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Personal History

Hello my name is Aaron Denson I am 16 years old. I started late in the game at 15 but ever since I was young I've always wanted to race. When I first started racing I rode a 2004 crf250r while I only did 7 seven races last year I placed top 10 in 3 of the 7 races. Although I ended up crashing and put me out of the game until this season of racing, I feel that I am 100% better than I was last year, a big helper in that was hoping on a newer bike. I practice riding in the desert with my dad with that it helps me with my balance and standing up more. On other weekends I do go out to the track and push my self to the limits every time.

Riding Goals

My biggest goal of 2022 is to finish with podium and keep my bike on two wheels. I do believe I can achieve the podium by the end of this season and I will work hard to get it. I will be racing two classes, 125/250 and 250/450 beginner, to get more time on the tracks. 

Competitive Highlights

I got my first holeshot on my new bike in the first race of the season. I always celebrate my accomplishments but strive for perfection.