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Personal History

I started riding dirbikes when I was 7 years old. I got into FMX when i was 15 and since have learned just about every on top of the bike trick, from no handed superman, running man, stripper, and many more.  I love riding and try to get out at least 5 times a week for a few hours each time.  FMX is my life and what I plan on doing for a living and love the sport enough to take the risks involved.  I am very out going and hate loosing, any sponsorship given to me would be incredible.  Thank you

When not riding freestyle I ride supermoto for fun. I go biking around town a lot on days wen I don't have enough time to make it out to my farm to ride and just want to ride on 2 wheels for a while. I live in saint louis but have a place in boulder CO where i go a week out of every month where I either go up to the mountains to ski or skate parks to bike. I also mountain bike out there and go bouldering which is rock climbing with out ropes.

Riding Goals

I am installing a foam pit at my farm and have a few tricks im ready to try that have never been done before, and want to show them off on the biggest stage for freestyle, X games. I can do a backflip on my bicycle and once i get the foam pit done (latest by summer 2010) i will have a backflip dialed in on a 250 and throwing combination backflips.

Competitive Highlights