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Personal History

Megans night - Jes got up and turned round to face me again, she straddled my thighs. One hand went around my dick, caressign it up and down, the other went to her open pussy. She fingered her clit while staring dowm intently at my cock. Then she manoevered herself so that her finger stayed in her pussy massaging it rhythmically while she closed her mouth down over my dick again, using the hand clamped at the base of my cock to prop herself on. She sucked up and down my length and started moaning. I could feel the vibrations through her tongue and lips. She took her mouth off me for a moment to look up at me, gasping as she rubbed herself. Then she gave me a half-smile-snarl, deliberately baring her large gleaming teeth. She grinned as she ran her tongue slowly over her teeth, then opened her mouth deliberately wide as she slowly went down on me again. This time i could feel her sucking slowly up and down my length again but also the deliberate raking of her teeth as she gently bit my cock while going up and down. The moaning intensified and the teeth gripped harder bit by bit. Then she looked up at me and took the head of my cock between her teeth while her hand rubbed it up and down quickly, gripping tightly. She bit the head several times quickly, using first her incisors and then her eye teeth. I gasped each time but still i was rock hard. Then she rose herself up, straddled me and sank her large bald pussy down, taking my dick right into her. She screamed with pleasure quickly as i went in and my hips rose to meet hers. She slid up and down my length, deliberately. Her face came closer to mine until i could only look up at her open mouth. Her lower lips touched the end of my nose. I could only look up at the big teeth as Jes told me that she ws going to drink my blood. Jes then pushed her face forward, leaning her open mouth hard against my cheek, the big pussy still rising up and down, i could feel myself coming closer and closer. The teeth scratched down my cheek and down onto my neck. She took the upper part of my shoulder onto her soft wet mouth. Then she clamped her hands either side of where her mouth was, locking me in. Then she bit down. I felt those long pointed canines pressing hard into my shoulder. Jes raced up and down me moaning as she bit down harder. She screamed through clenched jaws as she came closer to orgasm herself. The pain was at the point where i would normally have tried to prise her off, but now my hands were trapped so i was helpless. I felt the first of her orgasms rock through her and she responded by screaming through her closed mouth and biting even harder. Her hips raised once too violently and my dick came out of her. Still she didn't let go but one of her hands went back to her pussy, she screamed again and bit even harder, the pain from her bite was white hot. All of a sudden her mouth released, as she came above my eyeline i saw that there was blood right down her chin. She paused briefly and looked down at me, 'you still didn't come' she murmured as she dove her head down onto my cock. I felt those big teeth come together again on my shaft, she raked painfully up and down me. Then she bit the head hard, i came finally to orgasm as she ran her hand up and down my shaft quickly, pulling the head with her teeth. The pleasure was delayed by perhaps 20 seconds though as i could not come properly until she released her teeth and sucked me in hard. ..'see i told you i was going to drink from you' she laughed up at me through bloody lips.

The calendar week passed easy...simply not without incidental! When I got internal Tuesday subsequently work, I establish Mindy standing in the kitchen with a tone in her turn over. That was her exclusively adornment, she was entirely defenseless!

"Mom's gone to a meeting," she grinned, rubbing her deep incision

with a fingertip, "and she took Polly and Suzy with her. She says we are to take care of ourselves for supper. I thought maybe you could eat my pussy and I could try to get my supper by sucking you."

Gratuitous to say, I disoriented my wearing apparel in an flash and we all over up on the carpeted hideaway knock down in a classic "69" with Mindy on exceed. I

sucked and fingered her to mayhap a twelve barbarian climaxes...and straight to her word, she brought me murder. Eagerly sucking and trouncing she took it all, not losing a strike down as I came into her prehensile sassing.

That wasn't plenty for her...or me...and she posed tipped

against the rearwards of the cast with her feet spread, presenting me her hairless twat and quivering tauten buttocks cheeks. The remaining seminal fluid trickling from the end of my putz plus her have wetness made it tardily to transfix her with unitary foresightful thrusting. Engrossing her constrict hips tightly, I rode her to some other angry flood tide for the two of us.

Laughing and cuddling, we went hit to a mutual lavish once more and and so dressed-up for a spark off to a burger target to birth supper. Mindy wore a dead evade and on the manner home, she skinned her panties off and spread out her legs to earmark me accession to her pussy. She reclined the seat, open her legs and I finger's breadth fucked her to a couple of orgasms during the tease.

Carrying her panties in her paw as we walked dorsum to the house, she dead grabbed me in a superintendent tender squeeze and surprised me by fondling me broad on the lips.

