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Personal History

My name is Alex Fradette, Im 17 years old, and my life is motocross. I live in a small town in Massachusetts called East Longmeadow. I currently ride a 2009 Honda CRF250R and race the Youth 125B, 125B and Open B classes with NEMA, NESC, NEMX and WSP.  I'm a Senior at East Longmeadow High School and am 5'8", 135 pounds. I started riding dirtbikes in about 3rd grade when I was about 8 or 9 years old. But, before I started riding dirtbikes, I was riding three wheelers at  the age of about 7 years old. My first dirbike was a 1975 Honda XR75. It was a 4-speed manual so I learned how to use a clutch from the start. The three wheeler I first started riding on was a Kawasaki 160. Also, I started riding snowmobiles the same time I started riding my three wheeler, so I've been around motosports for a while. I first started racing in 2007 on my 2003 CR85, and I did pretty well for my first year of racing. I would've raced it again this year (2008)  but I grew out of it so I picked up a 250F. I completely devote myself and my life to motocross. Every day I work to become a better racer whether it is training, riding, or even researching and studying the pros by watching the races. I practice about 2-3 days a week, and work out and train whenever I'm not riding or working. There is not one day that I dont think about motocross and work on trying to improve and keep progressing.Simply, Motocross IS my life, and I am 100% devoted to it.

Riding Goals

This year for 2010, I aim to run up front in the B class and place top 10 overall each weekend and keep progressing. Also, I aim to just get great holeshots and keep training and riding.In addition, I hope to be able to be winning by the end of the outdoor season and podium each race. Most importantly, I want to stay healthy and safe, be mentally strong, confident, positive, and just to keep on progressing and getting faster, and never give up. I also am aiming to place top 10 in the NERC this year at Winchester Speed Park.

Competitive Highlights

My first competitive highlight was in the 2007 NEMX season in the 85C 12-15 class when I got 4th overall at Crow Hill MX. Last season my competitive highlight was placing 6th overall at Southwick. This season, so far my competitive highlight has been winning Race 4 of the NEIMX Mototown Indoor series and also winning the series championship in the Youth 125 C. Also, my highlights this year have been just staying healthy and riding a lot, and staying very determined and motivated. I'd like to thank all of my sponsors, my family, Uncle Roger and Auntie D, and Steve Balboni for all of my sucess thus far.

For the 2009 season, some of my competitive highlights have been winning the Mototown USA Youth 125 C championship to start off 2009. Also, winning up to 5 1st place overalls has been great. In particular, the most memorable race was at southwick where I placed 2-1 to get the overall over another fast rider. It was the best moment so far because it was a big challenge to win, but I believed in myself and just did what I had to do.

2010 Highlight:

On March 13, 2010, I raced the Stimilon Winter Warm Up at Mototown USA. I raced the 250B (Lites) and the Youth/Schoolboy classes. This was my first amateur race and I placed 6th overall in the 250B class, 2nd overall in the Schoolboy class, and I made it to the main event where I placed 7th place. The main event consisted of Pros to novice riders, but was a great experience racing with riders like John Dowd and other fast pros, and getting a feel of the fast and intense tempo.

6/12/10 Event #10 NEMA Moto-X 338- I placed 2nd overall in the 125 All (16-21)-College Boy class.