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Personal History

To Rider Support,

Thankfully I am very passionate about our sport and my lifelong passion now gives me a huge advantage of promoting my sponsors compare to others.

I have been riding and racing my whole life while always working and contributing to society with many great jobs related to our industry as well.  Including being one of the Official AMA Supercross and National Photographers from 2010-2012 , coaching/teaching motocross and offroad riding classes to individual and groups and lastly, learning what it takes to be sponsored by professional companies in our sport!!!!

I know my job as a coach, teacher and for my sponsors is to represent the highest level of professionalism, passion and help others get into our sport.

Because I am a coach I get involved with parents and those who trust me as a representative of our sport and a trusted coach which allows me to market my sponsors face to face with my students and fellow riders/racers.  I don’t just put a sticker on my bike for my sponsors. I only accept sponsors from companies that are loyal to our sport and make excellent products.  That way I can actively promote them in my classes and at events all throughout Arizona.

I have been around this sport for almost 40yrs and I know for a fact I am an excellent promoter for my sponsors and thats why I am asking for the highest level of support compare to the typical discount off retail prices. 

You have my trust and my word that I will give more to my sponsors than they give to me!


Riding Goals

I'm a teacher at heart and my passion for dirt bikes and putting smiles on people's faces is addicting to me.  I also have serious injury related reasons as to why it is very important to me to become one of the greatest  motocross/offroad instructors in Arizona!!!  I use this passion for past mistakes and never having coaching when I started riding dirt bikes.  I missed the possibility of becoming an AMA Pro but I am very grateful that I am still able to pursue my dream of promoting and coaching our sport and to get more riders enjoying it.   I have taught group classes from 8-20 riders per class in Arizona, Colorado and Maine and a lot of riding throughout the years since 1980. 
I am also trying to podium every race I enter but I know for a fact I can promote more products by spending quality time with riders coaching compare to racing. 

Currently, I’m 5th out of 55 riders in overall pts in the 40+ B class in the 2018/2019 AMRA series with 1 race left.   I’m trying 100% to win the championship and will continue to do so over the next decade in offroad racing.

It will take a lot of time, effort and money for me to not only fight for #1 but more importantly get my coaching school the best it can be with a team of sponsors that is the best in the industry.   I will be coaching as my full time career by the end of the 2020 AMRA series. 
I will be loyal and honored if you sponsor me as a racer, instructor and marketing rep for my team. 

Competitive Highlights

Ive raced ATV's back in the day and was always one of the fastest on and off the MX track and won a majority of races I entered. 

Ive raced MX and Offroad on/off since 1990. Beginner class all the way to local Vet Pro and Pro classes. NOT AMA Pro... I wish I was that good:)

I am back racing again in the 2018/2019 AZ  AMRA Offroad Series.  In my profile are a few photos from the race. Bike #14s, 2019 CRF450RX,2016 Honda CRF250R.