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Personal History

My name is Alvaro Cardoen I am from Chile. 23 years old and I have loved dirt bikes since the day I was born. I've been into the motocross scenario here in Chile for a while now.  My family is from a very well known winery zone called Colchagua where we sustain a turistic complex including a car and motorcycle museum, a hotel & casino as well as a vineyard.   Because of that I've got to get to know some big names and cool personalities on all kinds of including athletes from racing sports and I've got inspired by them to create my unique riding mentality.  

On the other hand I've worked and Im working with some companies from Chile, US and Europe as a brand ambassador with quite some success, I'm a social media active rider so I post a lot based on campaigns, products and offers. I also ride some of the most popular tracks around so if you want to make your company a name in Chile and in LATAM hit that sponsor button.  You won't regret it!

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to get the most fun out of every time I throw my leg on a dirt bike. I love racing but I've found there is nothing more satisfying and self constructing than learning from myself and through my experiences by freeriding, It's just a limitless unique time to express myself the best way I know how to.  Getting into a track, the hills or dunes just to have fun and live the lifestyle, enjoying as much as my wrist can handle!

Competitive Highlights

I've been competing with success on my amateur career but I realized a couple years back that I didn't wanted to do racing as my living so I started   studying Civil Engineering in one of Chile's most prestigious Universities so I could get my demanding personality a little fired up. I still ride any day I can and I really feel like I'm enjoying my riding more than ever.