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Personal History

I bought my first dirtbike at 23 years old in April 2007. I had only ridden friends dirtbikes on a few trails in the woods before owning my '07 KTM 250sxf.

I raced only a few months later in the '07 Budds Creek Nationals. Budds Creek is my home track as I only live 20 minutes from it. It was then that I gained twice as much respect for the sport and those who participated in it. I assumed most sports should be as easy like football, as I grew up playing football and that came very easy to me. I played Div. 1AA football for Liberty University. But motocross was very different in fact. The differences have caused me to have a somewhat controlled addiction to riding and racing.

In April '09 I will have been riding for 2 years and I hope to have my first podium finish, maybe I'll have my first win.


I also have two young boys and a girlfriend who support me in my racing aspirations. Hopefully we'll have a traditional racing family one day!

Riding Goals

2009 Masters of Motocross


My first goal is to compete competitively in all 7 races in this motocross series.

My other goals include: podium finishes, a win or two, year end awards, riding safe, meeting new people, and having a great time.



Competitive Highlights

I raced 4 weekends in a row at Budds Creek in Feburary '08. I did not know at the time but I was preparing myself for a personal best. In mid March I finished 12th overall in 250C at Blue Diamond MX Park in Delaware. I had been riding for under a year at that point. I realized that just riding every weekend a person will no doubt get better and more confident in their riding abilities. At the same time excessive confidence can lead to an injury setback. So I try and ride as hard as possible, all at the same time keeping the fact that I want to ride again next weekend in my head.

If your not an aspiring professional or a professional rider like RC, Reed, and the company they hold, I highly suggest not riding over your head.