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Personal History

I started serious dirt bike riding about six years ago as a woods rider.  After a year of darting through the trees I started to ride at some local MX tracks with my woods bike.  After determining the woods bike wasn't the right tool for the job, I purchased my KX450 and started spending my summer weekends riding the local MX tracks.  I have rode a few races in the vet class and a few local enduro style races.  I am typically a mid pack rider on the MX track and a stronger riding in the woods on the nasty single tracks.  Woods riding occurs year around here in Pennsylvania with the addition of studded tires. 

Riding Goals

For this year I want to compete in a few GNCC races and a few MX races.  I want to be able to hold my own and place in the top 25% of my class.  On the MX track I need to work on my cornering speed as that is the place I am giving up the greatest amount of time to my competition.  I will be focusing on this area during my practice sessions.  

Competitive Highlights

I have limited race experience therefore I really don't have any competitive highlights.  The item I am most proud of is my ability to ride the rough and nasty single tracks at respectable speeds and with limited major errors.