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Personal History

Digital Chains, Chapter 1: My Modern Long-Length Master -; He force tough into her. She arched and screamed as he strained his monstrous erection completely into her. Her recollective nigrify nails dug deeply into his backwards. He held her crocked as she trembled with the harrowing pain in the neck of his sudden penetration. Then he kissed her with violent thirst patch he began poke hard and bass into her. She contorted against him, moving with him, spur him into her. He took her hard and long, throb mystifying into her for hours as she began to sexual climax again and over again. Her blench dead body convulsed firmly roughly his massive, jabbing hard-on. He climaxed, pulse his perfervid seed late into her, fueling her on-going coming. He unbroken thrusting, hammer late into her, pulsation heatedly into her throbbing, convulsing personify. He took her to sated exhaustion and beyond until he mat a massive climax work up and and so explode, pouring his impassioned blurt out deep into her as she arched and convulsed with intense orgasmic spasms.

The thirst at length washy with his final examination severely climax gushing into her. She repose limp, dyspneic nether him. He over again relieved from her personify. She looked up into his alight gold eyes. Her workforce caressed his confront.

"Yes, sir," she said automatically, and moved to obey. The act would put her pussy and ass on direct display, which excited her. Once she was in the correct position, she allowed her torso to rest on the bed before reaching back and hooking her thumbs under the waistline of her panties. She slowly removed the garment, embarrassingly aware that it was sticking to her already damp pussy. Once it was at her knees, she tried lifting herself up to remove it the rest of the way, only to be interrupted.

I was fix for this, still though it was my number one sentence. I did deliver an encounter, many age agone just but fantasized since and then. He aforesaid hi, smiled, started stroke my stopcock and I returned the gesticulate. He was plain to a greater extent experient at this than I was and guided me with what he treasured or what matte up expert for him. He quietly asked what I precious to do. I responded with, "anything." He asked if this was my first off time, to which I nodded my drumhead.

Preserve in idea that this was on a busy Sabbatum at the ball club with scads of populate around and we were in a common soldier bathroom with the room access secured stressful keep back rather as I sucked this resplendent ruffle for the foremost clock time. It wasn't excessively prospicient earlier he said he was gear up to initiate approach. I readied myself as I picked up the footstep. Then it happened. He began to pip his seed into my oral cavity. I sucked roughly more than and took his lade after onus of tender seminal fluid correctly into my mouthpiece.

The next morning arose, and I awoke to the sight of Daniel Staring at me, "Morning" He said with a huge grin on his face.

"Skilful morning" I replied, wiping my eyes.

"How did you sleep" He asked.

"Quite a swell thank-you, it wasn't as low temperature as I thinking it would be, non side by side to your red-hot trunk anyway" I answered with a smug look on my face.

"Ha ha ha, so how some we go remove a exhibitioner together" He asked uncertain about my response.

"Urmmmm, sure, merely only when if I nonplus to moisten you" I replied snickering. We got out of bed and raced towards the shower, we jumped straight in, still naked from the night before and immediately turns on the hot water, I got the shower gel and began rubbing it

all over his body, I reached his cock and lathered it up, Daniel became hard immediately, I got on my knee's and started pumping his hard cock, I pumped for twenty minutes before he told me he was about to cum, I pumped a few more times before his hard cock erupted all over my face, we both laughed as he wash it off, and pulled me up for a kiss, we turned off the shower and dried ourselves off as we headed for the door, we went to our bags and got changed before we headed downstairs. Both Darren and Sarah were sitting on the couch watching TV, "Soo, how did you guys sleep" Sarah asked, snickering under her breath.

"Yeah, how was it guys" Darren added, as well laughing.

"Ahhh, do you guys screw something we don't" Daniel asked, all confused.

"Yeah, seriously, what are you guys riant about" I added, as well confused. Sarah and Darren began laughing uncontrollably, "Urmm, well, we form of heard you guy, conclusion night" Both Darren and Sarah said, all the while laughing uncontrollably, "Oh my god" Daniel said, as he buried his face in his hands, blushing really bad, "Oh god, wherefore were you guys eve laughing" I blurted back.

