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Rider Updates

May 15 2022

Race today was a success!! Had a great time racing at state fair mx for the swamp moto west coast series, did 4 motos today and had a holeshot in my 3rd moto! Had great lap times and got off the track safely, thank you to all my sponsors! Can't wait for next round!

May 10 2022

woo!! its race week! getting the last couple training sessions rest of week, then will be leaving Saturday morning to go practice at Glen Helen to get ready for Sundays race at State fair mx park for Swamp moto series!

May 2 2022

2 more weeks till swamp moto series at State Fair MX park, getting ready and training hard till its race day!

Apr 24 2022

Yesterday's races was fun and had good starts and consistent lap times, overall felt great with my performance! Can't wait til our next race in Ridgecrest!

Apr 14 2022

So Glad to be back and get back to racing! Suffered an Injury at work at the start of this year, and now fully recovered and ready to be back on the Track. Back to work and Training on my off days. Already got Registered for NGPC race in Primm on April 23rd. Hoping to come back stronger and have fun doing what I love! 

Nov 16 2021

Having recovering from the flu had to miss round 9 of ngpc out at blythe! Was super bummed about missing the race, but now back in the gym training for round 10 in Delano! This is the last race of the season and can't wait to be back on the track!

Oct 31 2021

Round 8 of NGPC district 37 in Primm Nevada was awesome! Practice turned out really good with consecutive lap times and felt great on the track. Main race was good! Needed to make some minor adjustments after the first lap but finished strong, next up is round 9 in blythe, going to start training for the upcoming race, just want to shout out to all my sponsors for allowing me to represent their team and wear their products!

Oct 26 2021

Its race week!! Super stoked and already Pre-registered for this weekends race in Primm, Nevada! Bike is all cleaned and all dialed in! Just 4 more days til hitting the starting line!

Oct 14 2021

2 weeks away from round 8 of NGPC AMA District 37 race in Primm Nevada! Already got the bike all dialed in and ready to go! Practicing Next weekend at Lake Elsinore Track to get the new tires in the dirt before the big race! Just want to thank all my sponsors for their support and products! Also just received my new O'Neal Jersey this week, just sent it out to get my sponsor logos put on them! Can't Wait!

Oct 2 2021

Round 7 of ngpcseries district37_ama in Ridgecrest was awesome and fun! Got my first holeshot and felt great on the track! Shout out to family that came and supported me, Next up is round 8 in Primm!

Oct 2 2021

Race day!!! Got the holeshot during unclassified race at 8:15am had good lap times and felt great! Points race is at 2:15pm hoping to steal the holeshot again and beat my lap times! #H107

Oct 1 2021

Just Finished my work day and Heading out to Ridgecrest for NGPC round 7! Cant wait to hit the track and race tomorrow! 

Sep 26 2021

Finishing up vacation weekend in havasu! Been training hard for the upcoming race in Ridgecrest Oct. 2nd! Already pre registered and want to thank all my sponsors for there products so I can represent their company!

Sep 15 2021

Just want to shout of O'Neal! I'm so excited to Represent your products! Just ordered a new jersey for my upcoming race!

Sep 14 2021

Just want to shout out to FLOW VISION and thank them so much for offering me a sponsor! I will continue to purchase and Rep your products! Just about to order a goggles case and a new shirt to wear at my next race in Ridgecrest!