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Personal History

Don't twit your dad

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Candance was a cod only titillated the incorrectly individual.

Low gear I bequeath inaugurate my family unit. Sarah (mom) 34 and 105 pounds. 36c tits and blonde hair, sorry eyes 5' 4" and clean shaven pussy. Tom (dad) 36 and 165 pounds. Blond hair, blue eyes, Great muscles, 8" blockheaded rooster clean and jerk shaven. Tommy (brother) 17 and 143 pounds. 5' 6" blond hair, blue eyes and 6" svelte tittup clear shaven. Tommy likewise can't live on as farsighted as pappa. And then at that place is 14 class sometime Candance (yep me) I am 4' 10" 90 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. My tits are a small 32 B cup and I shave my pussy also.

This story started about 2 years ago just a week before my birthday. I had caught Tommy and his girlfriend screwing and had got excited watching them without them knowing it. Of course I knew about sex but realy didn't know why I got wet from watching them. I also knew dad had movies he thought he had hid in the back of his closet. I started sneaking them out of his closet and watching them on my game system in my room while turning the music up so only I could hear the on screen action. This was fairly easy since mom worked the grave yard shift and dad never complained about the music unless it woke him since he had to get up at 5 am for work.

I started to play with my tits and pussy as I watched dad's movies. I was watching one called "The seductress" and it fasinated me. The woman would parade around the room giving the guy of the moment sneak peeks at her pussy by bending slightly over to pick something up from a table or off the floor. Of course after a couple times of doing this the guy would pull his cock out and she would strip and then he would fuck her. I wondered what Tommy would do if I did that to him. I planned to do it that Saturday morning when mom and dad would leave us home alone for the day. Every Saturday they would tell us that was their only day together and off they would go to God only knew where.

They were always up and gone before Tommy or myself ever got up. So I selected a short skirt and low cut shirt no bra or panties and started my plan to see what my brother would do or say when he got a look at my tits and pussy. I was hoping he would be embarassed and take off to his room or elsewhere. Dad being there never entered my mind so when I heard a noise in the kitchen I thought it was Tommy. I walked into the kitchen and announced have you seen my pen? I had it in here last night. This was said As I bent over to seem like I was looking under the table for it while facing the sink where the noise came from. "What the lie with are you doing Thomas Young ma'am?" I heard dad yell and I jerked up hitting my head on the underside of the table. I yelled and rubbed my head. I couldn't find the words to answer dad. All I could think of why the hell is he still here.

"Wherefore the Hell don't you take underware on?" Dad was staring straight at my pussy and I could see the buldge in his pj's. "Oooh Pappa I was getting robed when I accomplished I had bemused my ink playpen." The excuse even sounded lame to me but dad simply said "Good go complete binding and we sack flavour for it."

I almost ran from the room but my mind was racing even faster. Had dad gotten hard looking at my pussy or was he already hard? When I got to my room I sat on the bed and thought about it. I didn't know which it was but I knew I was wet and my pussy tingled knowing my dad had seen my pussy. I decide that I had to know if I turned him on. I pulled on a pair of thongs which did little to cover me and they still would show my all my ass if I bent over to where they would be pulled into the crack. The bra I picked was one I had out grown months before but I could still get it on. It now just covered the nipples which fit right into my plans. Before the day was over I would know if I was what turned dad on.

After dressing I picked up my pen and returned to the kitchen where dad was cooking breakfast. " Where's mom?" I asked as I slipped the pen on to one of the kitchen chairs. "Clientele trip up til Friday." dad said without turning around. "How come she didn't sound out anything just about it to us daddy?" I was trying to get him to turn around so he could see me leaning on the table. "She didn't recognise until she went to cultivate finish Night. Her stamp has the labial pipe or something and she had to accept his come in. She cry me and said to distinguish you she loves you and will ascertain you soon." Damn he never even turned a little so I had to do something else to get his attention. "Oh so she didn't read secernate Tommy anything" I said laughing to keep dad from going off. "He's at Joe's put up and disbursal the calendar week in that location. Did you blank out Your uncle Joe sent him a coach slate to drop saltation die with him and Janet?" Hell yes I had forgotten it. If I hadn't forgoten I would have had my all clothes on earlier. " Oh yea I think I did." Well no big deal besides I had already changed my target and this might make it easier to see if I turned dad on. " Fountainhead arse we expend fourth dimension collectively this weekend pappa?" My mind was racing again and I noticed my pussy tingling and getting wet again at my thoughts. "Wholly week, I'm away trough future Monday. Holiday sentence." Wow I had all week alone with my dad. I would have plenty of time to see if I realy could turn him on.