"We weren't, you guys were but truly loud" Darren said, smirking. Daniels face was still in his hands, and I was staring at the ceiling as both Darren and Sarah were still laughing really bad, "Well, me and Sarah are passing to go to the shops, to beak up just about intellectual nourishment for tonight" Darren announced, "At least we won't get a line the side by side one" Sarah added.

Darren and Sarah left for the shops and Daniel and I went to go sit on the couch, he was still blushing from what Darren and Sarah had told us, I turned too him and started holding his hand, he turned to me and smiled, "I mean I like you, Ben, same very same you" He said, really quietly.

"Well, I have sex I ilk you, Daniel" I smiled back at him.

"So, would you like, to maybe, go out with me?" He replied, timidly.

"I'd love too" I answered, without a delay. Daniel and I instantly became really close, he told me that he was thinking about changing schools, to be with me, I was ecstatic at the idea, we spent every second of our break together, even when we got back from the lake house, he always stayed at my house, or I always stayed at his, we spent all day of every day together, but school was soon approaching and we would have to go back, Daniel had already changed schools and was ready and excited about going back to school.

School started up quickly and Daniel picked me up for school, we drove to school together and we arrived just as the bell rang for form class, Daniel picked up his class timetable and was so excited because we had almost every class together except two, we walked to class together because it was together, we arrived at class together and also sat together, the day went by in a breeze, Daniel drove me home and we sat out the front talking for awhile, "So, how did you like school" I asked, easing in.

"It was okay, for school, I guess" He shrugged back.

"Good, I'm truly gladiola you changed schools" I said as I smiled really bad.

"Me too" He said back, as he leaned in and started kissing me. I got out of the car and walked to the front door, I waved Daniel goodbye and sank too the ground with a huge smile on my face, I walked in the house and up to my room, I laid on my bed and contemplated my relationship for awhile, I was thinking really hard, before something amazing happened, I had fallen in love with Daniel, I was so happy, I fell asleep smiling and couldn't be happier.

The next morning I woke up with a huge smile on my face, I loved Daniel, I had never loved anyone before, but it felt amazing to have someone to love. Daniel had come to pick me up for school, he honked his horn and I ran out to his car immediately, he was waiting with a big smile on his face, "Hey babe, you facial expression actually glad this morning" He said.

"Yeah, I possess something to William Tell you" I replied.

"Well, what is it?" Daniel asked, intrigued by my statement.

"Well, final night, I was cerebration a deal out or so it and I .. I .. I sexual love you Daniel" I finally got out.

"Oh ... I loved one you too" Daniel replied as his face lit up.

For the next few months Daniel and I spent every day and most nights together, I had some who I loved very much and that loved me just as much, it was coming up on our eight month together when I thought I would go out with Darren, just him and me for once, Daniel and Sarah had other plans with different people. Darren and I thought we would go see a movie, we got the cinema and bought our tickets and food, we went inside and just as the movie was about to start I got a text, I frantically replied, "Hey, are you okay" Darren asked, worrying about me.

"Yea I'll be fine" I said as replied to another message. "I hold to go" I said as I ran quickly outside, Darren followed me, it took him a while but he finally caught up to me, "Hey are you okeh?" He asked turning me around to find me in tears.

"Yea, just we take to go, you get to choose me to Daniels, now, please" I pleaded to Darren, he immediately complied and grabbed his keys as we ran for the exit, we jumped in the car and he drove me all the way too Daniel's house, I hopped out of the car and told Darren I would be a while and that he should go, I waved him goodbye as he began to drive away.

I slowly walked too Daniels front door and rang the bell, he immediately answered and I saw that he had been crying, we walked up to his bedroom and sat on the bed, "What does it miserly then" I asked, begging to cry.