"Saturday's going to be so much fun," she laughed, writhing gone to direct for her board and her prep. My shaft was concentrated as a careen as I watched her scamper up the stairs...her nude fundament cheeks and that mulct plastered cunt seeable below the hem of the border.

Was I passing to final cashbox Saturday, I wondered?

We had a find to be intimate once more on Thursday, simply and then in that respect was no former chance public treasury the weekend. Sat dawned with bright, realize skies and tender...a stark daylight for a party in the nude, I idea. I pictured what the day might bring as I peter to the full rear at the memories of my girl or Cindy nude and stuck on the closing of my diaphysis.

The break of the day passed painfully slowly, only the snap off came at

lunch period.

"I have to be gone again tonight," Process told me as she folded

laundry, "Sandy Pelham called up yesterday and insists that I have to represent her at an emergency PTA meeting tonight. It promises to be a long one. Polly and Suzy are staying with mother for the night. You and Mindy will just have to take care of your own supper again."

"Don't worry about us at all," I assured her, "maybe we'll go out for supper and take in a movie or something."

"Sounds good, honey," she said, hugging up to me and kissing me playfully. "I'm sorry to have been neglecting you so much lately... leaving you two on your own so much. Maybe tomorrow I can offer you a little token of my appreciation for your understanding," she giggled, detrition her renal pelvis against my hammer.

I wondered if I'd possess sufficiency stamina left wing to nooky her later on a

sex activity company with a clustering of oversexed girls. If the room Mindy went after a tool was whatever indication...Shangri-la assistant me!

The time seemed to be moving its work force through molasses that afternoon, only at end it was four o'clock and Litigate came in to say me she was departure. I kissed her good-adieu and she was off.

"Is she gone?" I heard a part nates me and saw Mindy standing

in the room access...bare.

"Yeah...getting ready for the party?" I asked.

"Well...sort of," she giggled, "but I thought maybe we could fuck once before we go."

"Thanks a lot, silly...but a guy only has a few shots while a

girl can fuck till she drops," I laughed, "I'm saving my shots for the party. By the way, what do you expect to happen when we get there?"

"Well, Cindy told me that there'll be anywhere from ten to

fifteen daddies and their girls there tonight," she aforesaid fingering her prepuce as she spoke, and everyone gets nude in collaboration. There'll be a liquid pool, perhaps around games, piles to corrode..and oh yeah, anybody

sack induce sexual practice with anyone else."

"And that's very OK with you," I queried, "you aren't being

constrained into something you actually would rather non do?"

"Oh, golly, daddy," she said, grinning and spreading her legs so she could slip her hand between her thighs. She withdrew her hand with her fingers gleaming. "I've been so frantic completely week that my misfortunate brief twat has been simply overflowing my panties...and now I've had to pass over myself ended and all over...and I had to shift panties deuce-ace times so Army for the Liberation of Rwanda.

"Since we first fucked I realized that I love it so much and I

want to have a chance to fuck a lot of people," she aforesaid of a sudden

serious, "and you've been so good to me, I want you to have a chance to have fun with some of my girl friends, too. There will be some very pretty girls there tonight...and some of them have been fucking for more than three years, so they're probably a lot better at it than I am."

"OK, darling, as long as you aren't going to feel that this is

sort of like child abuse," I added.

"Child abuse! Silly...I might think that you've been guilty of

child abuse because you've waited till now to start fucking me," she laughed, "Cindy's dad and brothers began with her when she was nine!

My friend Melanie's dad started her on licking and sucking when she was six...and he first fucked her when she was ten. Thanks to you, I'm a social retard!"

" win," I laughed, stepping ended to her and

embracing her supple au naturel body, "no more trying to argue you out of this. Better get ready, though, because it's a quarter to five. We don't want to be late to our first party."

She twined forth and was foregone in an crying. I went to the original sleeping room and bare off, showered, shaven and splattered on a turn of cologne water. 'Don't wear down whatever underwear' Cindy had told me, so I pulled on

a mate of lenient cotton fiber shorts all over my half erect member and slipped into an Oxford University cloth shirt. A brace of sandals completed my deck out.

Mindy was wait in the kitchen for me. She was clothed in a childlike Sunday fit out and was barefooted.

"Ready?" I asked and she nodded her agreement. "Are you wearing any..."

Anticipating my question, she flipped up the hem of her trim to trashy me a coup d'oeil of her stark paunch and dent.

"Let's go," she said, grabbing my manus and pull me toward the doorway...her eyes twinkle with avidness. I secured up the house, went to the motorcar and after flash Mindy a blanket smile, set up the automobile in cogwheel and turned we went.