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Personal History

I will be 15 on February 27th.  I started riding in July  of 2006, 3 1/2 years ago.  In July of 2006, my family bought dirtbikes for me my mom, dad. Riding dirtbikes was supposed to be a family activity.

After a month, my mom stayed home and my dad and I went to ride.  I got on my mom's 85 big wheel, and that's when it all started.  Even though I couldn't touch the ground, I loved the bigger bike.

My mom and dad said I had natural ability.  I loved motocross so much and I was determined to practice hard and get good.

In October of 2006, I ran my first race at the local fairgrounds and won!  The following year I won the local Championship series for my class.  Since then we have traveled to Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Florida to compete in races. 

I have worked had to improve my skills.  I have taken lessons, advice from other riders and practiced lap after lap after lap.  When I was 12, I lost 20lbs on my own by cutting out sodas and snacks.  I wanted to be in shape and lighter and faster.  
I am self-motivated and very disciplined.  I am in the ninth grade at Swansboro High School.  I make the honor roll every six weeks.  My parents do not have to remind me about homework....I just do it.

I am very grateful for all that my parents, friends and local sponsors have done for me.  I hope to form relationships with new sponsors which will be mutually beneficial.  Please visit my website at  You can read the "Chatter" link to see what my sponsors say about me.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume.

Alex Burch, #23 

Riding Goals

I want to continue to learn and grow as a rider and an athlete.  I know I have a great deal to learn.  I want to continue to better myself and hone my skills as a racer.

I want to continue to do well in school.  I believe that no matter what you do with your life, education is valuable and important.

I want to partner with sponsors to take some of the burden off of my parents. I am old enough to help out now.  Sometimes it seems that they struggle so much to give me the opportunity to race and make it to Nationals.  I am willing to work and do whatever I can to help them.

My biggest short term goal is to qualify in the Loretta Lynn Regionals and make it to Nationals.  My parents have worked very hard to help me realize this dream and I do not want to disappoint them.

Most of all I want to continue to be an example to the younger riders that look up to the older kids.  They are good kids and then need positive role models. 


Competitive Highlights

I made it to Loretta Lynns last year and hope to do the same in 2010. 

I also won the NC State Championship in April 2009, in the MX Lites C Class.