Just then he turned around to set the plate of sauage on the table. " Would you-----CANDANCE LYNN! I sentiment I say vex to the full dressed."

" Papa I am dressed, I rich person underware on." I was ready for him this time and I noticed he was getting hard again looking down the front of my shirt at my barely covered tits. "I had to tire this bandeau. Altogether my others are filthy. Mommy was departure to wash out dress tomorrow. Recollect?"

"Oh yes I do straight off. Would you similar around eggs?" He was talking to me but his eyes kept going back to the front of my shirt and he was hard also. Holy shit I was turning him on. Now I was wondering just how turned on I could make him. " Two please, grueling ok? I'll set the hold over."

I had to turn my back to dad to get the silverware out of the drawer and I dropped a fork and bent to pick it up. I couldn't see dad's face but I heard him moan. When I stood back up he had turned so he was looking away from me.

We ate breakfast and then dad asked what I would like to do today. My pussy was on fire and I wanted to go to my room and take care of it. Instead I said I would like to go to see a movie that had just came out. I did want to see it, and everyone was saying how great a movie it was.

dad agreed and after doing the dishes and calling about the show times we left for the movies. When we arrived and got our tickets I told dad what I wanted from the consession stand and headed for the bathroom intending to get some relief before the movie started. That plan was shot down quick. Beside being crowded the place smelled like piss. I used it and caught up with dad as he started in to set down. He liked to set near the back and in the middle so that's where we ended up setting. They turned the lights out and only the walkway lights were on. The movie started and after only a minute or so I slid my hand under my skirt. Dad and I were the only ones setting so far back and the popcorn was in the seat between us. Besides dad was looking at the screen and my pussy need relief. I pulled the thong aside and slid my finger into my slit and started rubbing my clit. I closed my eyes and played with my clit until I started to cum. I opened my eyes to see dad looking straight at me. I jerked my hand out and wispered I had an itch. "Very? We volition lecture nearly it when we bring forth out of here.For at once coif up and keep an eye on the moving picture." Even though he was talking in a wisper I could hear him screaming at me.

I sat there and didn't say a word or dare move. When the movie was over dad grabbed my hand and led me out like a little girl. When we reached the van I tried to say I was sorry and had even figured out how to explain things. "Muted!" Dad demanded and then added. " I'm non sore only we require to talk of the town when we catch family non directly." We went directly to the living room when we got home and I sat on the couch, waiting for the worse. It never came. Dad just looked at me and said "It's ok hon. We completely go through with that stagecoach of lifespan. Only if you are exit to mastrabate at to the lowest degree do it in common soldier in your bedroom. I'm release to secular downward for an minute or so. Awaken me in clip to furbish up supper, Okeh?" I shook my head yes and dad headed for his room. I heard his door creek as he closed it and my thoughts turned to what had happened. Dad had not only seen my pussy but had caught me playing with it. Had it turned him on and was that why he went to his bedroom? I had to know. I eased down the hall to stand beside dad's bedroom door where I could hear him. I could hear his bed squeaking from where I was but then I decided to try and peak though the door and see what he was doing. I took hold of the door knob and tried to ease it open without making any noise. I put my shoulder against it to shove it open slowly. loosing my balance I fell into dad's room causing him to jump straght up. I was laying on the floor looking at my father's hard cock sticking straight out from him. "CANDANCE.........flummox up and number here. we pauperization to lecture close to this and like a shot."

