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Personal History

Playfulness in the Pictures Here I was of age 9 or 10 quiet in curtly trousers and in the pictures on Sat good afternoon watching the sometime cowhand B films. It was an former cinema, overnice and sorry and non very fussy.

A minuscule after the render started this center aged valet came and Sat succeeding to me. How-do-you-do he aforementioned my names Sight and he gave me a mellisonant. As he leaned across he commit his lips against my capitulum and order his hand on my articulatio genus. When I didn't push him aside he real lightly started to caress my human knee and sloping trough his handwriting really slowly up the in spite of appearance of my ramification. Order if you require me to halt he aforementioned - I didn't - it matt-up decent. His mitt was tender and easy. Later on a piece his hired hand was nether my trousers and pants and touch my prance - this was level ameliorate -. He again wispered in my pinna - you similar that don't you. He mildly matte and affected my prick all o'er - I constitute myself nerve-racking to alleviate my trousers to pass on him punter approach but he and then wispered that if I permit him relieve my trousers and drawers dispirited he could stimulate it real adept for me. I was up for this so he propagate his mack ended both our legs and then took my drawers competely off and pulled my pants tabu of the elbow room.His paw was and then everywhere affecting and feeling whole terminated my legs my shaft my balls and my skunk golf hole. He was so pacify. I then mat his lilliputian fingerbreadth round my can muddle and at the same clock his handwriting touching and acting with my pecker.I open my legs all-encompassing and pushed against him and his thumb went into my tinny a piffling fashion. This was neat and I matt-up my peter getting squiffy.

He wispered acting with your strut has made my dick severely would you the like to relate it. He took my reach under the macintosh and I discovered that he too had partially distant his trousers and drawers I - mat a warmly branch and and then a pin-up bountiful ardent turncock. I started to flavor it and as well his large balls." Please play with it gently I don't want to come yet'. He was groaning as I imitated what he was doing to my cock and he suddenly had to stop me. "Thrifty or you wish name me come".

Just after this the interval came on and he disappeared to the toilet I presumed. When he didn't return for almost half an hour I was disappointed but then suddenly there he was again next to me. "More fun " he said and again removed my shorts and pants and started gently playing me again. He wispered that on the way back he had come across a little girl about my age on her own wearing a nice short cotton dress. He sat down next to her and when he placed his hand on her knee she obviously liked it as she spread her legs a little and allowed him to slide his hand up her thighs and feel her cunt through her cotton panties. She then let him take her panties off and spread her legs even wider and let him finger her little hairless cunty and also her bum hole. At the same time she reached across and got out his large cock and started playing with it and his balls. He had to stop her as he was about to come. "Dada loves me to throw him get along entirely o'er me and suckle his cock" she said.

Ken said he had come back to me as he much preferred little boys and we were going to have a lot more fun. He suggested he gave me a lift home as it was not much out of his was and I agreed. It was getting dark and raining.

Ken had an old Caravette with a bench/bed in the back and curtains you could close all the way round. He parked up in a deserted area near a park and locked the doors and closed all the curtains so no-one could see in. He suggested we both took off our trousers and pants as it would be more fun.I noticed his large cock was quite soft and said so and he remarked just wait a moment. Sure enough as soon as he removed my shorts and pants and exposed my hairless cock he gave out a little moan and his cock grew and grew. He reached over and played with my cock and then suddenly bent over and took it in his mouth - this felt great - with his warm wet lips and he finger again playing around my balls and bum hole. He asked me to suck his cock and I managed to get at least some of it in my mouth. Ken seemed to love it - he was moaning and forcing himself forwards and then had to stop me again to avoid coming.

Ken then produced a picture book, the first pages were of little boys and girls with nice hairless cocks and cunts and then followed with the same boys and girls touching and playing with each other. It was very sexy seeing the little boys fingering the girls cunts, they were all obviously enjoying it. Further on in the book were boys and girls but now with men like Ken who were touching them and getting them to play with their big cocks. At the end of book were some pictures with the men spanking the little boys and in most cases both had nice stiff cocks. Ken said he was really turned on by the spanking pictures and asked if I would like to try it. He promised he would not hurt me so I agreed.

He put me across his lap and gave me a very gentle tap on my bum and then a little harder and then quite a sharp spank. Between each one his hand and fingers were stroking my bum and bum hole and it wasn't very long before I could feel Kens cock getting really stiff underneath me and also my cock growing. This was so sexy.

Ken suddenly said he could not wait any longer and asked me to get on my hands and knees, he came up behind me and put his huge cock against my little bum hole, I must admit I was a bit scared but I also had a nice stiff cock. Ken started moaning with pleasure and pushing against me until he cock started to enter my bum hole. I reached back and stroked his large balls and he let out a huge groan and started to come all over my bum and everywhere. I also came at the same time.

We cleaned up and Ken dropped me off after agreeing to meet again next week. He said he would bring along his friend Peter for more fun and maybe photos but thats another story............