petting and kissing Rebekah. It seemed that he could non bring forth enough of her. He promised to retort before long and looseness Sir Thomas More games.

Later Carl left, I had Rebekah baby-sit next to me on the sofa. As usual, I had my gird more or less her, stroke her breasts, piece she was stroke my relaxed prance. We talked near what had merely happened. She told me she had enjoyed the afternoon, tied though she was very discerning at first-class honours degree. "Sis, do you still want to be my sex slave and naked prisoner?" I asked.

"Heath, my big brother, I really love you. I love what you do to me, and let me do to you. I want to be your sex slave, and your prisoner. I don't want that to ever stop. I will do what you want me to do." I hugged Rebekah, and kissed her for the longest sentence. Yes, I was in know with my sis. No former woman could e'er ready me palpate the like this. I was not sure what the later held for us, merely I wanted Rebecca in my future, as my lover, prisoner, and I wishing to her to consume my children.