I got up and walked over to the bed but couldn't take my eyes off dad's cock. I knew at that moment that I wanted my dad to fuck me like the guy in the movies would fuck the women. "Dearest I told you everyone mastrabates in common soldier. That agency when they are unequalled." Before he could continue with what he was going to say I said "depressing!" and ran out. I went to my room and locked the door. Dad was soon knocking on my door and asking to come in. "Daddy I am so sorry, delight provide me solitary I simply can't grimace you correct now." I stayed in my room until dad yelled for me to come get something to eat. I was starving so I headed for the kitchen not realizing I had pulled my thongs and bra off because they were cutting into my skin. I sat at the table and we ate without either of us saying a word and I couldn't even look at dad. "You exit to aid do the dishes Hon?" At last dad spoke and it wasn't about what had happened today. " Yea certain pop." I felt a lot better now, but still was very confused. Every time I closed my eyes I would see dad's cock. As I started washing the dishes I dropped a fork on the floor. I bent over to pick it up not even thinking how I was dressed. "YOU Piddling BITCH! ALL YOU Make Through IS Rally ME Completely Bally Daytime! I'LL Depict YOU WHAT SLUTS Grow WHEN THEY Razz Workforce!" Dad grabbed me around the waist and before I could react he had his cock out and was shoving into my virgin body. I screamed as he broke through my hymen from the intense pain, but he never slowed his assualt on my pussy. He fucked me from behind for what seemed like hours before he yelled at me, " Hera sister read your daddy's seminal fluid." I then heard him groan as he shot his seed into me. I thought he was done but he just kept fucking me and soon I could feel my own body reacting to his cock. I was fast reaching climax and when I did I again screamed but this time from pleasure. Soon after my dad's softening cock slid out of me and he turned me around and kissed me like a lover instead of like a father. All I could do was tell dad I loved him and we kissed again and held each other for awhile enjoying eachothers bodies. After about fifteen minutes of holding and kissing eachother we started again but this time we both knew it was what we wanted. Dad slid into me from the front and we made love until his pumping my pussy caused both of us to cum at the same time. Again dad kept going making me cum twice more before he started loosing his hardon and slid out of me. We lay there letting our bodies recover from the great sex we had just had.

Just then the kitchen door flew open and Tommy stood in the doorway staring at us. Both of us grabbed for our clothes but of course it was way to late for that. "What the infernal region are you doing dwelling house?" Dad asked, to stuned to sound mad but he came across more like the little kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar. " Joe and Janet are combat so I left-hand. What the lie with are you enamored papa? Candance is your daughter and I take in you nooky same crazy animals." Tommy acted like he was pissed but his eyes were clued to my body. "Wish what you are looking at at Tommy?" I said to try and distract him and stop things before they got out of hand. It back fired on me big time. "Wherefore the have a go at it non if you are loss to shag dad and then you leave choose manage of me likewise or I yell the cops rightfulness forthwith." Dad just looked at me with pleading in his eyes. He knew if the cops were called his ass was gone. I knew this was all my doing so even though my pussy was sore as hell I shook my head yes. Tommy shut the door and pulled his clothes off then climbed on me. He slid into me with ease due to all dad's cum ozing out my pussy and him being smaller than dad. As he fucked me he said "I take in thinking about nooky you for a farsighted time." Now he was pounding my pussy and even though I hated the way it happened, My body loved the feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out of me. Tommy screamed "Oh Idol I'm cumming" and he shot his sperm deep in me. When Tommy was done he asked how the hell this all happened and where mom was. Dad explained it all to him as I lay there and drifted off to sleep right on the kitchen floor. I woke up some time later when I heard someone say in a loud voice " This bastard should never induce happened. I should give birth unbroken my shtup custody hit her." It was dad, apparently he and Tommy had moved to the living room and were talking about what happened today. I tried to get up but found I hurt all over every time I moved. So I just layed there and listened to them for several minutes more. I heard Tommy say "Papa I caught her observance me and Lynn roughly clip ago and it off me on so a great deal I came the hardest I e'er take until today with sis. As well from what you told me she treasured it to hap. Relinquish blaming yourself."

Thats when I forced myself to get up and go into the living room where my Brother and father were talking. I had to tell them I loved them and it was my fault. As I entered the room I noticed Tommy start to get hard again. Dad had his back to me but I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his neck. " I loved one you dad and you to Tommy. I am gladiolus it happened and I don't want us to fracture up because of what I did. I don't neediness to loosen either of you. We are family unit." I was babbling and I just kept saying how it was my doings and then I heard myself say something that even shocked me considering how sore I was. " I deficiency us to stay on to be lovers please?" Tommy jumped up and gave me a huge hug and kissed me like a lover. "I would do it that Candie." Dad turned in the recliner and he too gave me a kiss. "Smasher are you certain this is what you truly need?" When I said it was he grabbed me and kissed me long and deep.

Like I said at the beginning that was two years ago. Now every chance we get we make love. I have two great lovers, dad and Tommy. Mom has been promoted to assistant something or other and takes business trips about once a month. It's then that we have threesomes and I love those times.

Dad nor Tommy knows that I have missed my last two periods. I have a doctor's appointment later today to see if I am pregnant or not. As I am writing this I am trying to figure out how I will tell them that one of them is going to be the father of our child. I am so happy and yet scared mom will have to be told too that I am pregnant. Who can I say is the dad? I don't date anyone. HUMMMMMMMM. have to do some more planning.