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Personal History

Hello, my name is Addison Harris I am 15 years old, from Rhode Island and ride on the factory KTM Trail Jesters Team. I specialize in dirt bike racing and Fitness. 
Being a young athlete requires a lot of training and dedication. on these tough races you need endurance and strength. especially now that I am getting on the 250x I stand at 5,2 so to make up for my short legs I use muscle to pick up the bike when it comes to those nasty crashes on the sides of hills. I go to CrossFit on the weekdays and have the weekends off for racing if it is a hard race, I will take the Monday off.


Riding Goals

My goal is when I am (AMA)16 I will go PRO in the GNCC series. Next year I will be in the Women's A/B for GNCC and Women's PRO in J-day. My goal is to be on the top of the box next year, eat healthy and be role model for the girls coming up in this sport.

Competitive Highlights

2023 GNCC girls Super Mini championship as well as Jday off-road girls class championship, women's amateur championship, and both women's n girls championships in Carolina XC series as well.



2023 Womens Amateur champion

2023 Girls champion

2022 Girls champion

2021 Girls 2nd

2020 Girls 2nd


2023 Girls Senior champion

2022 Girls Senior champion

2017 PW 50 SR. 6th


2021 Junior Enduro champion

2019 Pee Wee 2 4'

2018 Pee Wee 4 14th

2017 Pee Wee 4 5th