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Personal History

Make Hands-- Volition Locomote -- Nicole 1 - That's it -- he didn't have a clue about foreplay..---- the lucky cocksucker didn’t even do that for her ......My motto has always been – lick it & stick it- I would get him for doing her this way, somehow. I placed my upper body on the table between her open thighs, inhaling her sweet scent, and wrapped each arm around a hip so my hands were free to spread her lips.

"H-haste Dan-o -its gonna –oooh" I facing pages the egotistic lips & blew quick aviation right away on her open button. I could hear her inside lips contracting & knew she was finish.

"So goood-so oh -oh!" I lowered into the sweetest pussy and licked the clit; savoring the taste; but now she would not be denied her pleasure-- hips-legs, every part of her young body started convulsing, I locked down on her clit and applied up & down strokes while sucking it.

The screams filled the house, it was an effort to keep her on the table; but I was not letting go of her clit. I had it where I wanted and began a light nipping at it, and she came so hard the cum actually shot my face full twice, and still was in spasms. Her hands had me by my head; full of hair in her fists, screaming her ass off! Suddenly she began to get still and very quiet. The death grip on my hair relaxed and her arms fell limply. I eased up and expected to see a big smile but all I seen was Nicole, passed out from the intensity of her pleasure.

Well shit! What about me? I'm standing up now, my dick so hard you could see my heartbeat in it through my shorts. Any other guy would have just screwed her right then & there, but I knew she would repay me later, when she was able. I picked her up gently and carried her to her bed, tucked her in with this 4 foot teddy bear she slept with and went to my room for a shower..4:45am nice days work Danny...

About 10am I tried to roll out, legs & arms were tangled with mine , damn she was in bed with me! She stirred and I realized her hand had my dick hard and she wasn't about to let go.

'Morning' she said, smiling. I was in trouble and you guys can relate to this. A piss-hard on can be a blessing or a curse. It can, as in my case, get so hard you can't piss, or cum, and can fuck for hours with it!! Nicole rolled and mounted me on top, guiding me in with her hands.

"Supreme Being Dan-o ,it's so laborious & stocky my bridge player won't go whole the way roughly it!" She rubbed the large head up & down her lips, her legs & tummy already quivering in anticipation.

" Go slow, please" I said ,I knew this would be like her first time and I didn’t want to hurt this beautiful creature, but I knew it would for a while.

"Scarce the fountainhead Nicole, equitable continue the head moving up & down, ‘till you're besotted plenty."

"Dan-o ;I’ve been on the tab since I was 15 to modulate my period, so please don't drag retired on me ,hunky-dory?" Hell I was concerned about getting it in her at the moment, I have a "beer can" dick-7 1/2 in long & 5in around. Not hung, but no pencil-dick either. It was my width she would have to deal with.

I let her play, smothering my neck & face with wet kisses, enjoying the "fruits" of the nights labors. Soon she had my cock soaked to the balls. I rolled her gently till she was on her back & I was on my side, both her legs over my right leg and hip. I had a nice view of her tight little snatch, and my slick cock, and asked one last time,

"You for sure you privation this?" no answer, just a smile and a nod yes. I slowly raised her right leg, bent at the knee, up to touch her breast.

"Arse you bewilder the other single that eminent without whatever anguish?" she pulled it up without a hitch.

"Deity hallow Daypro" I said. Her cunt was flowing freely now down into her ass-crack and on the sheets. I pushed my cock in just past the head and stopped. She gasped and I seen tears in her eyes.

"Its soo wide Dan-o!" I squeezed the jibe & that made the header flesh out level Thomas More. I pushed a twain of inches in and she well-tried to flash back, only at that place was a headboard fillet her

"Ooh shit, it’s too wide-it'll never fit!" Of a sudden I gave her the endure 4 inches wholly at once, and she screamed so loud, I figured Mat heard her 120 landed estate gone! Divinity it was the likes of my gumshoe was in a hot, stiff vise.

"Oooooohh, mmmmnmn-yes, yess, don't move it Dan-o ,it’s not hurting so bad now, let me get used to it." I looked at her puss cloaked just about my celestial pole and seen it was bed cover so wide her button would hale the irradiation when I started...I began detrition my hitchhike ended her button ; penning my a b c’s as I went.. By the time I got to J , she was moaning so tatty I view I'd get to muzzle her..She quiet hadn't told me to motivate ,so I tardily started pull my putz hinder out,fillet every inch or so ,pushful in clod rich again,pull come out money box alone the point was prohibited of sight,then operative it backbone up to the balls...

''Uuuuuunnhh!!----M-my ggod Dan-ooo!! You"re going to turn me inside- out!! Her clit was being dragged along for the ride with each backstroke; I had her pussy spread so wide,when my dick drove forward, it took her clit inside her lips ,

""EEEEEEEOOWW--yes! Go faster Dan-o ! Plllleasse! I stopped to let her catch her breath,,,"Don't even begin that diddly-shit once more with me!!!! Fuckk mmee!!

I slammed her jolly severely a half-XII punishing strokes and she closed up and laic there,as I came up to confront her..I dragged her to the butt on of the bed,unruffled egg deep, and with her can scantily on the mattress, I stood up.. This placement was my personal takes all the burthen away the woman,so she is release to roll in the hay rear or rest,whichever..I rattling started to pose more or less moves on her and so ; I placed her legs on my shoulders and started sawing in & away ; clipping little circles with my screwing to service open up her up.