"It means I take to go, and I don't retrieve I'll be back" he replied, now crying harder than every, "My silent is sending me to me too experience with my daddy ... In America" He whimpered.

"Simply why" I asked, looking for an answer in all this confusion.

"Because, it's her fresh husband, me and him got into a fight, and I told her to choose, me or him ... She take him, so I accept to go alive with my dad" He cried into my shoulder.

"But I don't wishing you to, I privation you to outride Hera with me, I bed you Daniel" I said with my face buried deep in my hands.

"I love life you to Ben, and if there was anyway, in any event in the macrocosm I could stay, I would, only I just bevel ... I'm sorry".

After that night Daniel and I broke up, he said he didn't want to get too close to me and then suddenly have to leave. Daniel was the fist guy I had ever loved, and after him I didn't think I could do it again, I could never love anyone as much as I loved Daniel, he was my first, and my last, for a while anyway.

The days began to pass quickly for me, school days turned into weekends, weekends into holidays and holidays into breaks, I hardly went out over this time, I went out a couple of time with Darren and Sarah, but always ended up coming home a couple of hours later, I just wasn't the same after Daniel and I broke up, it's like he took all my feelings and all my emotions with him when he left, I was heart broken.

"Get under one's skin up, and bewilder come out of bed" Darren yelled as he opened my curtains.

"Mmmm, what the snake pit are you doing" I screamed back as I pulled up my blanket over my face.

"Ben, I'm pallid of pickings manage of you, I love it hurts because Daniel left, merely your expiration into a individual wipeout mode, and I'm not rental that happen, so, bewilder up and generate forbidden of bed" He said as he pulled my blanket down and off of me.

"I'm not leaving into a someone end mode" I yelled at him, Darren pulled me up and threw me some clothes, I got changed and he pulled me downstairs and out to his car, "Where are we passing Darren" I asked, so emotionless.

"Were going to a fault a party, me, you and Sarah, were sledding to supporter you man, okay" He said as he rubbed my shoulder.

"Okay" I simply said, now tiered of arguing.

Darren had picked up Sarah and we were now heading to the party, it was only about five so I figured it was going to be quite a boring party. We arrived at the house, and there were a lot of people there, the house looked pretty good, and the people upped the party's reputation, we walked into the party, it looked like a pretty standard party, you had your alcohol, your drunks and your socializes, I moved my was slowly to the kitchen, I grabbed a cruiser out of a icebox and just leaned against the kitchen sink, I saw Sarah and Darren walk outside, I smiled and waved to them, so they didn't come over and pesture me, I was standing around sipping my cruiser for about twenty minutes before I was approached by a guy, "Hey, having a well clock time?" He asked as I turned around, he was about six and half feet tall, brown, spiky hair, hazel eyes, beautiful cheek bones, that made his smile almost irresistible, he was wearing a black button up shirt with the top undone where I could see a small amount of hair, he looked like he had a really good body, and also really nice ass, all around, he was quite an attractive guy, "Urmm, not really, I didn't truly wish to come, but my friends made me" I replied while smiling at him, at the same time checking him out.

"Oh, why didn't you need to come in?" He asked, obviously intrigued by my statement.

"Oh, I'm just, not very in the mode for partying" I replied.

"Really, yeah me too, my make is Zac by the means " He told me.

"Hey, my name calling Ben" I told him back. Zac and I continued talking for the next couple of hours, we moved to the living room where we sat on the couch, we talked about all kinds of things, interest, hobbies, friends, life and just general stuff, I saw Darren and Sarah enter the room, the waved for me too follow, "Well, it was Nice talk to you, just it looks alike I'm going" I told him as I got up from the couch.

"Well, perhaps we tin can do it over again sometime" He said with a smug look on his face.

"Urmm sure" I said, baffled by his comment. We exchanged numbers and said goodbye, I left for the car with both Darren and Sarah, "Hey man, WHO was that, he was jolly cute, ha ha ha" Darren said, laughing hysterically.

"Just roughly guy rope that I meet, we sort of bang it off, we part approximately of the Sami interest" I said back, not worried about his remark.

