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Personal History

My name is Aaron Gordon. I race Motocross and Supercross. I have rode for 12 years but only 5 years ago i got to persue my dream of racing. I started when i was three riding a xr 50r. I rode soo mutch my dad had to drag me into our home. I asked my father one question "can I race like Jeremy Mgrath". His question is predictible, no weve got too mutch sickness to be away from your grandparents for too long. My grandparents both passed away and we got everything caught up. One morning when i just woke up my parents asked me if i wanted to race when i was 10. So we went to the local track and i raced in the 85 begginers class and got 2nd. Im now 15 and racing in 250d.

Riding Goals

 To get to awards with 1-3 points.

Competitive Highlights