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Personal History

Alexis Flavour 1 (Parts 1-5)

click through the up coming website page; She giggled. Was it the fact that I hardly named her infant? or was it the fact that she knew I precious to roll in the hay the bread and butter daylights KO'd of her? World Health Organization knows, perchance it was both. Only I knew for sure that I needful to hammering her.

I did this every meter she came to sleep over, and she sooner or later caught me in the represent. She couldn't remember of what to order likewise why I would do something so "Disgusting" equal that. I simply told her "I don't know". She told me in the end, that she really liked it, which made my philia pelt along. From that meter on she would Lashkar-e-Tayyiba me do the Saami matter to her feet that I did that ane night, every gamble we got. Not exclusively that, we ultimately got to the bespeak where we would she for each one other our "goods", I would evidence her my cock, and she would evidence me her snatch. We didn't do practically other than that, also nuzzle in get it on together and she would ofttimes tog up for me.

Now was no dissimilar. Mr. Smith was in his chamber, hugging his vauntingly cock, life the illusion of roll in the hay Clara in his read/write head. Clara, meanwhile, was downstairs, doing the washables for the day, patch the water supply stewed for dinner's soup. St. John was outside, playacting his chores, and pickings note of hand that Mr. Smith's female horse was in fire up.


My parents were divorved and I lived with my mamma WHO worked two jobs - so I was either solo a dole out or with indulge sitters a distribute. My commencement fair sex happened complete unmatched summertime I was at my Dad's household. The perch of the former ones were spell I was staying with my Mum.

One of my Mom's friends ill-used to jibe on me piece my Mummy worked evening shifts. I was non erstwhile decent to be totally only merely not vernal enough to postulate continuant oversight. Later my initiatory adult female I could believe of Zero else! From when I showtime awoke, til I went to have it away and ofttimes times, in my dreams - slit was ever on my thinker (and jolly a good deal hush up is that way). So when her protagonist would add up by (she lived about 4 blocks away) I could recall of zero simply screwing her. She was a big adult female - wax figured. She was most 5-8", 160 lbs, brown hair, and big, floppy jugs. She also had a big round ass. It finally got the best of me - it had been a little over a month since I last had sex and no amount of masturbation could make the yearning go away! She had just fixed a quick supper meal and told me it was time to eat and I just blurted out "I would preferably feed your pussy". She just looked at me in silence for a moment then I guess she overcame her shock and said "Where did you take heed such language". I told her I did not hear it, that I actually did it. She got a little embarrassed and flustered and said that I was way to young to know anything about that. She started to try to change the subject and walked over to the sink. I started speaking rapidly, my young cock rock hard and my heart beating rapidly. I was not sure what would happen now, not sure if I would get in trouble or what, but it made no difference. I was commited now and way too horny to stop! I took a deep breath and I rapidly started describing exactly what I had done. I told her how I pulled the lips wide apart, stuck my tongue in the hole and wiggled it all around, rolled my lips over my teeth and sucked the clit into my mouth, held it tight in my mouth and sucked hard while flicking my tongue over the tip of it until she told me to stop. I then told her I really like doing it and would like to do it to her. Then I just sat there, out of breath, wondering what would happen now. She stood by the sink with her back to me for a few seconds then turned around and said "OK small gentleman's gentleman - you consider you screw so a great deal - travel along me". I followed her into the living room and as she sat down on the couch she hiked her skirt up and put one leg out on the footstool and the other one up on the couch and said "demo me". I got on my knees and put my face in her crotch, pulled her panties aside and did exactly what I had described! Her panties had a slight pee/sweaty smell which just inflamed me more. She had a very hairy pussy. Her inner lips stuck out a little from her fat outer ones. Her big pussy had a warm, musky smell that really got me hot. I stuck my fingers in her pussy and much to my surprise found it very wet already. I used both of my index fingers to spread her fat lips apart and open her hole wide. I clamped my lips over the meat of her clit and sucked it all into my mouth. I used my tongue to dig under the flap of skin and attack her clit. I made the tip of my tongue as hard as I could and pressed it firmly on her nub and rolled it around like a joystick. She moaned deeply and grabbed hold of my head and pulled my face tight into her pussy as she sank back into the couch. She said "Ohh yessss, that's it baby, clout that clit". Soon she was squirming around and groaning. Her hands dug into my hair and she pulled harder. The sides of my head were beginning to ache she was pulling so hard! My little boner was straining to get out of my pants, aching to be stroked. It was rubbing against my pants as I leaned against the couch cushion. She said "Oh baby, yess, that's it, like a shot adhere your fingers in me, ........suction that clit, yess, mmmm". I jammed three fingers in and her pussy just swallowed them. She had pussy juice and spit running down the crack of her ass. I was leaning into her while on my knees beside the couch. My cock was rubbing harder against the bottom of the cushion as my body swayed in tune to my arm as my fingers flew in and out of her pussy. She gasped out "finger's breadth me faster". I started jamming my fingers in and out of her for all I was worth. Her pussy was making a squishing sound as her wet flesh devoured my fingers. My arm was pumping at a near frantic pace! I was getting very excited and humping the couch harder, precum soaked my pants. The cloth of my pants abraded the head of my cock. I kept pumping my hips but wanted to have my cock in that big, tasty pussy, I could barely wait! She was bucking and thrashing wildly and still had a grip on my head. I could not take much more - the big head or the little head! In my excitement I pulled my fingers out a little to much and my ring finger slipped down. As I jammed them back in my ring finger shot into her asshole and the other two into her pussy! She screamed loudly, arched her back, slipped her leg off the footstool and clamped it against my lower back and shuddered violently. The added pressure of her leg caused greater friction between my cock and the cushion, the little head becoming very sensitive! I felt my balls tighten up and new I was close! This combined with her scream and shaking made me cum hard! I filled my underwear with several squitrs of warm cum! I felt it leak down my leg as it soaked the front of my pants. I could not wait to get my cock in her, have her jack me off, or anything else she wanted to do! Then suddenly she told me to stop. She stood up and left! I was stunned. Too flustered to speak. I just sat there and watched her go to the door. I did not even have time to get my dick out and jack off!! As she went out the door she said she would be back around 10:00pm to check on me (my Mom worked til midnight). This was about 6 or 6:30 in the evening. Needless to say I jacked off so many times over the next few hours that my arm muscles were sore.