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Personal History

Hello, My name is Alexander Barker, Instagram: Rockstar_107, I am 26 years old, from southern California, who works full time as an electrician and rides during the weekends! I started my riding journey at 3 years old in Johnson Valley CA and took a leap to started racing Dirt bikes competitively in 2019. After work I dedicate my time to workout and train in order to enhance my racing skills and stay in shape for upcoming Races. I am excited for where racing can lead me and i could not do it without my family and friends who constantly support me and cheer me on!

Riding Goals

As a rider my goals are to improve on my skills, lap times and overall riding. My top goal for the end of this racing season is to move up from my novice class to intermediate class for 2023 season.

Competitive Highlights

AMA NGPC Big 6 District 37:

AMA: #5012768

Alexander Barker