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Personal History

Hi , my names Aiden betsch I’m 13 and love to ride my dirt bike. I go to the track almost every weekend and ride anywhere that I can. I like to be on a bike any bike. I ride anything I can , I’m on a 85 but love to ride 125s , 250 4 and 2 strokes and 450s. Every bike is different but as long as I’m on some type of bike with a motor I’m happy as can be. I like to be at the track especially at races I love being there it’s fun no matter what happens. Riding is my favorite thing to do. 

Riding Goals

My riding goes are to simply win a moto. I always am inside the top 10 , I have been at all my races. At my first Am. National I placed inside the top 10 which I’m pretty proud off. But I’ve only been riding for about 2 years. For two years my progression have grown rapidly. Keeping up with kids that have been riding since they were 3. Which I have to but stopped riding for about 4 years but I’m back to it. My goal is to win races and place on the box. I know I can do this as I drop my lap time by seconds every time I go to the track. 

Competitive Highlights

I KROC I placed in the top 10 in the 65/85 class going 8,7,7 for a 7th overall at my first AM national. 
I local races I’ve finished with multiple 4ths and a few 7ths. I’m a very consistent rider I would say which I’m proud of.