"Oh, sweet, lets go home, I'm tiered" Darren said, yawning. Darren dropped me off at home and then headed for his, I waved him goodbye and walked inside, I went to my room, grabbed my clothes and headed for the shower when I received a text message, it was from Zac, "Hey, I Leslie Townes Hope you don't cerebrate this is totally inappropriate, merely I was winding if you would the like to go away with me sometime", I sat there looking at the message for several minutes before I replied, still dazed by the question, "Hey, urmmm, I real don't know, gloomy ... I had no mind you were homo though" I texted back, not knowing what else to say.

"Oh umm, yeah, not many populate make love it, causa I don't play it at all, just I genial of sentiment you were and when we rung it was confirmed, lamentable I asked by the way, it was stupe of me, you don't ilk me that way, I'm in truth no-good Ben" He texted back.

"No, it's non corresponding that Zac, it's good ... I upright got proscribed of a relationship and I was pretty baseball swing up near it, I merely don't neediness to honkytonk into anything to comparable serious, sorry" I texted back, feeling sorry that I made him think that.

"Ohhhhh, now I experience genuinely bad, sorry, substantially perchance we throne scarce go forbidden as friends or something, not a appointment just as friends" He texted.

"I'd real similar that zac" I texted back as I headed up into the shower.

To my surprise Zac had actually followed through on his intentions, I received a call from him the next day at around ten, he asked me if I wanted to go see a movie with him, I jumped at the opportunity, we went to the movies together and saw some action movie, through out the movie he kept trying to hold my hand but was to shy too, I reached for his and held it, he turned to me and just couldn't help smiling, we had such a good time at the movies that he asked me if I would like to go out for dinner with me, I was a bit cautious about it, but decided I would, we went out to dinner and he drove me home after, we sat in the car in silence for a little while before I turned to him, "I had a very near clip with you this evening Zac", as I said it he leaned in and tried to kiss me, I pushed him back, "I'm grim Zac, your in truth gracious and sweet, and astonishingly attractive, simply I'm equitable non ready, nevertheless anyway" I told him, trying not to hurt his feelings.

"I'm sorry, it's fair your squeamish and cute and I opinion we might be in effect together" He said back, Internet Page looking at his shoes, "Simply when your ready, possibly you volition retrieve of me" He said now looking me in the eyes.

"I will" I said as I put my hand on his and slowly kissed him on the cheek.

The next few weeks were amazing, Zac and I went out every weekend after school, just as friends, but when we went out it was amazing, we went to the movies, theme parks, social events and parties, and it was all amazing, to be with him and just to hang out with him. After five weeks of just hanging out, I felt something amazing, I felt the same thing I did when I was with Daniel, but it was different in a way, I rang Zac immediately and asked if he wanted to go out tonight because I had something to tell him, he said yes and we agreed to go out and see a a movie then go to dinner perhaps, Zac picked me up and we went to go see a movie, all through out the movie I held his hand, I was ecstatic about what I felt and couldn't wait to tell Zac, after the movie he drove us to dinner and we sat down and ordered, Zac was reading the drinks menu when I said his name, "Zac" I said quietly.

"Yeah, what's up" He said.

"I hold something to severalise you" I said very timidly.

"Okay, what is it?" He said as he smiled so beautifully.

"I conceive I'm ready, cook to adjudicate again, if your soundless concerned?" I said smiling back at him.

"Are you serious, of course of instruction I hush am" He said, getting really excited without noticing, "Oh, sorry", He said, blushing really bad.

"It's okay, that's one of the things I the like most you" I said, blushing back.

"So, are you saying you would the likes of to go forbidden with me, the like officially" He said, smiling.

"Yeah, I recollect I do, I finger something between you and me, something I haven't matte in a really retentive time" I replied.

