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Personal History

I was born and raised in the Sacramento California region, My first motorcycle was a 2004 crf 50cc honda that i got for my fourth birthday. I started competing at age 6 and haven't looked back from since day. Motorcycles are my escape from life i wake up every morning and dirt bikes are the first thing on my mind. whether its out trail riding or lining up behind a gate it always seems to get me amp'd no matter how many times i do it.

Riding Goals

like most people who grow up in the sport of motocross i dream of becoming a professional motocross rider. although that is a big step away from where i'm at I still believe in that dream. For now I look forward to accomplishing smaller goals such as winning local championships and attending and hopefully winning national qualifiers for big races. I work every weekend on my technique and my bike set up to try and better myself and i've yet to have a ride day where i felt like i haven't improved on something.

Competitive Highlights

I have one four local championships. two of them came from Sacramento raceway fast Fridays series. and the other two came from Scott Davis's E Street Mx series which take place at all of the local tracks he run (Hangtown,Riverfront and E street). I've also won a 4-stroke national at Glen Helen raceway and i'm currently leading in the Sierra chapter of the OTHG support class championship.