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Personal History

Piece mama is away, the boys volition fuck -; He started up a friendly conversation, and it started to stream exterior. Roughly 10 miles later on she accomplished she didn't neglect him off, nor did she bang where he lived."Shit," she aforementioned in the halfway of nonpareil of his sentences. "What? I didn't know pretty girls like you swore, did I say something wrong?" She unheeded the flattery momently. "No, umm, I just realized,I didn't drop you off and I'm about a minute from my house. If I let you in and gave you the fare for taxi could you catch a ride home? I'm beat I need a good lay, err, lay down I meant". Second gear clock today, dammit! She aforementioned to herself. A cunning and slimly spicy smiling played on Eaven's lips. "Yes...that sounds like the best idea in the world to me" he said, all but foxily. This made her slimly nervous, simply she sentiment that it was zero.

They pulled up in front line of her domiciliate and got come out. She unsecured the door, and held it unfastened for him. "Nice place, chick. Love the lighting. Is that couch leather?" he seemed pretty enthusiastic for somebody simply borrowing some taxi menu."Umm.. no I think it's some of that 'Pleather" stuff.. you know" she said nervously. She went into her bedroom to grab the chordless phone."I'll be right back" she said to him. She walked into her bedroom and hunted for the phone. She looked for about 2 minutes straight before finding it halfway under her queen size bed. She stood up and turned to the doorway to find Eaven staring at her in a playful way. "I'm non on the dot certainly I need to have it away wherefore that was nether in that location.. though I did make out observation the position. Really squeamish ass, nice indeed" he said. He had taken on a slightly husky tone.

"Umm... Here.... the headphone..." she was suddenly breathless. "Wherefore thank you steady... merely I just came crossways some other cracking idea" he said to her. She suddenly didn't care about her morales, how conservative she was, oh that she just met this man and knew nothing about him. She wanted him, and she wanted him bad.

He walked over to her and took the phone, setting it aside. He gabbed her face and kissed her hard, full on the mouth.She didn't know what to do, but instantly her responde was to open her mouth. Their tounges wrapped around each other, as though they were dancing. He held her tightly and kissed her more, leaning up against the wall. She could feel that bulge in his pants pressing against her.

He broke away from the kiss and stared her, deep in the eyes. That was the first time she noticed he had gorgeous yellow-green eyes, a darker shade than a cat's, but just as mysterious.

"Corresponding me eyes? Nigh citizenry do.. I equivalent your cute small Brown ones though, sweetness. Yummy similar chocolate" he said. She smiled at him and nodded. He grabbed her tight, tossed her onto her bed and looked down at her. "You are single prissy peice, chicky" he said and strarted taking off her clothes, stopping now and then to lick her ear, or give her a small bite on the neck.

She sat up and slid off her bed, and began working at his jeans. she got them down to find he wasn't wearing anything underneath, and she came face to face with what had pitched a tent in his jeans. She opened her mouth and took him in, noting the size and flavor. He was huge! There was no way she could get it all in.

He fiercely sucked in air as she moved her moth around him. "Darn.... I sould've never thinking a dame alike you would do that" he said slightly breathless. She backed off a minute to say "Hell, I rattling didn't ask me to do this" she said. Out of nowhere he swore and stepped back from her. "What, what's amiss?" she asked. He grabbed her and put her on the bed then kneeled above her, momentarily staring her in the eyes. She saw the lust and passion that sat there, and she wanted it. She reached up and grabbed him around the neck, as he slid into her. She moaned, a low sound as he moved in and out of her, slowly. she whispered into his ear "I'm non gonna interruption... go as firmly as you deficiency.. very expend that thing". He smiled and said "I'm gonna screw your brains out", And he sped up, pounding her into the mattress until her moans turned to cries of pleasure, and she was pushing back toward him,warpped her legs around him, arching her back, and clawing him.

"Yea.. infant this is good, this is real number good, sweetness" he was saying to her. He barely felt the little stings as she scratched up his back. He kept thrusting away, occasionally sucking on her neck, lavishing in the sounds of her moans and cries. She arched her back and gave a high sound, and she hit climax, and she let her legs fall from around him, as he kept going.

He screwed her hard for about 5 more minutes until he said "this is it, babe, I'm there, I'm at that place... I'm..!" and he too came in what felt like fireworks inside him, he felt as though he had conquered a mountain.

She screamed with his release, and wrapped her legs around his back again, bucking slightly against his force.

he gave a small grunt and fell away from her, breathing heavy.

"Featherbed you rock, you're the fuck dogshit! I loved it" he was telling her, as he held her close. She was only paying partial attention, she felt as if she were floating on air, every little movement of her legs sent electric pleasure through her.

"Hey... you're calm arduous. How the Hades tin that be?" she noticed, as he hugged her especially tight. "No melodic theme. Opine you only hump how to call on a rib on.... mayhap we should preserve on.... our sides? That could be real interesting. "

She gave a wicked smile and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him tightly as she rolled them onto their sides. "Trump shag thought wholly night... no paronomasia intended".

"You're the trump fuck matter completely Nox. Unrivaled mulct peice, if I of all time sawing machine one" he said to her, toying with her breasts, his naughty tongue then playing over the nipple.

"Let's fuck, baby" she said. She blew all her morales to hell, and fucked a stranger. And she WILL do it again.