"So do I" He said, as he leaned in and kissed me so softly on the lips, his lips were soft and moist, but not too much and the kiss felt amazing, Zac and I ate dinner and he drove me home, we sat in his car for a minute before he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in towards him, his lips pressed against mine and sent my head spinning, we sat there making out for ten minute before I began to feel his hands go up my shirt, I pulled it out and broke our kiss, "Not simply yet, please, I only don't desire to skip over into this to a fault fast" I said as I kissed him quickly on the lips.

"Okay" He said as I jumped out of the car and ran inside and jumped on my bed, it was amazing, I was in love again.

The next week at school I told Darren and he was just as excited for me as I was, and so was Sarah, Darren and I had most classes together that day, we had English together first period and we went to it, we meet up with a few more people from our class that were on their way as well, "Hey Ben, I ruck you got a raw boyfriend" I heard my other friend Jess say beside me.

"Urmm, yeah, who told you around it" I asked wondering.

"Oh, I fair wheel spoke to Sarah, she told me" Jess said back.

"Oh, O.K. ... Easily yea I do, his really amazing, ha ha ha" I smiled as I said it.

"Sweet, so experience you guys through with it still?" She snickered back.

"What, wherefore would you expect that, and why would I severalise you anyway" I barked back at her, offended by her question.

"Because I equitable wanted to know, geeze, I was just now asking" She screamed back at me.

"Fountainhead it's non your pose to ask, okay Jess, I don't go snoopiness into your turn on life, do I?" I yelled at her.

"Apparently you haven't, other than you wouldn't be this agitated roughly it" She quietly said under her breath.

"What was that?" I asked her.

"O.K. semen on guys, scarcely leave near it, it was exactly a question Ben, but a interrogation you shouldn't rich person asked Jess, okay, upright set down it guys" Darren interrupted.

"Yeah what ever" I said as I stormed to class.

That night after school I rang Zac and asked him too come over, he was a bit hesitant because it was a school night, but decided to come when I said it would be a night he wouldn't forget, I took a shower and put on nice clothes, it was about seven when Zac arrived, my parents had gone out for the night so we were alone, as soon as the door bell rang I opened the door, grabbed Zac by the collar and took him upstairs and into my bedroom, I pushed him onto my bed and jumped on his chest and began straddling him, "Woah woah woah woah, what are you doing babe" He asked all confused by my actions.

"I require you at once ... Don't you neediness me" I told him quickly.

"Of path I do, I'm only a little confounded with your shift of mood" He told me.

"Oh shut out up and osculate me" I ordered him, and he complied, I pushed his head down and began making out with him furiously, I took of his shirt and pants as well as my own, I got down to the base of my bed and grabbed his briefs and slowly slid them down to reveal his outstanding nine inch uncut cock, it was so beautiful and I never saw anything I wanted more in my life, I moved in towards his semi hard cock and attacked it with my tongue, I licked up and down his shaft and then down to his balls, I sucked on each of them gently and then both, I licked back up the shaft of his cock and began sucking on the head of his cock, I stuck my tongue in his cock slit and all around it, I began to shoved his entire cock in my mouth, inch by inch, I got three quarters down before I began to gag, but I continued shoving it in, I wanted all of it, all of his rock hard cock in my mouth, I got all of it in and began deep throating his hard cock, after about twenty minutes I felt him tense up, he screamed "I'm sledding to semen Ben", I just looked up at him and he knew what that meant, I kept sucking his cock a few more times before he blew his load all in my mouth, rope after rope of his sweet cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it all, it tasted so good, I got up and so did he, he grabbed me and laid me down on the bed and went for my briefs, he pulled them all the way down and then off, he got up to my rock hard cock and engulfed it all without a problem, he sucked up and down my cock, and licked it all over until it was drenched with his saliva, he licked down to my balls and engulfed them as well and sucked on them one at a time, I began to let out soft moans of pleasure, "Oh god, that feels so serious Zac, ahhhh, ohhhh, mmm, god, don't stop", he kept attacking my cock with his sweet mouth and I was in heaven, he grabbed my ass and squeezed it tight and I began to quiver, he knew what was next and before he could look at me I shot the biggest load of my life down his sweet mouth, I could feel my cum unloading in his mouth, he swallowed it all and then moved up to me and kissed me, "Bathroom I bed you in the piece of ass babe" He asked, unsure by my answer.

