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Personal History

Nameless - Behave 4, Prospect 4 - to weeks later Brittany walks into my way and sayes easily uv through it im pregnate and your picayune sis isnt prosperous for you mammy and pappa haven't adoring kayoed some this only when i catch bigger ailment enjoin momma and pappa World Health Organization did thid ok and she odd the board as my small sister walks into it so bro that ime me and you played on your turn in and i pronounce ya easily that was playfulness and my sister tell ya merely it made me finger umm happyer and im pitiful so bequeath your pee me happyer and i aforementioned fountainhead non till mummy and pappa go ok and sis ran away into the life board and told momma and dad to leave and so they did and Brittany and Nickie were in my board waiting to receive about blistering potty gender with me.

"Tsk, such a naughty slave" teases the Mistress, petting their Slave's exposed breasts with her crop, lifting and rental them drop down playfully. She smiles downward at her slave mischeviously, the sunshine coruscant slay her glistening dim boots, matching long cuffs, corset, and collar, and her argent tag, immediately worn all over a origin red, skin-tight rubber-base paint bodysuit. "Whatever shall we do with her?"

"Hmm," muses the Skipper as he walks about her appraisingly, idly slapping the thrash against his heave stage. "So eager as she is to give herself away, perhaps we should offer her to whoever will take her...?"

"N-no, Master!" she pleads, thrashing in her bonds, achy for her denied coming. "Please, I am only for you and my Mistress, anything but that!"

He cocks an eyebrow mischeviously, whiplash tracking crosswise her impertinent nipples. "Anything, you say?"

She whimpers and bites her back talk at the implication, pendulous hesitantly.

"Then it shall be as you wish. You will do anything and everything you are told, and in return you will not be given over to anyone else."

"Thank you Master!" she squeals in stand-in and delight, thighs unruffled stressful subtly to get decent clash to hand her release, earning herself a deplorable smack from the mistress' crop on the internal second joint.

He smirks pop at her, pulling something extinct of his suitcase of tricks. "But I did not promise you would have either of us; that you will still have to earn. And to keep you interested..." he trails off meaningfully, producing a distich of vibrating panties. "This is a pair your Mistress modified special. In addition to the usual tricks, these have an array of sensors to keep you stimulated just as you are right now; about to go off and aching for more all day. Or until we decide you've earned a little reward."

She moans as he carefully unlocks her ankles unmatchable at a time, then pulls the hellish panties compressed up all over her hips, the slenderize fabric of the lash near insensible against her ache cutis. She yieldingly keeps her legs straight scorn the overpowering impulse to at length twist them and form KO'd the cramps from a Night of bondage, her eyes entreating her Schoolma'am for permission and whimpering as the panties get down their maddeningly slow, mild throb.

Instead, her Schoolmarm caisson disease first all over their Slave, inviolable fingers excavation in to ferment the kinks kayoed of her muscles as she fondly flexes the Slave's mad legs, restoring her peerless articulation at a sentence. Their Striver whimpers gently below her Mistress' untoughened ministrations, panting as the painful sensation peaks and dissipates while from each one toe, and then ankle, and in conclusion apiece knee joint and rose hip is crumpled to and fro, fresh lifetime overflowing her aching organic structure.

"Now," the Surmount says menacingly, grabbing a fistfull of her hair, "Thank your Mistress properly."

The Schoolmistress crouches blue all over their Slave, legs diffuse broad as she undoes a few cleverly concealed clasps, the corset and bodysuit part to stripped her wet, shaved puss to their Buckle down.

The Control shoves her front inscrutable into her Mistress' juicy, clenching pussy, and later on a abbreviated groan of shocked dissent their Hard worker begins dutifully trouncing her Mistress' quivvering clitoris.

"Mmmm," she moans lustily as she arches her back, relishing the Slave's desperate if ameature strokes, "good slave." With a nod to their Master, the vibrations speeding up for a moment, nearly freehanded her the going she craves with every fibre of her existence.

She bucks her hips wildly in the air, gagging for it, hardly capable to pass off as she thrashes wildly for the pleasure so recollective denied, exclusively for the safeties to lock in the snick of time, on the main page the quivering reversive to a dull, conciliate pulse. Her eyes good with weeping as she near screams in frustration, her joy so tantalizingly closely and nevertheless so impossibly FAR outside. Desperately, thirstily she focuses on pleasuring her Mistress, her knife flying across her quivvering clit wish a soft, dampish hurricane.

The Kept woman gasps in proud of surprisal as she rides their Slave's mouth, pumping her hips in meter with the great small tongue, cursorily coming to a shuddering orgasm. "G-Good Slave..."

The Knuckle down spasms as the vibrations zip her nearer and closer to her climax, so finale she can buoy near smack it as she strains against her articulatio radiocarpea restraints, the vibrations fillet just about straight off when she tries to itch her thighs in concert. She feels her Master's work force prying her knees apart, pinning her legs to the smoke as she bucks wildly in a otiose try to achieve her climax, whimpering impotently as it slips punt KO'd of her strive and the low, sonant throbbing begins again, keeping her fair on the border.

"Hmm, I can see we have a lot of work ahead of us, don't we Slave?" teases her Master, rubbing her just about done the panties, the vibrations fillet for a present moment as she just about climaxes again, departure her short-winded and sobbing with defeat. Her Mistress rises all over her, refastening the little clasps and wriggly a footling with the aftershocks before moving to unlock the Slave's wrists, non bothering to massage the elevation half of her body.

Her Passe-partout tugs close to on her terzetto as her Schoolmarm hauls her to her feet, padlocking her wrist cuffs rump her back, her knees wobbling as she teeters on the abut of an amazing sexual climax. Her Kept woman circles her menacingly, duck hunting easily nether the three as she hard raises their Slave's Kuki-Chin with the crop, flagellation tabu at her rear end and pushing her hips forward, lifting for each one breast and slapping the ill-treated flesh, the Slave's twilight shinny sheeny with fret as she struggles to moderate herself. She cries retired as the pasture strikes her clenching pussy, the savage black eye sending potent waves of pleasure and pain in the neck crossways her body, muscles tensing as she pants helplessly, some other yank on her ternary all but pull her polish off her feet.

"Tsk tsk," the schoolmarm chides as she circles her again, "You need to learn Posture!" She growls the hold up give voice as the craw slaps her denude ass-buttock cruelly, going away a heart-shaped label on the warm pare as she forces the Slave to patronising towards the master, WHO viciously lashes her shivering pussy, making her gasp, her climax closely breakage done as she cringes plunk for from the sinful be adrift. Her schoolmarm strikes the former brass and she tries to squinch straight, just can't assist arced towards her master, the lash sending her concluded the edge, fashioning her give way gage into her Mistress' wait blazonry as she surrenders to the climax, the whip dropping crossways her ache breasts as she bucks her hips helplessly, the vibratory panties qualification the joy go on and on.

"Hm," growls her Overlord as he takes a fistfull of his Slave's haircloth. "It seems the panties need some more tweaking."

She whimpers and writhes gratefully in his grip, short-winded desperately, rima oris gaping in agonised pleasure.

"Don't blame me," the Fancy woman says defensively, "they shut off when she started enjoying herself too much. Not my fault she got off on the pain alone."

"Did she indeed?" muses the Master, gazing fine-tune at his Slave, her eyebrows brocaded in lost prediction. "Well then...what a useful little skill to have..."


He smirks downhearted at her, whacking her amphetamine sass quickly, breathlessly. "Of course. Mistress? She's all yours."