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Rider Updates

Nov 7 2011

On October 30 i had my frist 85 race. In practice my bike iockedup it was my crank, so no quick fixes. My best frend offed his Honda 150 for me to ride.  So I rode it...two hole shots later and two 3rd place finishes,  I think it was awesome!!!  It is going to be a so cool racing with a bigger bike, I cant wait!!

Sep 8 2011


Apr 13 2011

Well were do I start.....I geuss with the over all in the FL/GA race seiers.  I finished 1st in the 65 beg 5th in the 50 open.  Not a bad end to the season.  I am now done with the 50cc class.  As I work on the 65 I now have an 85 the I have been practicing on, I think I will be off the 65 by summer.  We will see I am getting so big so fast.  I am really looking forward to racing the 85 the compition is really tough at that level.  I would like to put a BIG THANK YOU out there to all my sponsors you guys make it easier to get to the track every weekend.  Thanks for reading Iwill try and keep this more up to date.


Jun 12 2010

May 22 2010

the day started out rocky with bike troubles.  Boy did it finish good!!  I got a first place trophy in the 50cc 4-6 age group.  I had to ride hard to keep it, boy does it feel good to hold up my big trophy!!!

Thanks to my pit crew!!!!

Apr 18 2010

wow so many bikes this weekend.  There were 17 bikes on the gate on the 4-6 50cc moto.  Eight bikes for the 50cc open.  It was so awesome, had a great time tearing up the track.  The 65cc Beg was a bit tricky on the big guy track.  The start gate to the first turn ate my lunch the first moto, but I got redemption on the second moto.  I raced to that first turn and got there first, but got out of it second.....almost a hole shot.  I will get at least one total hole shot this series, that is for sure.

Apr 15 2010

Well Sunday is almost here, I can hardly wait.  I have been out riding quit a bit and Mom and Dad have been fine tuning the bikes.  Thanks to DeCal Works my bikes are looking sweet.  I should be uploading some new pictures soon with the new number plates.  O'Neal set me up with some new gear, I am looking forward to wearing my new jersey with my name and number on the back.  Hopefully everything goes well in the first event of the Fl/GA spring series.  keep checking back to see how we are doing.

Feb 21 2010

I had a great time this weekend just tring to prefect my turns.  I have a lot to learn and a lot of work to do but I believe I am up to the  task.  I started to learn how important my diet is.  If I can get a better diet disapline I shouldn't have any problem run 3 races on any given Sunday.  This coming weekend I am hoping to beable to apply what I have learned.

Feb 13 2010

I had a good day on my KTM 50 today.  I finished 1 over all in the 4-6 and 2nd over all in the 50 open.  I should have been first in the Open as well but I made a little mistake that caused a big crash.  I will see if we can get it posted to my videos as dad got it on video.  I strugled with the Kx65 today.  I just couldn't get in the groove.  I think I my hang up the KX65 for the spring season.  The two bike are so diffrent, and that me be part of the problem

Feb 10 2010

Jan 31 2010

This last weekend I took it out my o6 KTM 50 to Alma Ga for my first race on.  What an increditalbe diffrance or my Honda 50.  I was able to win my first race ever.  I ended up getting ill and was running a 102 fever.  I was still able to finish 2nd over all but I couldn't enjoy it because I was feeling so bad.