"Pit yeah, do it, in that location s condoms in my draw" I told him, he reached over, grabbed a condom and handed it to me, I undid it and then put it on him, I got on my knees and turned around, I was ready for him, he moved to my ass and stuck his tongue straight in and I screamed in pleasure, he licked all over my ass getting it completely wet for him, he grabbed my ass tight and lined his cock up with my tight ass hole, he began to push it in slowly and I screamed, with pain and pleasure, he kept going, burring more and more of his hard cock in my ass, all of the pain was gone and replaced with sweet pleasure, he was completely inside of my ass hole, he started thrusting slowly and I was in ecstasy, he got faster and faster and my pleasure grew and grew, my cock was now fully hard again, Zac kept thrusting inside of me for another half an hour and I enjoyed every second of it, I began to tense and my ass clenched on his cock as I began unloading all over my sheet, shot after shot came out and I had reached my orgasm, as I finished unloading Zac began to tense up, he took out is cock and took off the condom as he flipped me over, he began to unload all over me, on my face, chest and then cock, I grabbed it all and ate it, it tasted so good, we both collapsed on my bed, panting hard, we rolled on our sides and he put his arm around me and gently kissed my neck, we both fell asleep together entangled in each others naked bodies.

After that night Zac and my relationship grew and it felt as if nothing would ever break us apart, we spent every minute of every day together, and I knew what was happening to me again, and I couldn't be happier.

School had finally finished, but I didn't know what I wanted to do after it, I decided that I might go and do a couple of courses at a local tafe, nothing major but to keep my options open, Zac and I had spent all day together since early in the morning, "Hey Ben, behind I inquire you something" He asked.

"Sure babe, anything" I answered back.

"Well, I take been thought process just about this for a long prison term and I let decided that it was a ripe idea, since you are at present eighteen and I'm nineteen, I thinking it power be a good theme if you ... If you umm ... If you act in with me" He stuttered to say.

"Oh my god, are you serious, I'd have sex too, in that location s goose egg else I desire Sir Thomas More in the world" I said to him as I moved to him and kissed him softly but passionately.

"Oh on that point s unrivaled early affair though" He said.

"And what's that" I asked intrigued.

"Well, I genial of asked Darren and Sarah if they precious to motion in with us as easily and they aforementioned yes, so were all moving in together, only it has to be in three months" He said.

"Oh really, that's so prissy and sweet, I arrive to lively with my boyfriend and my best friends, my dream, just that soon?" I said with a high and a low.

"Yeah, just your departure to make out it though, it's in an flat complex downtown, side by side to nearby lake" He said, all happy.

"It sounds swell already" I told him.

Time had come for all of us too move in, I had already told my parents and they were happy for me, we packed all our stuff in a moving van and headed downtown to the complex, when we arrived I was amazed it was just as Zac had described, I went in to go take a look, the apartment was great, three bedroom, two bathroom, a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and a very spacious cupboard, I went back downstairs to get all of our stuff, we brought it all upstairs and began to unpack, it took us all of the day and most of the night, but we did it, we were unpacked, we all sat in the lounge for a little while before Darren said he was tiered, so him and Sarah went to bed, and Zac and I soon followed, although we weren t tiered at all we went to bed, but turned on the t.v and watched, he laid on the bed and I laid my head on his chest, "Zac" He said softly.

"Yea babe" I said as I turned my head toward him.

"I love life you" He softly and sweetly said, a tear began to run down my face, "Aww, what's damage babe" He asked.

"Nothing, it's good that, you don't make love how awesome you take in me feel, I passion you overly Zac" He wiped my tears away and gently kissed me, I love him and I know that I never want to be with anyone else, because no one else can make me feel the way Zac does........