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Personal History

2015 has been great so far! Finally have two bikes, both 2015 KTM 85's, stock and mod. Been riding almost every weekend. Florida MX Series, Kenny Yoho I-4 series, Dade City night races. Tough competition now that I'm in the 12-15 and open classes, but holding my own! Looking forward to Gold Cup, Winter AM's, and Mini O's!


Boy, time sure does fly. Going into my 3rd riding season, this time on an 85! Can't wait. Just got my new bike, 2014 KTM. Hoping to make it to Loretta's this year. Went as far as my mom could take me on the 65. Now it's up to me, with any help I can get, to take it to the next level!


Hi. My name is Aden Karpiuk and I just turned 10. I've been riding since I was 4, but just started racing this summer. I am doing the 2012 Florida MX Series. I started in Round 7, and won my first race! I was hooked. I've done 6 races so far, and I'm in the #2 spot in the 65 beginner class. I haven't missed a single race since I started. My mom and I travel all over the state together pretty much every weekend. I just got a 2012 KTM for my birthday, and I'll be riding that this weekend. Until now I've been on a 2005 KTM. I've blown the engine and two pistons so far! My Dad passed away when I was 4, so it's just me and my mom. She's pretty much the only single mom out there doing this, but we love it! We rent our house out to make money to travel and keep me on a bike! I love riding more than anything in the world, and I love all the people I've met and the friends I've made! So far I've met Jordan Bailey, Chad Reed, and Adam Cianciarulo. I want to be just like them!

Riding Goals

My goals are to ride as much as possible and continue to improve my skills. Winning is great, but so is working hard to get there!

Competitive Highlights

After my first season, I took first place overall in the Florida Gold Cup Series, 65cc beginner, and came in 2nd overall in the Florida Series, 65cc beginner.

I've come in either first or second in about 10 races now, and I won the Gold Cup at Dade City.