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Personal History

 I am a 10 year old that loves being outdoors doing just about anything.  I expecially enjoy racing my dirt bikes around the yard with my little sister.  I also enjoy fishing and camping.  I am in the fourth grade and I love science, and recess of coarse.  My hero is Chad Reed, I want to grow up and race like him some day, he is sooooo cool.  My mom and dad say that if I try hard, have fun and keep it on two wheels anything can happen.

Riding Goals

This year I am going to try taking my riding to the next level.  We are going to start riding more AMA races instead of all local races.  Nothing against local races I am trying to get faster and I need some good competition. As I try to improve my racing form, I also want to start eating better for more energy and fitness.  I think if I continue to practice and listen to my coach the rest will start to fall in to place.

Competitive Highlights

I really don't have one that sticks out to me, but Dad has one he likes to tell.  I don't know why it was my worse race ever, I think.  Anyway it was my 3rd race ever.  I was riding in the 65 Beg class.  There was an anvil jump that I couldn't get over, I crashed everytime I went up it.  I got scared and back out of the trottle and then crashed.  That wasn't the only spot I had trouble with that race.  Dad says I crashed more than 7 times that race.  He says it is a Highlight for him because I didn't give up, I kept getting up and riding.  Not only did I finish that moto I ran the second moto and I was able to make it over the anvil and I only crashed 1 time.  I guess for that day that was a huge success.  Dad said if I keep that kind of drive I can do anything.