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Personal History

I am requesting Rider Support Sponsorship for the 2017 Race season.  I have competed in Netra Enduro Series for the past 3 years,  and finished 1st place in my class, NETRA Enduro (New England Trail Riders Assoc.) B-Veteran class in both 2013 and 2014.  I managed two 1st place, three 2nd place, and one 3rd place finish for the Enduro series in the six races I competed in 2013.  I had just returned to racing in 2012 after a long break since 2001, and 2013 proved to be a great rebuilding year.  I followed up with another class title in 2014, proving my consistency and dedication to racing for wins.  I accrued promotion points towards the Expert (A) class at the final race this season and my goal for 2016 is to once again finish 1st place in B-Vet and continue my way towards the Expert class.  My results can be verified at  

 I also began racing in the JDay Sprint Enduro and GP's series in 2015.  I really enjoy the Sprint Enduro format and the GP intensity.  The results can be verified on

  I feel  that I am a strong choice for rider support because of my professional image, on and off the track, and my willingness to speak to my peers about the awesome products that get me to the finish line.  I am a college educated Police Officer of 13 years and command the respect of those around me by using strong interpersonal skills and the simple values of respect and kindness.  Please consider me for Rider Support for 2016-17!

Riding Goals

My goals are to continue my self improvement by working on my fitness level, riding skill, and consistency on all track conditions.  Without the fine products available on today's market, I can not challenge myself and my peers to work towards these goals.  I aspire to promote to the A-Class Expert level in the offroad world, and plan to practice more now that I have my new race bike dialed in.  

  I want to race a variety of race formats, including some motocross, to develop more skills and fitness to take me to a higher level!

Competitive Highlights

I have won the B-Vet Enduro class in Netra in 2013 and 2014.  I also won 1st place in the NETRA Dam Good Sprint Enduro this August, which was a highlight of my 2015 season. I finished 3rd in the B-Vet class for 2015.  I am the current points leader of the 2016 season, with the goal of reclaiming the class title with two races to go.  

 In 2016, I have continued to fine tune my race bike, using products from numerous companies supporting me via  I have seen huge improvements recently in the mods I have made to the bike, which has taken me to a higher pace than ever before.  I am very confident in my future and hope to only continue to improve as a rider with the support granted to my from the amazing companies participating with 2016 Final Finish 2nd Place B Vet Netra Enduro class 2017 Started off the season with two wins in Netra B Vet class. Looking to keep the momentum going!