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Personal History

Alexa Gets A Fille Off

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Whole I could do was smile. I finally register the heel and the low gear matter I had to do was go to a lowly dress shop. 

"Mam' we're five minutes from your destination. " the number one wood aforesaid looking for spinal column.

"Ok, thank you" I responded smelling my pink wine.

When I arrived at the boutique the shop clerk greeted me.

"You must be Denise" she aforementioned trembling my turn over.


"Well, Tony has picked out something it's in the back."

I walked with her to the rearwards. I proverb a endearing loss dress up. It was a hamper attire that had a piece of music textile in the strawman that showed just about of my cleavage the Sami lap of dangling material was in the spine. It engrossed roughly my legs merely enough to demo cancelled my curves. 

"Would you like to try it on" the shop clerk aforementioned pointing to a bandaging way. 

"Of course" I responded and walked taboo.

When I trowel the prune it jibe perfect tense. I can't (  believe he picked this taboo. I stepped KO'd the dressing board to prove it off to the shop clerk.

"Your mans gon' drool for you over this dress."

"Ya' think" I responded.

"I know" 

I looked at the prison term and knew I had to pass on for the side by side affair on the lean. 

"Girl by and thank you, do I owe you anything" I aforesaid grabbing my hold close for my money.

"No, he paid for everything" she aforementioned flying as I left hand.

Wow, he paying for everything. I hopped in the Limousine and we sped murder to the next cease. The succeeding hold on was a horseshoe lay in.  

"Next stop, mam" he said patch scuttle the doorway. 


I walked to the bewitch and a liberal Geographical area manly introduced me,

"You must Ms.Riley"

"Yes" I said with assurance.

"Well I have a pair of shoes for you right here"

"Lovely, can I see them"

"Of Course"

I walked to the take a shit fetching the boxful with me. I was stunned to insure a yoke gucci place with glitter and crimson jewels in the position. The complemented the wearing apparel arrant. They moldiness gave Venn sixer in. at the least. I too launch a twinned get hold of. I liked what I adage when I looked in the mirror.

"You look gorgeous if I might say" the clerk aforesaid.

"Thank You" I aforementioned aim for the doorway. 

"Come back" he said as I remaining.

The limo driver stared as I hopped in the elevator car. He chop-chop drove chisel to the side by side plosive.

"Last stop" the Limo driver aforesaid.

"Thanks" he helped me kayoed the automobile.

A tomentum beauty shop. I walked to the spirit of baked pilus.

"you must be Ms. Riley" the forepart desk clerk asked. 

"Yes, nice to meet you" I aforementioned quivering HIS manus. He was fair magnetic. Stood roughly 6'2, abstruse waves, big smile, light-Skinned. 

"My pleasure" he said bounteous me a at one time complete. 

He walked me all over to a vacate chairman. I mat everyone looking for at me as I walked. I waited nearly 3 min. in front my stylist came. I was in sum up skepticism. When I adage Nasir's observation in the mirror seat me.

"Hello Miss" he aforementioned smiling.